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Frank Ramz – Kinda Like a Big Deal Freeverse (Video)

blame it on Shake October 15, 2009


Giving himself 10 minutes to write his verse, Frank Ramz goes in over the Clipse single (lyrics after the jump). He didn’t say it, but I have a feeling this lyrical exercise was inspired by the Slaughterhouse machine as Joell, Royce & Crook were each given 15 minutes to do the same thing while on B96 w/ Mr Peter Parker.

Ramzy the bigger threat..n*ggaz better get in check, haters see I’m smoking they tryna open some nicorette.
put it on they arm..I bomb harder to rip ya’ flesh, soaring thru the sky..they still trying to hit my jet.
make a player crash..but then I flip & turn into a hater slayer fast..so it’s safe to say I’m bad.
I ain’t got alot of dough but I can make the paper last..make it stretch,
opposition? break his ass..make a mess…take a breath.
I breathe on ’em & leave ’em immobilized, he go in die w/ open eyes like he was so surprised.
I over ride any orders you giving out, them n*ggaz cant see me cause I’m walking a different route.
alot of n*ggaz careers is based off of hype, they aint great!! we can face off tonight.
and watch them n*ggaz race off like they saw the light, I’m bringing a new flavor cause yall n*ggaz taste all a-like.
so I’m coming thru with somthing new and wonderful for ya’ tummy to devour..too much bullshit in front of you.

back with it..I rap sickest..lyrically smack bitches, rats..snitches..and anybody bringing that wack shit in.
back flipping on every track..and then I black..rip it, act timid? never that..I rap like I’m yack sipping.
get loose in the booth with no ad-libbing, and I lack digits but still surrounded by mad pigeons.
fast living? na..but I’m heavy on the gas with it, thrashing thru n*ggaz..anybody in my path get it.
..so fall back quickest..or be exhibit A, my aim good..I can hit you off of richochet.
put you in a box and call ya’ bitch ass chick fillet, then burry you alive and let ya’ life slowly slip away.
its a different day..and rap wise I slap guys, ..so act right cause you dnt wanna get chastised.
Ramzy the shit..so I’m surrounded by mad flies, ya’ll rappers bitches..always eating out that ass pie.
that means you kissing booty..you ain’t gotta listen to me..you can keep bitching while I’m tryna get ya sister cootie.
won’t be hard..she watchin me like it’s a movie..this is groovy!!

  • JM

    Very Ill.

    Most freestyles are verses.
    But at least he admits its a freeverse


  • why does everything got to be about slaughterhouse??
    fuck it, ramzy is illy

  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah love these YouTube sessions Ramz comes up with

  • JJ

    im so glad i got “make the road by walking”, remember Ramz! haha i asked who the poet was at the start

  • Best unsigned.

  • RICe

    I watched a couple of his verses, he’d do himself a favor and not hate on the non-lyrical rappers so intensely.

  • @ Rice. Check out http://welcometomedusaville.blogspot.com/ & download those 4 tapes on the right side if you have the time. The videos are done quick & for fun