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Ron Browz – Gimme 20 Dollars (Video)

blame it on Meka October 14, 2009


Someone for the life of me, please tell me this doesn’t get play outside of the East Coast. This by far is the most obnoxious shit I’ve heard since I moved to Harlem, and they play nothing but reggaeton in my neighborhood. Sheesh.

  • http://screwheadsonly.blogspot.com

    Nope, never heard this in TX … and never will.

  • this guy

    dude isnt a paint by numbers rapper…he’s a paint by colors. all he does is show up. ether boy? that dropped 8 years ago what have you done lately? who supports this shit? alright i reached my hate quota for the day.

  • RuG713

    had to pause it after the first verse

  • i got to 7 seconds before i paused it. i refuse to believe nobody in the studio at the time he recorded it just tapped him on the shoulder and told him to give up. better still just unplugged his mic

  • Gamma

    If Nitti don’t sue this bitch ass nigga then I don’t know cause this shit is a “It’s Goin’ Down” clone, hit for hit.

  • Is this foreal?


  • crazy russian

    this is really bad.
    allright, fuck the song, (that it will sound the same if you play 10 sec of it and just repeat it over and over again) but the video is exactly like the song, it just keeps going and going and its all the same shit.

    all i heard was gimme 20 dollars and seen him in a fruity shirt. When i was at almost 2 minutes i thought this shit was on repeat muthafucka, but then i realized theres like 2 minutes left. WHAT THE FUCK. someone needs to slap this kid
    man im high as fuck

  • RICe

    Uh Oh! We got Lil Mama in the house! :/

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Yea, this shit sucks. & double fail for having Lil Mama in the video, just seeing her stupid ass fucks my mood up.

  • TOPH

    Ron Browz on his NEW shit is lost…real talk! BUT!…THE remix isnt that bad and dude is mad talented he just needs to understand ALL PRODUCERS ARE NOT RAPPERS! AND RAPPERS DONT RAP WITH AUTO TUNE!
    1.Stick to producing
    2.Buy a new Mac Without Auto-Tune
    3. Be The FUCK YOU!!!

  • i bet lil mama wasnt even invited in the video too lol

  • J to tha S

    Comin from Cali its safe to say that I haven’t heard this at any of the clubs or on the radio…YET……hopefully it won’t ever reach this out this far….

  • I managed 40 seconds before feeling naseous.

  • JL

    well, he’s shit at producing too, soooo id say stay away from that. The beat for Ether really wasnt that good, and definitely not enough to build a career off of.

    and on it sounding like “It
    s going down”….no shit, all these new “club” (rap) songs sound the same. All every song is =
    1. half ass a beat (get a synth, play 3 notes, repeat), just make sure theres bass, it’s the ultimate disguise for all shitty beats.

    2.come up with one obnoxious phrase to repeat over and over on for the hook.

    3. add a shitty verse or two to put a space between the shitty chorus breaks.

    4. TELL people it’s hot (they can’t think for themselves, so theyll believe it)


    6. PROFIT!!!

    there, now that’ll be $20 for that million dollar secret

  • His only claim to fame is making Ether… other than that… music sucks

  • barney

    damn thats shitty

  • chris

    this dosent get east coast play as far as i kno…does this sound like east coast music haha

  • Big_E

    sorry but this aint music ppl….wtf?!

  • james dean

    ahaha Shake…i feel you on that one..The bump the shit out of this in Baltimore….smh…

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  • pHiLlyKiD



  • I stopped after the hook went in talking about no wifing in the club, gimmie 20 dollars. Dude is mad wack.

  • optimusprimerib

    does he fail for having Lil Mama in the video?!?

    so meka you’re THAT guy in my neighborhood lol

  • Alyssa_Skai

    this is the 1st (& last) time hearing this song & im from ny….this shit is straight garbage truck juice

  • JohnBlack

    This track only supports my claim that Ether was a fluke. He accidentally created a great beat. It was never his intention to come with a banger.

  • 91&^UP

    Ether wasn’t a great beat….At all lol nas would have won if he’d got sum1 else 2 produce that track.

  • chris

    i actually always really liked the ether beat, i thought it was the right sound for nas

  • Pssssst

    cant wait till one of those dominicans smack the fire outta you hahaahahahahaaaahah ooowww

  • i try to not drop n bombs here but this is pusing it
    this is the audible equivalent to the obama sneakers
    well maybe not that bad, but its pretty close

    dude needs to stick to producing

  • Rambo

    This is real Hip Hop…dis is FIRE. Ron Brownz bringin real Hip Hop back!!

  • jhink357

    meka u no u love that east coast reggaetone!! lol … them puerto ricans go extra hard 4 it.

  • fury

    smh @Rambo

  • crazy russian

    yo he seems tired saying 20$ so many fucing times, look at his face, its like an expression of a fat boy walking up the stairs

  • crazy russian

    at 1:40 the chick felt asleep listening to Ron Browns

  • Young856

    yo I had to stop it around :35 mark cuz I almost killed myself…


  • I’m from NY and I live in the uptown area (lil DR) I can’t stand this damn song. I think Ron Browz is a waste of life. He is the poster boy for a hypebeast and Jim Jones is a penis for endorsing this stupidity. Jim JOnes is to blame for co-signing. SMH at lil mama she already gives harlem a bad name like ABDC isn’t enough of her dumb acts.