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Olivia Talks Squirting O_o (Video)

blame it on Meka October 14, 2009


And the award for “Trying To Stay Relevant By Any Means Necessary” goes to… Anyways, former G-Unit concubine Olivia talks to the homie Xilla about what I just said in the title of the post.

  • Jimbo

    Just wow


    thats what im talkin bout!! i luv that shit…aint nothin like a squirter!!

  • Hahahaha

  • RAOF?

  • KSEE

    i think its funny that the post following this one is a trailer for a childrens movie lol…gotta love this place! haha

  • co-sign with KAMUS

  • sometimes i squirt on myself… man, i just stay losin’….

  • she still in the top 3 of g-unit members i would fuck.

  • Never having daugthers…

    I would sopp her up with a buiscuit



  • Egyptian Tim

    Squirting’s great. But not at my place, man. My sheets and my mattress cost too much.

  • SMF

    ^^lolol. i agree tho, squirters are the shit. i hit this chick and she squirted and it looked like she poured a pitcher of water on the bed.

  • D. $cience

    Xilla shoulda asked her a more valid question like if she still got breathing problems from swallowing G-Unit…that would give 2 of her only fans an explanation on why she can’t sing.

    Just sayin’.

  • Chinks

    lol who da fuck is she

  • DrewDogg

    lol ” pitcher of water on the bed.

  • lkrskb24

    i mastered da art of makin em squirt..jus give em sum tongue and da finger at da same time