Devi Dev talks Tupac (2Pac) with Quincy Jones, Quincy Jones III (QD3), Tyrese Gibson, Andrew Young, Jeff Johnson and John Hope Bryant at 5MK launch event. This is part 1 and we are just getting started! Tune in next week for more on this round table where the legendary panel talks, Lil Wayne, re-defining the meaning of success and why we keep dumbing ourselves down, among other topics.

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  • WesssstSiddde

    Tupac Wanted To Date Quincy Jone's Daughter, And Quincy Would Not Let Him Unless He Could Fuck Tupac. Tupac Actually Punched Quincy And Left. TRUE STORY

  • WesssstSiddde

    Quincy Also Turned Out Michael Jackson

  • WesssstSiddde

    Yup, Quincy's Gay

  • http://Makaveli.com Lesane P. Crooks

    FALSE story, that's what happens when you believe the lies of some lonely dude w/ a Youtube account. Quincy Jones is not Gay, Kidadda Jones and Pac dated for months on end, he even got a golf & ruby ring w/ his & her name on it. She was with him at the hotel room in Vegas, but was told to stay in the room along w/ his cousin, I have his female cousin to testify. Also she was with him in the hospital in his last days. Stop it with this fake Illuminati make-believe that everyone in this industry is homo when it's not the case, just a cat w/ too much time on his hands making shit up.