Japanese Cartoon – All Sabotage

blame it on Shake October 18, 2009

Firstly the allsabotage.com fan club website has been relaunched with a more streamlined look and will hopefully be easier to navigate. The site has also been jam packed with new JC merchandise tee’s and hoodies so please do partake. Holidays are approaching fast and what says “Happy Holidays” better than a brand spanking new Japanese Cartoon Hooded sweatshirt (nothing if you ask me). Second the boys let fly a brand new song fittingly titled “All Sabotage!!! (STSO)”. Word around the locker room is that it may be visualized pretty soon but don’t ever take my word for it, ever. – Percival “Aww Yeah Aww Yeah” Fats

DOWNLOAD: Japanese Cartoon – All Sabotage | Mediafire
BONUS: Japanese Cartoon – Interrogator (Take 1) | Mediafire

  • Hlynkinn

    interrogator is something different….

  • I like how Lupe isn’t even tryin to push this shit as some big movement. It’s like some little side thing he does for fun and actually comes out with some dope shit…

  • xeroth3t3ck

    I love how the band info now has Lupe listed on vocals on their myspace page

  • D.C

    @ Shake
    can you give us all there song that they have so far in one file or something please!! i want to bang these on my ipod or zune

  • @D.C

    why dont you just go up to the top right and search “Percival Fats” or “Japanese Cartoon”?

  • lkrskb24


  • Lupe can do no wrong. :)

  • I love this shit.

  • Im typing up something about Lupe on my blog ATM and I was like;

    “What if something new just dropped this second?”

    Haha, doppeee. Lasers & Japanese Cartoon album droppin’ sometime in Dec. right?

  • star trak

    shit is dope

  • D.C

    @ Tommy


  • bf


    I agree 100%

    I’m riding hard in my little Toyota Tacoma. This shit slaps sooo hard.

    Here all all the track I have so far, in release order:

    Artist: Japanese Cartoon
    Album: In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death

    1. Heirplanes
    2. Army
    3. Firing Squad
    4. Crowd Participation
    5. In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death
    6. Invaders Must Die
    7. Interrogator (Take 1)
    8. All Sabotage

    Percivel, keep ’em coming, I almost have a entire album LOL TIme to go buy some merchandise!

  • @Cr!tical

    2010…not December…

  • paul

    links arent working for me.. page error .. anyone else ?

  • lasean

    dope i love this song

  • james

    I just want lasers

  • This is why I love Lupe =]. Dude is nice @ everything he does. Lu ftw.

  • KC_Mafioso

    They have a very unique sound, the song is DOPE.

    Is Lupe like the lead singer of this band?

    I am so confused right now.

  • nukid

    yea he is the lead…you know his name is wasulu…lupe is his RAP name…percival fats is his ALTERNATIVE ROCK TYPE GENRE name with JC…

  • DopeSir

    Lupe can’t do any wrong with this music shit.

  • adgs

    yea this is super dope

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

    Pirate Astro Boy?

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