Gucci Mane Starts a Mixtape Cold War (Audio)

blame it on Shake October 16, 2009

For the fans of Gucci Mane out there, I advise you be around a computer tomorrow (October 17th) at 10:17pm as he’s partnering up with DJ Drama, DJ Scream & DJ Holiday for a three-part mixtape.

“Gucci wants to flood the streets, takeover,” DJ Holiday said. “The mixtape is called The Cold War, and it’ll be a three-part series, [subtitled] Guccimerica, Great Brrritain and BurrRussia. They’re droppin’ Saturday at 10:17 p.m.”

So why all the 10-17 references? According to Holiday, it’s the name of the apartment building where Gucci grew up and the name of his new label. Holiday has the DJ duties for BurrRussia, while Scream is commandeering Great Brrritain and Drama is handling Guccimerica.

“All the covers will coincide with each other and go together like a puzzle,” Holiday added. “Eventually, we’ll put out one big CD with 30 songs.”

Gucci has 10 new songs on each mixtape of the series, Holiday explained. And it seems like Gucci’s time in the studio does not stop. He just dropped a mixtape with DJ Drama called The Burrprint (The Movie 3-D) with all-new material last weekend. Shawty Lo also revealed that around Halloween, he and Gucci are putting out a mixtape called Fright Night.

Now this would be pretty dope, if it were an artist I actually listened to.

  • Retarded, look at those titles..smh.

  • Cudd3r

    damn…i dont enough space on my ipod for three fukkin tapes….slow the fukk down gucci..

  • I don’t mean to insult handicapped people, but Gucci’s flow sounds like he’s retarded, and let’s not even start on his lyrical ability.
    I don’t see how people enjoy the noise he makes and calls music

  • Derrik

    Absolute trash. Guccimerica…BurrRussia…. how about BurrShit. I mean what the fuck. you are an insult to humanity Gucci.

  • chef


  • KoJ_the_YDC

    lol a whole bunch of trash rhymes and drama screamin all over the bitch, either one or the other man, those two together are just too much to handle

  • Shyguy

    dont get me wrong i dont fucks with gucci,
    but damn those titles are funny.
    makes it harder to take him serious

  • RICK RO$$

    wooooow REAL HIP HOP BACKPACKERS who are stuck in the 90’s gonna hate but gucci puttin in work….i can’t wait for this.

  • Diablo

    Stop hating and being so fuckin bias..Y the fuck u post it if u dont listen to it??

  • Diablo

    And i hate how people question y gucci was on the top 10 hottest mcs and eminem wasnt….damn eminem aint like he used to be…gucci is everywhere, we barely see anything about eminem anymore….props to gucci for getting as big as he is

  • oh hell yeah! its gonna be a cold ass winter!! burrrrrr!

  • Lol @ rick ross, you suck too.

  • sylnc

    lytically gucci aint shit and we all know it but weather u listen to him or not u gotta respect this man grind and hustle

  • chris

    south is about to be over anyway..lyrics r on there way back

  • P’cola

    ^source? gucci gon be all in hip hop ass for a while

  • “Stop hating and being so fuckin bias..Y the fuck u post it if u dont listen to it??”

    for one i’m not hating. i’m having a personal preference in my music choices. two, i’m allowed to be bias and say what i want because it’s MY site. three, i post because this site is more than my choice in music. i post shit for others that enjoy it. so take a deep breathe, step away from the computer and fuck off.

  • Diablo

    Ooooh somebody gotta lil upset did he??? Probably cuz he knows its true, I dont see nothing really but one type of music on YOUR site..and its all hippidy dippidy hip hop …i like that shit and other types of music not just that…Im sure other people agree….Fuckin Square!! SO take a deeper breathe, step away from your computer and Kill Yourself!!

  • 88

    lol gucci can’t really rap, but dude is entertaining

  • sigh.. folks on the internet are hilarious.

  • shibby

    i can see it now…. T.I. & Jeezy squashing Gucci and Shawty Lo

  • Steven.

    This nigga “Diablo” said “hippidy dippidy”…
    Fail. Haha.

    Gucci Mane is absolutely horrid.
    But, I’m sure there’s someone out there who will download…

    Kinda makes me sick…

    Anyway Shake, your opinions are usually very funny and apt,
    so keep doing what you’re doing.

  • leo

    “i post because this site is more than my choice in music. i post shit for others that enjoy it.”

    why someone with a job would do something like that is beyond me

  • yahp

    How do people say he’s on his “grind” he puts out a thousand songs saying the same shit over and over.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    ay man gucci lyrically is trash, no denyin that, doesn’t mean there is no role for him i.e. in the trunks of cars with 4 15’s or in the club, everybody got a lane…it’s not like everybody is sayin “why the fuck is gucci everywhere when he don’t grind”…you get on songs with heavyweights such as mariah, big boi, and new buzz like wale, the muthafucka aint goin no where for a while, same way wayne started buzzin in 04 doin features, slightly same way jeezy started buzzin, both hot in the streets and the features put em on notice…just muafuckas are mad cause he aint get on cause of lyrical ability and gucci fans actin like he did…it is what it is

  • Epic

    Mass suicide expected.

  • yungsnf

    hahahah “BurrShit” lol

  • apoclyps

    tomorrow at 10:17 will be one of the lowest points in hiphop history… luckily fashawn’s album on tuesday will make up for al\l gucci mane/oj da juiceman/ waka shittapes ever made.

  • apoclyps

    ^^^dunno why i put a slash in the middle of the word all, damn it.

  • Preo

    i used to hate Gucci’s music, but i really dont mind it too much anymore. IDK maybe its cuz i hear it when im with ppl and im just used to it, but ill be checking these out. Either way, All Im waiting for is KOD

  • no more gucci-garbage

  • Bknuck

    lol, i love how drama confirmed they are ALL original records, but its a three part MIXTAPE? People scared to call their projects albums. Its a way to protect themselves if the shit falls flat on its face and receives poor feedback. Also a way to not get criticized for the possibility of poor sales that for some reason people care more about than the actual music, lol. gotta love it.

  • zookeeper

    Gucci [sucks], Mane.

  • Trek LaFlare

    yo shake i appreciate you guys putting this up. i know that everyone has different preferences when it comes to music so its straight that yall put everything up for us to choose. even though we can all agree he’s no wordsmith but you’ve gotta applaud his work ethic.

  • THughes

    Yall niggas are hIlarious!!!!

  • I love the people who say Gucci can’t rap but you have to respect his grind. If I wanted to waste ten minutes I could do my best Simple Jack impression and rap about absolutely nothing over some fruity loop beats for thirty songs, so no i dont respect his grind either, anyone can make hours of bad music and release it every day

  • I respect his hustle but HE FUCKING SUCKS AT RAPPING. I try explaining that to everyone I can everyday. Its whatever tho, music like his is a fad. Nobody will be listening to this 30 years from now like they will the classic hip hop music.


    How do people say he’s on his “grind” he puts out a thousand songs saying the same shit over and over.

    yet you all like about 12 other wack ass rappers who do the same…

    yall Gucci Mane and Ross haters are hilarious…if yall aint listenin to them, I KNO yall listenin to G-unit…corny ass niggas..

  • cya

    Does Gucci actually think the Cold War was a three way conflict pitting the U.S. vs Great Britain vs Russia?? Fucking moron.

  • FUCK YEAH!!! GET EM GUCCI! I don’t care if people hate on Gucci or not. I used to not like Gucci, until I started realizing that he actually gets sick beats (Pillz), has creative/funny lyrics (e.g. Bands/Photo Shoot), and is not trying to be lyrical (any Gucci track). If you don’t like him, fine – I can respect that. But I will continue to keep it So Icey… Burrrrr!

  • Lee

    Gucci is hilarious, whether you like it or not! He grindin, and the streets love him, so the hate is extra attention to him. Everyone knows how he sound, lyrical no, entertaining, yes. What is music afterall, entertainment right??? SMH, some folks need to get over themselves and take it for what it is, him hustlin makin money and gainin buzz

  • grownish

    everyone has its lane–lol @ people saying this will die, if you look back in the history of hip hop there has always been dance/dumb/crunk/etc (non-lyrical) music… as soon as one person falls off another person picks up the slack… lol @ people getting wired to *insert lyrical beast* before going to the club(thats if you guys leave the computer)..broaden your horizons.


    hip hop elitists are zombie robots..they have no sense of humor nor do they take certain forms of hip hop lightly…music is entertainment not religion…the shit aint sacred..if you wanna listen to some super lyrical shit fine, but I know nobody who wants to listen to some Mos Def or fuckin Tanya Morgan in the car…thats some lame ass loser shit right there..

  • Im Just Saying

    i rather listen to mos def or tanya morgan any day of the fuckin week than gucci mane check yourself that is far from some loser shit. gucci is cool he’s not the greatest but he is far from the worst its his beats that carry him on a track anyway if gucci didnt have the beats he had ask yourself would you really listen to him? and everyone saying “oh gucci got the streets on lock” and all that shit. yea thats cool and all street buzz>>>internet buzz but be real with yourselves that shit is only staying in the street when artists like mos def and tanya morgan get play and perform all over the world. so with that said worldide buzz>>>buzz in the streets of the us

  • B-rown

    Music is an ART FORM people. It’s not just entertainment. These “street” rappers don’t respect the art form, which is what disgusts real hip hop fans. Gucci and all the rappers who are exactly like him make a mockery of hip hop. Not just that, but it serves to perpetuate negative black stereotypes.

  • optimusprimerib

    yeah laugh at gucci thinking GB was involved lol.
    horrible title names.
    is he charles hamilton-ing right now releasing a mixtape every day?

  • Lee

    Art is for entertainment isn’t it?? Lol, don’t take shit so serious, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect. And as far as the titles, that’s what they are, nothing more. He’s using his ad-libs to make titles in case most haven’t noticed. Get over it. Stop trying to make something out of nothing folks! You hate him, we get it, but nit-picking with everything he does is beyond too much hate…

  • Wait a minute, Gucci has fans?

  • RICK RO$$

    at the end of the day gucci just expressing himself through the music like all your favorite 90’s rappers, it just sounds different. and y’all just being haters.

  • iProduce

    “If I wanted to waste ten minutes I could do my best Simple Jack impression and rap about absolutely nothing over some fruity loop beats for thirty songs, so no i dont respect his grind either, anyone can make hours of bad music and release it every day”

    yeah… but can ANYBODY get people to listen to it??

    y’all prolly don’t know anything about music. closed-minded, hate-on-everything-that-isn’t-what-YOU-like dumbos. since when did music have rules? when was it made mandatory that to be a rapper, you must set up detailed scenarios or have hella deep subject matter in your music? what about minimalism? what about drone music? what about minimalist composers like Gorecki or Philip Glass? y’all probably don’t know who they are yet you wanna act like music gurus and bash the music of Gucci. haters! do some research. …and guess what. i have a BA in music and am working on a masters in jazz studies and i will still be checking out this mixtape!

    thas why this country is where it is today… people think its okay to just bash and trash talk people. stop hatin and put some love in your hearts!!!

  • kap

    I find it funny that people who hate this man’s music obviously listen to it…or how would u know it sucks? While I don’t listen to Gucci Mane all day, I do think some of his music is decent for the club scene…not everyone wants to be pounded over the head with super lyrical rap….it’s the art form at its finest but sometime people just wanna listen to sum gutta shit.