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Tech N9ne & Strange Music – B96 Interview pt.4 & 5 (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 14, 2009


Krizz Kaliko talks about his face, what it was like a kid getting picked on as kid and how it makes him who he is today.

Part 5 after the jump…


Tech N9ne Talks about why K.O.D is so dark, his mother, and what happen before the K.O.D tour which makes it one of his best tours ever.

  • Pssssst

    wheres kimbo price?

  • cop K.O.D You will not regret

  • kay j all day

    these niggaz make good music

  • Champ5ound

    got to check this guy out..i’ve heard his name for yeeeeears and never heard his stuff..being around this long..got 2 be something people like.
    guess its worth checkin.

  • dirtymexican

    when i first started listening to tech i didnt like it .. but after listening a few times since my brother was a fan .. the shit eventually grew on me ..needless to say i been a bumping his music ever since .. and one of the main reason i listen to him is in that video above .. tech is a real dude .. not to say other rappers arent .. but man lemmme shutup this wake n bake got me rambling

  • RavRav

    Krizz Kaliko one of the dopest ever, respect to Tech N9ne man… Yo EVERYONE, y’all better check out ‘No Can Do’ from everready (the religion). These dudes are talented~

  • fugm