• Cage

    Uhh huh, this is the cat i mentioned a few months back, forgot which clown i was schoolin though...


    Dope as fuck!!!!!! NIIINO is a beast!

  • Dan

    Nino always on point!

  • juno40

    Dis shit is hard. Real life shit.

  • mee

    This was fantastic!

    Don't know too much about cambatta. Anyone wana reccomend me some songs/albums/mixtapes?

  • DaveBFI

    check out cambatta's the visionary mixtape...
    2dope posted it a while back...

  • http://twitter.com/hannifresh Hannibal King

    Cam is a talent

  • 10

    weezy, 50, i liked both your leaks today, but this is that shit

  • MistaWong

    Cam was alright, but damn Nino killed it! Can't wait till Latin Marksman Vol 2.