• Brian ceeee

    Gossip Girl... Haha

  • WheelChairJimmy

    That Jason Derulo is hoooot.

  • http://myspace.com/dynamicshots DynamicShots

    That is some dope ass artwork...lol

  • mmkayy

    ahhh thank you..

  • lkrskb24

    i dont get it..with the Gossip Girl pic

  • lkrskb24

    wow H-Town still exists?

  • Miley Cyrus

    All the chicks on that show are hot.

  • lkrskb24

    ok i get it..which 1 is Leighton Meester? lol

  • Claf

    Very nice that acoustic version is better

  • mmkayy

    ok i get it..which 1 is Leighton Meester? lol

    lkrskb24 said this on October 18th, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    the chick in the middle...

    btw does anyone like this Avery Storm ? i aint feelin anything from this dude..

  • Lotlan

    "Mr. Nash’s first album was so slept on"

    that shit was definitely classic

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com Cr!tical

    I will agree with Low that Love/Hate was a classic.

  • Esco

    me likes the blonde girls.. :D

  • Whutchooknow

    Yep his first album was the shit son lol nowadays he can't write hits for himself but can for other artists?!

  • CyFy

    Shake.... Jason Derulo looks like XV & J.Cole hahahah

  • bigdog

    damn, this zip ain't workin for me.

    but blake lively could get it in the morning!

  • dave

    yeah shit I can't get the download to work...

  • T-Dot

    Thanks a lot man

  • THughes

    the downloads effin up, NEW LINK PLEASE!

  • http://nqm-e.blogspot.com Junie Effin’ P

    I only checked for the Ne-Yo and you got my thumbs up again.
    From the LONG day I had, this is soothing me.
    Hince, the name lol but this, BOTH ne-yo jawns and the robin thicke from last week i feel i'll bump all this week. the first one hits home for me this weekend and the second one sounds good.

    you get your pass back from posting r. kelly haha

  • http://millist.wordpress.com Lorin

    I have to agree, Love/Hate was an awesome album. I prefer it over its follower.

  • chi city

    no kellz, no songz? when's kellz album dropping?

  • http://myspace.com/moosethecoolest MOOSE

    Love/Hate was definitely dope as hell. i remember first listenin to it and i liked every track

    and that acoustic jason derulo sounds better than the orignial. my girl put me on that song and i think this version is waayyyy better

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