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K. Sparks – Super Senior (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 25, 2009

Dopeboyz and dopegirlz… the time has arrived. DJBooth, 2Dopeboyz and KevinNottingham are proud to present the latest project from the homie K. Sparks. Choosing the title Super Senior as a metaphor for individuals that continue to repeat certain stages of life without making any significant progress.

As we all know…a Super Senior is a person that has been in school for a while and has failed to graduate…I wanted to create a conceptual album that told a story…and at the same time provided a message.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: K. Sparks – Super Senior

  • AD

    What a surprise to see this. Thanks to everybody that had a part in this being released.

  • so great to see that produced by thelonious martin…putting in hard work…this album is sooooo dope overall

  • Shyguy

    lmao at whats written on the chalkboard

  • wow mad dope artwork

  • AD

    One Rapper + One Dance = Record Deal

    One Rapper – Talent = Fame & Fortune

  • AD

    *No Shots*

  • Thanks to Shake and Meka for supporting K’s music. More great music to come. Much love as always to 2DopeBoyz! xoxo

  • ATB


  • Starks

    Dope artwork, I’ll check the tape…

  • I LOL at anyone who doesn’t give this a listen

  • Yesss been waiting for this

  • Haze

    K. Sparks got some sick songs on this album. Real talk that Ewww is my shit

  • Love this album, listening right now, great from k spizzy

  • Alex

    Sparks is a beast

  • Duke, are you serious? You go and stalk me like this?

    You have gots to be kidding me. Duke, I am going to find who your are and file a anti defamation and identity theft lawsuit.

  • been waiting on this for a while, good looks

  • Stacey

    My fav new emcees

    1. Drake
    2. Nipsey Hustle
    3. K. Sparks
    4. Nipsey Hustle
    5. The Cool Kids

  • @Robbie Maynard the III, so thats actually you?

  • Seriously, I have already made connections with several republican politicians. I am doing a study that will be presented to congress. You have interviewed with that such survey

  • What are you talking about? I just asked if that was actually you

  • lmao…Nigga said he gone file a lawsuit…

    But anywho, I think I’ll check this tape out. Could be dope..

  • AD

    The fucks up with this ^^^

    & Stacey, you do realize you put Nipsey twice? haha

  • Michael879

    Ha ha word, niggas filin lawsuits n shit lol This K Sparks is that shit. My fav tracks so far are I Know. That flow is insane.

  • Stacey

    @AD hee hee sorry

    I meant to say

    1. Drake
    2. Nipsey Hustle
    3. K. Sparks
    4. Asher Roth
    5. The Cool Kids

  • Everyone may be supeaned fo arive in supreme court

  • I’m on the 3rd track and I’m likin what I hear…

    Dude is pretty nice….

  • Its subpoenaed, arrive, and for.

    Might wanna learn how to spell before you show up in front of Congress

  • Marqui

    I get all of the recommended artists from this site. How do I see about posting some1 that is nice like the people I see. If possible I’d like to email some real talk Shake. Seriously. If not I will still continue to follow the site as I’ve been.

  • Hector

    K. Sparks went in on this shit. Lotta bangers on this shit. I’m feelin that sunshine song. I ain’t even finish listenin yet and this shit crazy

  • 66_kingz

    overall good mixtape, however my favorite tracks that qualifies to be in my ipod are MIND DRIFT & ON AND ON CO…….

  • AD

    @ Stacey

    Nice…I just thought you really like Nipsey or something haha

  • AD

    I’m just gonna put the whole album on my iPhone & iPod, sans the skits. I honestly think this is one of the best tapes/albums I’ve heard this year.

  • Curtis

    Nigga said “I’ll burn the ladder of success while you climbin it” ha ha sparks dope

  • Jen Jen

    Girlfriend and temperature is my fav with julius. Every song that k sparks and julius do together always comes out hot

  • KSy

    Everyone should download this tape. K. Sparks is the next big thing. mark my words

  • Williams

    Can anyone block these fucking idiots “Robbie Maynard” and shit, comments are getting a little old and boring now…

  • shaheem

    this man right here is one of the best mc’s right noooooooow.trust me on this!!!!!!!!!!!! love this!

  • Williams

    Can someone block this fucking idiot “Robbie Maynard” and shit, comments are getting a little old and boring now…

  • djbobbybob

    Great Job my homie.always shining!.im gonna blast this the next weeks.POSTIVE OVER NEGATIVE ALBUM COMING REAL SOon! CHECK THAT OUT! kSPARKS & bOBBYBOB

  • Stylistics

    GOOD music from k sparks. I been knockin sparks since dude released future problem volume 2 back in the days. The message is deep to. Lotta heads can get into this.

  • This is another dope mixtape added to my collection

  • Burnz Dollaz

    Burnz Dollarz checkin in. K Sparks is that nigga. That I Know flow is on some other level. I fucks wit it

  • @Jonathan Stanhope I agree with you 110% this is quality music fam. K sparks a true artist

  • Lotta dope new artist I’m feelin. Donnis, and K Sparks got it locked in my ipod right now. Sunshine is dope. Temperature is crazy. Mind Drift is that laid back shit I can light a L too. Overall solid project.

  • ClasSICK this is what I like. Artist are raising the bar. This isn’t a mixtape. Simply put it’s an fire album

  • Christopher

    Sparks ripped it. New generation of emcees saving hip hop. J Cole, Drake, K Sparks all in rotation.

  • *downloads on impulse*

  • shit is crazy….

  • Vixxen tv

    that girlfriend song is sexxy…k sparks got the swag

  • shit is crazy

  • Nika

    Those skits are mad funny lol and the songs are on point. K Sparks has a new fan : )

  • Runnerz Productionz

    Queens stand up! K. Sparks reppin for the QU. Tight shit my g

  • Brix

    There are a lot of hot songs on here from K.

    1 Slum dog
    2 On n On
    3 In The Buildin
    4 Girlfriend
    5 I Know
    6 Mind drift
    7 Overtime

  • SAN

    sparks always brings it. Amazing

  • Janel

    Yipee! : ) Downloading now…

  • bRiT bRiT

    k spizzy been in my ipod since the red tape. lovin this album. sunshine is still my fav

  • James

    Feelin it. Fresh

  • I have no idea who this dude is, but i’m gonna download it just off the strength of the album title and dope artwork… lol

  • martin

    Slum Dog Millions is reason enough to download this project. K Sparks murders every beat on here. Dave Barz ranking #2 not really feeling all the other collab rappers. I also want to hear another Sparks and Kid Cudi record, for the record. Ha

  • DJ Blends

    K. Sparks is a problem on the mic. I been spinnin his shit for a minute. Glad to see K gettin recognition. Watch for him. Gonna blow soon.

  • Yanique


  • Jenna

    k sparks is great. downloading now

  • concept and artwork are dope
    k sparks mightve got a new fan thanks to the dopeboyz

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  • im mos def finna check this out and give homie a listen due 2 da positive comments on fam….and yessss the album artwork is dope!

  • Malik

    Sparks got spit. Sick on the mic

  • Travon Promotions

    This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while next to J Cole the warm up. K Sparks got next

  • Kevin

    Had this in rotation since last night. K. Sparks is one of my new fav artist.

  • I love this album. I think it’s K Spizzys best album to date : )

  • Jake

    K Sparks is the man. Dope

  • Word up…THIS SHIT KNOCKS…I Know is my shit. K. Sparks repppin

  • djbobbybob


  • Jason

    This album is solid. K Sparks got bars

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  • Jason

    I got I Know and Callin me on repeat now. Fire

  • K. Sparkas is crazy on the mic. One of my favorites now i’ve been following his stuff for a while now. BIG PROPS to KURSER, one of the sickest producers i’ve heard. K. Sparks, stay on his beats there crazy. 5/5

  • scoggs

    i loved the beat selection, very fresh — on some songs K. Sparks voice reminds me of Zumbi from Zion I, not a bad thing at all but I had to double check the track titles to double check that he didn’t have a feature on some tracks.

    if your on the fence about downloading this: download it — its great

  • Tash

    Word em up. K Sparks ripped this. Dude def got skills.

  • Angee


  • HEAVY ROTATION Sparks killin it

  • Krystal

    Been playing this over and over again in my ipod…great quality music : )

  • Marques

    Real talk this is some hot product.

  • chiz

    Downloading this now. I peeped the leaks. Good shit

  • Nika

    My fav songs so far

    I know


    Slum Dogz


  • Lovin this album soooo much. Girlfriend is a great one from sparks

  • Donald

    K Sparks+Super Senior= real hip hop

  • Omar

    Shit is fuckin fire. Feelin most of the songs on her. Repeat

  • M Promotions

    One of the best new artist. Super Senior, The Warm Up, So Far Gone are all in my ipods rotation…

  • k sparks doin what he does best, straight heat

  • Started following K Sparks with Manic Mondays. Dude only gets better. And he does it all. Every song hits. My shit is ewww and blind man. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of K Sparks very shortly.

  • Here is one of my favorite K Sparks songs. K Sparks feat Kid Cudi, classic music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTgrDGUBVOA

  • Michelle

    Love it! Listening now!

  • K Sparks iz da businezz. Niggaz tape heat. I Digz

  • g3rald

    Well worth the wait. Sparks never lets down!

  • Phillip


  • One of the best hip hop artist in the game now. I advice everyone to download this. One of the hottest free downloads of 09′ EZ

  • BrooklynSavage

    Blazin music from Sparks

  • Haze Smoke

    Rollin up a fat * and listening to Sparks. Shit knocks massive

  • Julius Francis

    Classic Album, Look out for more Julius Francis and K. Sparks Tracks!! MORE HEAT TO COME!!!

    p.s. about 8 songs unreleased and more coming ;)

  • Devin

    Classic album from sparks

  • Travis

    K Sparks laced super senior. Straight flames

  • DJ Dallas


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