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Gucci Mane & DJ Drama – The Burrprint (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 10, 2009

MTV’s #6 Hottest MC in the Game links up with DJ Drama for another mixtape. Featuring the likes of Bun B, OJ Da Juiceman, Wacka Flocka Flame (seriously?), Shawty Redd and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Intro
02. Dope Boys
03. Frowney Face
04. Watch Cost A Bentley (Feat. Bun B & Rocko)
05. Think I Want Her
06. Yelp, I Got All Of That
07. Trap Goin Crazy
08. Gucci Speaks
09. My Shadow
10. Gucci Speaks
11. Real As They Get (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka Flame)
12. Excuse Me
13. More (Feat. Kandi & Sean Ceasar)
14. Gucci Speaks
15. Candy Lady
16. Candy Lady (Remix) (Feat. Brick Squad)
17. No No No
18. Foreign (Feat. Shawty Redd)
19. Flexin (Feat. Brick Squad)
20. My Chain (Feat. Brick Squad)

DOWNLOAD: Gucci Mane & DJ Drama – The Burrprint: The 3-D Movie

  • gucci really says JayZ isn’t the hottest rapper in the game?

    and im ashamed you posted this..

  • qp

    Who in the hell be desigining these covers?

  • Adi Pre

    Shit looks wack and probz sounds it too….nope aint hating just stating…

  • Why the cluck would he name it this? He’s just asking for hate. I’m going to download it though and listen just to make sure I’m not going crazy. I heard a Gucci Mane verse this week on that 5 Star Chick Remix and I actually liked it. It was a weird feeling…lol. So I’m going to see if that was just a fluke/lapse in judgment or not.

    But serious though. “The Blueprint”? Is that what we’re on?

  • Oh, I see it says “The BURRPRINT”. HOw come you said “The Blueprint” Shake?

  • Yeezy

    it make sme cring a nigga with no talent like gucci gets all this promo and shit. he’s fuckin wack ass nigga! he cant rap.industry’s all fucked up!!! wheres my dj drama hosted tape!!!!…we’ll see soon!…im comin at everybodies neck once i get put on.

  • REaLMuSiC

    whoever thinks gucci man is hot is a dipshit


  • Cudd3r

    what are best tracks on this?

  • Jaywall

    Id rather hear the charles manson murders than this.

  • THATguy

    LMAO at Wacka Flocka Flame. WTF is a Wacka Flocka Flame?

  • grownish

    I guess I’m one of the few blessed to understand the difference between ipod music vs car music vs club/dance music …. not everything in the hip hop genre has to be Lupe or Slaughterhouse… like bernie mac would say “C’mon America”

  • DMV202703

    Its called the Burrprint, Shake lmao

  • whoisthis

    agreed with grownish you got to stunt once in a while so you need something for the car ya digg? if you dont get a shovel

  • Bizzy

    i agree with you Grownish

  • Drico

    Shoot me now. I don’t care if others like him, but i feel like i have to let the world know he sucks.More power to ya if ya can deal with his music and take joy out of it.

  • Jaywall

    ^If I wanted Car Music, Id buy a ludacris album. or rick ross. Superb beats, and pretty good lyrics.
    Better yet, a bun b album.

  • just listened, kept only one out of twenty songs for the pod…

  • @reupvick

    well its a good thing i give two shits about what you think on my posts.

  • yeah there is definitely better car music to bump. ugk/ross/wayne/luda/killer mike/ABN/SUC/Maino/Kanye… that’s all shit on above average beats with lyrics that don’t require head scratching. gucci is just ass. he’s been ass i don’t see him changin his ass status

  • 2 shits is more than not caring at all.

  • TXM

    this isn’t music.

  • Im gonna predict this Mixtape sucks before I never download it.

  • gettin my temp fade cut, bouldercrest at slide show/
    wish a nigga would run up on me like i’m brisco/

    lol after that line i gotta give it a listen gucci a ass

  • Wocka Flocka will be the next Oj Da Juiceman

    quote me

    he already startin to get buzz

  • 2nd track is a whole song dedicated to yo site shake. gotta love gucc

  • BURR.

    who doesn’t like saying that, lol.

  • vancity

    LOL! i don’t like gucci but i just felt like downloading something from him so i’ve caved for the first time ever DL’d some GUCCI!

    it is as wack as i was expecting but im sure i’ll get a few laughs out of it lol.

  • Im gonna predict this Mixtape sucks before I never download it.

    HAHA co.sign

  • Big_E

    mixtape sux….not close to as good as the first one…

  • so DOPE.. i been bumpin this tape since 3am last nite…

    yall take gucci mane way too fuckin seriously..
    jus dl the tape, roll somethin up n chillll for once in your life…

  • Double Up

    put on for East Atlanta…

    Honestly I just like to listen to music that bangs, and Gucci got a whole lot of hits.

    Come on just because you can appreciate this type of music doesn’t mean you listen to it exclusively. I listen to more lyrical rappers too, Nas, Mos Def, Eminem etc + other genres. There’s a time and place for everything.

    Another thing, there’s not arguing Gucci’s hotter than Jiggaman right now. He got the streets on lock, what Jiggaman got? An album that most (who aren’t stans) consider wack and everyone can say is sub-par by jay standards…

  • Does anyone know where I can find the Wasted instrumental if there is one??? Oh, and as far as this mixtape, the cover makes me not want to download this anyway if I listened to Gucci. Shit makes him look even more retarded than he already is.

  • leem

    thanks for this 2dopeboyz niggas don’t listen to the pussies on here. gucci is that nigga in the streets

  • wocka, wocka, wocka.. lol..

  • my ass is numb

  • guccisucks

    gucci mane is wackest mc in the world!

    i still don know why he is #6 hottest mc

  • That boy Wacka Flocka Flame ain’t even hard bruh! He’s from right around the corner from me… and I stay in the burbs hahaha

  • Cage

    That cover makes him look even dumber… wtf

  • Rio$

    i wish i had some drank right now SMH

  • Im Just Saying

    im just realizing how it is now theres music and theres entertainment and gucci is entertainment nothing more nothing less

  • *Name

    why do you guys keep posting gucci mane music? he’s in no way, shape, or form talented. his music lacks any type of substance and he has absolutely no lyrical ability. please, stop endorsing his “music”!

  • Man I have never seen this much hate ever…most of the ppl hatin on this type of rap just can not relate. He puttin on 4 erbody that do what he used 2 do r still do who knows, Thats y he is so popular…How pppl can constantly hate is crazy if u can not relate do not listen to this man’s music its not 4 u…STOP HATIN.

  • Cudd3r

    shit sounded half decent..we all need some ignorant rap in the ipod…*downloads*

  • FreshPrince

    Random act of fuckery, if ever seen one.

  • 92ndSe

    Respect the mans music or don’t …. This is hood shit if you don’t relate to it shut the fuck up…

  • JL

    Hood Music? Really? You know what hood music is? OB4CL, Illmatic, Welcome Back Mr. Scarface, The B. Comin, etc. Now THIS? Gucci Mane? No respect for it. Garbage is garbage, relate to that.

  • Hood shit my ass. And about people who can’t relate to his music, of course I can’t relate cause I’m not a dumbed down idiot but if you are then I feel sorry for you.

  • 1 Dollar, don’t say you can’t relate cu zit’s dumbed down. you can’t relate cuz you sit behind a computer bloggin folk. this what hood hip hop is. its no more illmatics being dropped. this is hood shit and you can’t relate cuz you not hood. enjoy it or dont give that ass reason why you cant relate.

  • links dead

  • strike that.

  • lmao

    If hood consists of BURRR, GUCCCI!! and AYEEEEEE!!!!, not sure why u would want to relate. I mean, i guess the lil kids have a pass cause they werent around when most hiphop actually meant something … but if you are over 15 and you tolerate, let alone bump this shit, I just dont understand. And worst of all, this is the guy who got outshined by nikki minaj on a track. Shameful.

  • needs to be re-upped

  • visco

    i know this tape is shit and i havent dl it…smh @ mtv for puttin this wack ass #6 and no Em!

  • gucci is smart, im guessing he knows hes a gimmick, hence the corny ass name and cover. he’s not looking to educate or spread a message he wants to get some money is all. and making up dumb names for his tape means it will do the rounds on blogs, like they say ‘all publicity is good publicity’

    same with that wacka wocka fellow, make a dumb name and it will stick in peoples minds

  • re-up please

  • …muthafucka for what?!

  • J Will

    Gucci is the shit. Don’t be mad cause he gets promotion.


    And just cause you listen to Gucci doesn’t make you an ignorant person who knows nothing about hip hop. Everybody likes different music.

  • The thing about “car vs. club vs. ipod” music is that granted, they’re all different and hip hop as a genre needs a bit of all 3. I’m guilty of enjoying all 3 categories, but if I’m in the mood for club music, the last dude I’m going to is Gucci Mane. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to be that category, it’s just that even for CLUB/RADIO MUSIC standards, he sucks… which says a lot. He has nothing behind him but a dope catalog of production.

  • “re-up please” “…muthafucka for what?!”

    LMAOOOOOOOOO… too funny


    the hip hop elitist strike again…

    Gucci Mane aint no lyrical monster, he just makes catchy music…if you mufuckas sit and listen to 50 Cent whyy not bump somebody who does the same damn thing as him, but has more credibility and relevance…?

  • Gucci is a bitch, what a faggot name as well.

  • @ P’cola

    How is NOT dumbed down??? Have you even heard him freestyle??? Dude is bad at freestyling as he is making music. Both have no substance what so ever. His shit is simple like Soulja Boy, Plies, Shawty Lo, Oj the Juiceman, etc…..Insted of drug dealing, get an education. Insted of going to jail, get a job. Gucci is an embarrassment to the south and the industry. How a motherfucker like Gucci gonna be popular with a song called Wasted that has under age kids who aren’t even old enough to smoke saying they don’t get fucked up, they get wasted??? That’s supposed to be hood??? And how you gonna sit there and say I’m not hood??? You don’t even fucking know me so judging someone over the internet you don’t even know is a fucking epic fail. My street apart of the hood and I was fortunate to get away from the troubled people that are gonna end up dead or in jail cause I came close to both plenty of times running around that crowd. The fuck outta here.

  • @ E. Rock The Graphic Designer.

    lol i try.
    and graph design? we gotta talk…

    …on who the hell designed this shit. and other shit lol

  • @ Double Up —

    I’m Westside Atlanta.
    You think that shit fly around them real OG’s? …okay it might and it might have them new kids hooked but you remember old east & west ATL hits and local artist and that shit was never this bad. BAD. Like, car crash can’t recover the limbs bad. Zaytoven has one job and one job only — to get somebody to forget this nigga is on the beat and to bop they head.

    Juss sayin…anywhoos – we mobbin over the 49’s today.

  • and you know damn well they post it to see our responses. i bet like 7 ppl on here downloaded it.

  • re the fuck up

  • es

    there’s a difference between hood music…and this.
    This is elementary at best.
    Gucci doesn’t even have decent wordplay let alone substance.
    People relate to this because they don’t like to listen to words. They want hooks and slogans, and this doesn’t require an attention span to listen to.

  • DaSilva

    Why would Bun B be on some shit like this ???

  • theycallhimjayayers

    All I have to say is that, all of this tough guy talk that you so called “real niggas” and “hip-hop heads” rattle off, definitely would be silenced if you were in the presence of Gucci… With that being said, anyone in the Birmingham, AL area needs to be on the lookout for Gucci @ the continental on October 30, and as always it’s still Delta Sigma Phi until I die, ROLL TIDE ROLL, and BURR BURR BURR, THE BURRPRINT IS STILL MAKING YOUR BITCHES JOCK A NIGGA LIKE ME IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!!

  • confucious

    link dead as a door nail

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  • Wes

    Insert Ed Lover….. C’MoN SON!!!

  • RICK RO$$

    hooollllyyyy shit y’all some fuckin haters…..gucci is my fav. in tha game right now and its thanks to y’all “real hip hop” heads that hate that got him buzzin…oooo weee….this shit go hard though.

  • bearly

    deaaad link -__-

  • gucci gets the most hate on this site…its this simple dont click the link and go watch joe buddens cry over his ex or someshit

  • sdfsdf

    im in my m6 beamer this is no 645, like a pigeon in the sky i just shitted on ur ride.
    most educated line ever from gucci

  • Jake

    Agreed with Haze all of you are a bunch of tighasses just roll down some gravel roads load up a bowl and listen, you might learn something new…

  • lil g g

    Fuck you gucci man is the hottest on earth . stop disrepsectin the flow

  • streetwear95

    guccis flow is dope. 2dope. BURRRR! YOU SCURERRED?

  • TTown

    Wacka Flocka says real shyt dhats y he aint ass famous. Rest of dhem wack except Gucci