Dave Chapelle at the Laugh Factory (Video)

blame it on Shake October 21, 2009


Ahh shit, new material from Dave Chapelle? Dope. Big shouts to StartOfTheLine for sending over this 2-minute clip of his recent 5-hour set they found on the internets. Can we get the full thing please!? UPDATE: Hit the jump for some extra flip cam  footage.


  • damn they really made them turn off the camera on the second video smh

  • Shihaby

    Easily the best stand-up comedian!

    I can’t believe he’s back!

  • Thank the lord.

  • jajawi

    I want to see the whole shit

  • HaTrik

    Damn 5 hours.

  • apoclyps

    I would watch all 5 hours if I could. Dave Chapelle>

  • “Gotta visualize things that are gonna happen in your life… Bitch kill yourself.”

    hahahaha wow, i hope theres more to come of this


    just imagine if he never left the Lime Light…Kat Williams who?

  • SMH @ making some1 turn the camera off?

    You’re obviously a piece of shit if you care that much about stealing Chapelle’s material before it even comes out, or before he sees a dollar from it…

  • Deneire

    I need that 5 hour set ASAP!!!!

  • Ceedat

    Aww nigga I just got this money = HILARITY

  • chef

    i heard its gunna be on dvd

  • YAY

  • uzi

    o shit hes backk

  • tony

    the king

  • doodoobrown

    damn anyone know what day this happened?

  • im good

    i really hope this comes out on DVD.. doubt it tho cuz they neva released his 6hr joint from last time…

    Dave Chappelle: One of the BEST to eva do it

  • ben

    lol its bound to leak soon prolly a dvd release or something, dude is hilarious, and considering they had an in house video crew id imagine there was a purpose they were there

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

    I never liked his stand up that much he needs to stick to the skits Katt Willams is better but Richard Pryor is the G.O.A.T

  • L.A.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck, I heard about this last week. I was at the Laugh Factory a week before that, and decided to skip on the night Dave Muhfuckin’ Chappelle was in the building. He actually had a 4 hour set, not 5. He was trying to go over Dane Cook’s record of 7 hours and some change at the Laugh Factory… but he had to take a piss break. Roffle.

  • dave chappelle is the fuckin man. he needs a new HBO special quickfast

  • EClipse

    Katt Williams better than Dave Chapelle? I know Katt is funny but definitely not better than Dave!?!?

  • Impulse

    I wanna watch all 5 hours, where can I find that shit?

  • Chris O

    Dave needs to come to BOSTON. I’ll be 1st in line for that shit!

  • KSEE

    Please Please Please someone find that 5 hour vid! i saw homie in atl a few years back…had me laughing so hard my jaws were hurting.

  • i remember hearing bout that shit. but it was waaaaay back like 3 years ago and now its finally coming?? Chappelle G.O.A.T.

  • 16padbeast


  • blackout

    ^^you only have one jaw…

  • light


  • DopeSir

    FUUUUUCK!! The best to ever do it. This niga is the michael jackson of comedy, without all the pedophilia and wierd shit. Need a link to the whole set.

  • HE’S BACK!!!

  • Im Just Saying

    chapelle is the modern day pryor

  • …dave been liftin weights… that man use to be a twig hahahaha

  • Canin

    I remember this stand up. This was back in April of 2007.

    Still funny as hell!!!!!!!!!

  • how was this shit from 3 years ago and from 2007 when he’s talking about Barack Obama as president?

    kill yourself for looking like an idiot.

  • DrewDogg

    This couldn`t be in april of 2007 man, He`s talking about Obama being president.

    ON another note, my heart skipped a fucking beat when I saw this. I been ranting for years about how badly I wanted him to come back onto the scene officially and drop a dvd or something!

    I hope this is the beginning of an official return to the limelight.

  • mozz

    Fuck yeah. He aint never coming back on TV, but maybe we can hope for a tour. If I ever got a notice from his site that it updated I would probably damn near keel over.

  • ballermal

    This is one of my favorite posts in a long time Chapperlle is the man.

  • The Hornyiest Rapist

    No ballermal….

  • where is the 5 hour set!!

  • Mr. Kinnel

    5 HR SET PLZ

  • grindtime

    I been waiting for the footage from the 6-hour set he did to come out for a long ass time, this makes me miss Dave man, dude is a genius. Sad that the machine tried to play him the way they did but he gets nothing but respect for standing up for his principles. Chapelle is the man!

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  • give us the 5 hour set so i can cry with joy

    Chapelle is definitely G.O.A.T.

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  • michi

    greetings from austria

    so meny people get him, its amazing
    dave chappelle and norm macdonald are my heros

    people of america tell dave to release those 5 hours plsss

    cause i KNOW its funny! but im being DEPRIVED

  • Derka

    Is this coming out on DVD or no?

  • yo yo yo, its dave here, thank u all :)

  • Dave Chapelle

    Yo Yo Yo, actually im the real dave , I just wanted to say thanks,
    and one more thing…..


  • Chappelle

    You spelled your own name wrong dave ^

  • kyro

    dang wish da whole stand would release