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Kuniva – Hurry Up & Buy Freestyle

blame it on Miss_Peas October 14, 2009

D12’s own, Kuniva, comes correct with this freestyle.

DOWNLOAD: Kuniva – Hurry Up & Buy Freestyle I Mediafire

  • Hurry up and buy? from dude wheres my car hahaha!! lmao

  • TC The Prince

    Damn aint never heard him spit like this before he steppin up

  • Markeith504

    Naw that shits from dont be a menace in south central wjile drinkin ya juice in da hood. That leg drop shit had me rollin

  • fro

    @cuban linx

    na. im pretty sure its from dont be a menace…


    It’s originally from Menace to Society, Don’t be a Menace just copied that entire scene.

  • neezyb

    lol @ “I’m at your front door like Ransom”

  • ebo

    “hand over ur heart like the national anthem” damn, he went in. never heard him snap like this…

  • Money

    never heard kuniva like this

    he killed this shit.

  • Yeah my fault, its the chinese woman ! lmao

  • Pssssst

    wheres kimbo price?

  • wow cuban linx ur a geek

  • fulltimebitch

    wow Im a fag

  • wow im a homo

  • mmkayy


  • Kohm

    kuniva was always my fave outta d12 (sans em & proof)
    him and kon artist were dope

  • b0ris

    wow this is damn good :)

  • SB

    Good stuff.

    In my opinion Kuniva has always been one of the best dudes from that whole camp, he’s just really overlooked, which is kind of his own fault for not putting himself out there more with solo shit but still.

  • OD>

    damn reminds me of royce on this one
    would be nice to see kuniva on the solo tip, he’s always been my second favourite of the dozen (you know who’s number 1)

  • wow this was surprisingly dope!

  • Dope track.

  • elmer fudd

    kuniva has always been quality, people just don’t realize, “hurry up and buy!” fuckin hilarious

  • Never having daugthers…

    Eminem looks lifted!

  • TXM


  • That was mighty fucking impressive.

    Some parts almost had the Em-like factor.

    I always knew Kuniva and Swifty were special MCs, they just need to take charge more man. They should put out solo shit.

    I think now they’re moved away from Em a little for the two mixtapes and because of Proof dying, they’re all trying to prove their worth much more.

    He was spitting the same old D12 shizzle but it sounded… Different.

    Classic flow, great lyricism. Fucking funny.

    I’m already twice as hyped for the new D12 album now from this alone.

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  • JD

    damn this shit was dope! didn’t know he had it in him