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Belly – Hot Girl f. Snoop Dogg (Video)

blame it on Shake October 23, 2009


Look for Belly’s upcoming mixtape with DJ Smallz, Back For the First Time, dropping October 27th. Featuring Snoop, Drake, Kurupt, Stack Bundles and more.

  • nykid21

    i thought it was jim jones at 0:28 lol

  • Ace

    Belly holding it down.
    dunnoe livee trackk

  • J to tha S

    sounds like a Ron Browz Track….overall its “ehh”….definitely for the radio..im surprised at the quality of the video….its pretty legit…whos this fool signed to?

  • derrik

    I liked “I’m The Man feat Kurupt” and “Good Evening” but that’s about as far as I go of being a fan of Belly. This song may blow up the radio waves but that’s about it.

  • illersz1

    Fat ugly TO. bitch !

    Remember MOntreal .. it was brutal !

  • dowski

    Belly’s from Ottawa. He’s not signed, independent, he pays for his own videos as far as I know… sidenote – my girl was in his class in elementary school and had to ask to be moved to another desk cause dude stank of BO.

  • HomieOmey

    How does he get so many big name artists on his tracks? I remember thinking he was some connected dude from NY after his first album dropped.

  • B-rown

    It’ll blow up on Canadian radio, that’s for sure. Give it a couple weeks and everyone will be sick of it.

  • ziggy

    belly overall is pretty legit… pretty solid flow, delivery but i mean it’s not like he’s amazing…. good for Ottawa i guess…

  • Sean Leslie

    As much as I think Belly is a fucking loser, he actually rapped pretty well in this.

    Still Snoop made him look like bitch in comparison; I refuse to believe someone who looks like Belly would get any pussy if he wasn’t a E-list celebrity

  • DrewDogg

    aww shit, first kurupt, then snoop?! why Snoop Why?!

  • dirty needles

    Too much oddness going on…nothing flowed in the video nor the song. Snoop’s verse was weak, the beat was weak, the chorus was annoying but that Belly guy was a little decent with the rappin’.

    A case of style and image over substance. Glossy Videos don’t and catchy songs don’t last long…when will these niggaz learn…

  • ^^^Belly’s label is Capital Prophets.

    I’m pretty sure the reason he gets these guest spots is that before he put out his first mixtape he made the rounds from NY to CHI to Houston, LA, etc making connections so he could reach out when this time came.

    Good look for Ottawa tho. This dude used to come burn down the street from by boy’s house and just rhyme for the whole session.

  • Big H

    Some people here hatin on belly just because he is from Arabic descent

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  • jtothae

    I still think belly’s a terrible look for ottawa..

  • jay

    C’mon yo, this is cheesey as a motherfucker. Belly flow is ok though. But man, shit track. Like how many times do we have to repeat the same shit.

    is noone hearing a milli in this?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I like Belly’s music but that title for his mixtape was Ludacris’s album back in the day!