A3C Posse Cut f. Outasight, Kyle Lucas, Donny Goines, Sean Falyon, El Prez, Senor Kaos & Syd Vicious

When I first saw this line up on illRoots I knew this was gonna be something serious. And after a few listens it's exactly that. Rocking over Cool Breeze's classic Watch For The Hook. Good to see the homie Syd Vicious make an appearance as well. His name suits him well haha. And if you don't believe me, hit the jump for his Hell in ATL mixtape (which I did the artwork a few years ago when ArtByShake was called FallDownDesigns.

DOWNLOAD: A3C Posse Cut f. Outasight, Kyle Lucas, Donny Goines, Sean Falyon, El Prez, Senor Kaos & Syd Vicious | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Syd Vicious - Hell in ATL (Operation Obliteration)

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  • EBrew

    OohWee this is nice

  • hovat


  • smka

    well done people

  • Stephon


  • Derick Fkn Fareel

    ONE good artist can drive hundeds of comments...These 7 cornballs drive only a handfull of yessmen.

  • ^^and you are just some nobody that posts on an website comment section. atleast they are doing something with their lives. smh...

  • Onederin


  • Derick Fkn Fareel


    STFU you Yess mann receiver ass crnball.
    ya their doin *something, makin disposable ass music for popularity not art.
    +++You know damn well you get better Original Music occasionally in your inbox, but for wtvr your reasons are you wont post it. *original cuz this fkn random mfuks rappin on everybody elses beats not sayn nothn new or worthwhile is Beyond gettn playd the fuk outt!!!

  • BitterRapers

    hahaha Derick Fkn Fareel must be a rapper. A bitter, bitter rapper. hahaha

    Track is dope. These rappers get on blogs for a reason. Stop crying.

  • Ima go out on a limb and say Goines killed this and was the standout verse. Which honestly wasnt really a surprise

  • sylnc

    @ genius actually everybody went in on this track. lucas had some lines, goines, kaos, and syd. outasight and el prez were good but not as goo as the others. real dope track. want to go get the original version now

  • GutsTime

    yeah sounds like dude salty his ish ain't get posted instead...here's a great idea...GET BETTER. All the cats on this track are nice


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