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Jay-Z Responds to Beanie Sigel (Video)

blame it on Shake October 30, 2009

Well… not directly. During a press conference in Montreal Hov, was asked about the diss real record.

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  • StyleZ.

    Man Jays always right

  • word even after they broke up the rock he went with dame and hov accepted that fat ass back to the rock

  • mmkayy

    what he say…? cant watch the video

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • dro

    he says that beanie had 2 bentley, record contract, recording label, clothing line and never went platinum, and jay says that he did for him and what more could he do.

  • damn,
    no one will ever truly know what went down

  • Darren Daulton

    Typical bullshit from both camps. Black people lie. Rich black people sell out. Blah blah dee bleeee blahh blahh. No matter what jay did do for beans, i agree that he took little to no pride in pushing the rocafella artists. Period.

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  • m.

    “Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won’t hold my hand no more)
    Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that
    Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won’t give me no money)
    Get off Jay-Z dick”

  • p

    j said that beanie had alot but that doesnt means he owned them, the 2 bentleys could have been rented, the record deal he got cause of his talent, the clothing line he got shafted on by dame, and as far as him not going platinum, if i was j i wouldnt be so quick to admit that cause doesnt that mean he fucked up on promotion, jay z has the business ethics of puffy just in a way more acceptable package.

  • Disguysalegend

    Even tho Beans makes good points, and Jay prob did leave him for dolo at like his lowest moment, at what point are you expecting too much from other people? At times it sounded like Beans expected Jay to kinda hold his hand walk him through everything and you cant blame Jay not wanting to do that. I mean he ain’t even really put Bleek on like that lol

  • T0KS

    Thats my town.

  • JihaD

    Two things-

    1) The person asking the question didn’t frame that question properly in reference to Sigel’s actual claims.

    2) I find it funny that Shawn is making a mockery of the amount of cars Sigel owned, as though Shawn himself who, and I quote “get[s] it cracking when I back outta the garage”, Mr. “4.6”,etc pretty much set up the enviornment for that to happen. You can’t bring somebody fresh off the block into a large money situation without speaking to them and giving them some type of understanding on their money–At this point, it sounds like Shawn WANTED to keep them broke to make them easier to control…


  • Pon

    Sorry but the guy that asked the question,didnt ask it right and maybe Jay-Z should listen to the interview before responding to some random question.This is why some media people are here to cause confusions and dumb fans will run with it.Look all teh Jigag fans talking smack already.knowing very well that was not a good question asked.

  • Thomas


    This says Jay took the stand in FAVOR of Beans. Always three sides to a story: his, yours and fact.

    Still sad day….first the Fat Boys break up…

  • Drake would murk any one in a rap battle including Jay. Except Nas Rakim Crooked I Royce Joell Wu Tang Beanie and Wayne. Beanie and Game should just get Drake to wipe the floor with Jay.

  • Oh and Em my bad.

  • For classification I meant Em as one who Drake can’t beat.

  • Yatti

    The way the street works is if that your man, who will shoot for you [like shawn said in excuse me miss pt. ii] you should be there for the motherfucka when he’s in jail.

    For you dumbfucks thinking why should he hold his hand and this. If a man is or has shot for you. You owe that man a great deal of things just off that shit.

    But then again, Shawn said people respect a snitch more than a shooter. I guess Shawn is walking with the snitch.

    Another thing is, Beanie Sigel should be whining just cause Shawn isn’t giving him any money or helping him in the music business. One, you made all that money from tours, clothing line, your album even if he only went 800k. Why the fuck you didn’t invest your shit?

    Then again, some people are just into doing drugs fuckin bitches and not saving. Don’t blame Shawn for knowing how to invest his money. Then again, don’t blame Beans for dissing everyone’s God [that’s why you dumbfuck call him How] cause Beans was willing to shoot for the man and he didn’t held him down while he was lock down.

    To the idiot that said Shawn ain’t do shit for Bleek. I think you should listen to the song where Shawn said as long as he’s alive Bleek will always be a millionaire.

  • tam

    haha dam…jays on point…ift that doesnt push a guy to go platinum what will…stop blaming others for ur failures people

  • B

    Jay is toooooo smooth

  • Yatti

    @thomas http://www.zshare.net/audio/67696645691d7304/ go hear and listen around 11:30 about the bail shit you idiot. then google bail shit or come to philly and visit CJC and get the records.

  • wowwwwww

    nas is goat shut the fuck up dumbass bitch

  • jay day is coming he can’t keep smoothing things over

  • esilvers

    They need to just talk to each other…
    @ “Nas is Goat”
    drake is ok at best and he’s nowhere near Jay-Z
    Royce = the best right now…
    Beans > Drake

  • esilvers

    and Jay-Z never responds “directly”….

  • Just got back from that Jay concert.WHAT A FUCKIN LINEUP. EVERYONE MURKED. Montreal baby. About the video, I’m sure mistakes were made on both sides. No one person is more wrong

  • 2 Shoes

    Jay can’t be more explicit and truthful. Truth hurts, Beanie.

  • CoolMane

    nas is goat your a dumbass drake cant even spit a real freestyle i think anyone would murk his ass

    and jay had so many niggas turn on him, you cant even really take his word or their word seriously now if beans turned on jay, jay had to do him bad, jay more about his money than about his niggas now which is understandable cause hes rich but jay went from street nigga to rich white man the way he been actin lately

  • from the way jay responded, it sounded like he knew the situation and had heard the song & interview audio. he didn’t seem as though he was caught off guard when the dude asked him about beans. beans should’ve “been out there doin’ 2-a-days so he didn’t drop the ball when it was threw his way.” that’s what happens when you rely on the next man for shit….it often gets you nowhere. when you’re put in a position to prosper and you don’t, its not the person who put you theres fault. like jay said….he had a record deal, record label & a clothing line. if he didn’t handle it like he should’ve….hey at the end of the day, you’re accountable for you.

    & just because a person doesn’t do well sales wise, doesn’t mean they were poorly promoted. sure it happens, but its not always the case.

  • Haaa

    Beanie was nigger rich and spent all his dough. Just give up.

    “ay went from street nigga to rich white man the way he been actin lately”

    I dont know about you but at the yankee game he had typical NY baggy jeans and Tims. Atleast hes keeping it thorough unlike these faggot hipster wannabe niggas with tight jeans.

  • Haaa

    “he didn’t seem as though he was caught off guard ”

    Your under estimating Jay’s genius. The guy is INCREDIBLY smart and QUICK on his feet. You have to be to write songs of his caliber without writing them down. He handled the questions the same way he handled other tough ones. No prep necessary. Beanie is small talk.

  • Haaa

    Beanie had KANYE as well. Cmon. Stop it.

  • jhgg

    “Drake would murk any one in a rap battle including Jay.”

    HAHAHAH how the fuck does Drake even get mentioned in here?
    Drkae doenst even have one credible rap sond under his belt to solidify him even as a “upcoming” MC. Keep your kiddy bop bull shit out of this thread.

  • Beanie Bitching cuz Jay-Z plugged him and Beanie fucked up. On to the next one I guess. Maybe Beanie is mad cuz Jay signed Wale & J. Cole.

  • If he tries that shit with Weezy F Baby (and please dont forget tha baby!) he’d get his ass smashed! I’m just stating this as fact. No disrespect to Carter Sr, cuz Carter Jr aka Birdman Jr respects Jay-Z, therefore I do as well. I just really like Lil Wayne aka tha best rapper alive a lot. I hope Wayne has a great weekend.

  • ***********

    you are obviously not a real person maynard^. but if you are an actual personality…. HOLY SHIT

  • iCon

    It’s like this really… When the ROC split up everybody had their choice to go where they wanted to go… Either wit Jay or Dame.. Most of State Property decided to go with Dame except for Kanye, Chris & Neef and Freeway.. Beans had his choice and chose to go with Dame.. And he decided to go with Dame while he was on trial for that attempted murder charge and Jay was their everyday at the trial and helped pay for his lawyers who got him out of spending 25 to life in the pen and Beans decided to roll wit Dame… Thats foul.. Then when Dame puts out The B. Coming and it barely cracked the top 100 on the charts Beans decided he wanted to roll wit Jay… And Jay let him back at Rocafella.. Thats all about a Dollar if you ask me.. And he wonders why Jay ain’t come visit him or send him a letter.. Everyone remembers the BACKSTAGE movie where Beans Manager talk’s about how Jay was the one that signed Beans not Dame and this nigga Beans turn around and go with Dame… Not a good look on your character if you ask me.. So when he start dissing the man that tried to help him he need to be remembering that Jay fathered that fool and kept him and his family fed along wit his boys..

    Here’s a line from The Blueprint track number 13 “Momma Loves Me”

    “Beans I ain’t trying to change you/
    Just give you some game/
    To make the transition/
    From the streets to the fame.”

    Thats real nigga shit right there..

    I just lost all respect for Beans… No More Support For His Career.

  • DocCosmos

    ^ no ceilings has been out for two days already. do a search on here

  • RURU

    Beanie is a scrub and Jay is right what more can I do. The difference between Tony Yayo and Beanie, is that Tony been with 50 before 50 was sign. The Roc was establish before Beanie came to the table. They gave Beanie an opportunity. Why would Jay respond to gruntle employees. How can you drive 2 Bentleys without going platinum. C’mon Son

  • CoolMane

    did any of you fools even listen to beans interview dude said he respects jay and all he wants is a convo

    and kanye was never state property he was signed to jay not beans and icon quoting old jay tracks like that shits relevant to anything happenin now and you cant really say jay paid for any of beans shit cause you dont know em you dont what these niggas do


  • CoolMane


    baggy jeans dont make you street or real jay-z is a rich he probably hasnt seen the projects since reasonable doubt all the street shit he used to be on hes above that and interm stop rockin the niggas who all talk about that shit

  • RURU

    If he respects Jay why say anything. Remember Jay was still a CEO at the time besides artist with 2 other owners. I can’t help it if Beans not CEO material. Some people are not made for that role, so why play it. State Property failed because of Beanie not Jay. Sometimes you have to let the streets go because the streets is going to go on either with or without you. Bean is a few years from 40 and he’s still talking about street cred, mane give up because the streets will kill you and drink a 40 oz. Real Talk


    The goal in life is to better yourself in this world, Jay-Z did that. He no longer wants to associate himself with the same caliber from which he came from, it’s that simple. He’s untouchable to Beanie Sigel because his audience is no longer the same. He’s a pop star now, only 25% of his listeners will even hear about this situation. There’s always two sides to a story, and I don’t know the situation, but I know when you get to a certain age nobody cares if “your gangsta ain’t never been on trial.” Grow the fuck up, YOUR 35 YEARS OLD.

  • ddave

    I’m riding with Beans on this. Don’t care about the flack I get for it. Jay-Z’s crew is broke, but he’s riding good. Like Jay-Z said on his song Momma Loves Me, “Help Beans transition from the streets to the fame.” He didn’t do that. He dropped the ball on that.

    People are comparing how 50 did game and you buck to jay-z, and his crew. Jay-Z was president of Def Jam, and it’s already known he wasn’t pushing certain ppl like Joe Budden. So there’s some truth to what Beans said about him playing with a tennis ball in his office.

  • RURU

    But what I don’t get why does black artist treat black CEO’s like crap. Hhy don’t we diss white CEO’s in the game. We give them a pass, we pussy up when it comes to these white CEO’s and that aint gangster. Everyone knew that Jay was just a figure head at Def Jam his boss was LA Reid which ran the show and he’s black CEO bigger than Jay Z. If I was Beans I would have diss Def Jam and Univeral, but these rappers won’t do it because they know the big wigs would put they foot on they neck.

  • I wonder what Wayne is doin right now at this very moment. Prolly makin yet another classic. Fuck, he’s so awesome sometimez I just have to express it aloud!

  • RURU

    That’s why I respected Michael Jackson for what he did and it cost him his life. He didn’t speak against the mini CEO at Sony, he went against Tommy M. and Sony the TRU players. So my point the only way black artist espically rappers want to get just due, you have to be willing to risk your life or some type of back lash. We hold the power and it can start with Beanie S. or whomever because hiphop is a dominate global force, but the real players in this industry should be DISS

  • I betcha Wayne would murder Jay on that Beans track if he wanted to.

  • weezy weezy bo beezy banana fanna fo feezy

    fee fi fo feezy


  • WoW


    ur a serious fag lil wayne is a fag and bum

  • Once again, Beans chose to roll with Dame when the lines were being drawn. He even references alot of Dame time in the end. NOT Good.

    as much as I like beans, he played that one wrong. http://www.reverbnation.com/blastmusicconcepts

  • Murda Jay on a beans track?!! C’mon Son! jesus christ.. You sound stupid. Remi whipes the floor with wayne on any given day of the week. youtube that. And hov? Let me stop..

  • Yeah I Said It

    I don’t understand u you saying Jay wasn’t pushing his artist but what about Dame he wasn’t either except Jay

  • Yeah I Said It

    @ RURU In Smile(I’m Leaving) 50 go at Jimmy Iovine in it

  • iAdaptToProgression

    a classic sample of..



  • Thomas

    @Yatti I listened to the audio. @11:14 Sigel said Jay-Z told the Judge he “wouldn’t be responsible” for him…that’s why the Judge deined bail. The article says “US rapper Beanie Sigel has been denied bail on charges of possessing a firearm, despite the intervention of his mentor Jay-Z. “……..”Rap star Jay-Z briefly took the stand to ask that his friend be freed to join the Roc the Mic US summer tour.” So your point is what?

    I’m searching for these public records Sigel is talking about.

    Either way as a fan of the Roc and all them dudes…..not good. They made hits. Now if Jay called the police to get him out of the arena…that’s foul.

  • dsimmons
  • Everyone folllow Jay wathever he says…..This man probably dosum wrong thingsssss
    DO’T BE A FAN !!!!!!!!
    He’s juste a rapper…..

  • TXM


    “Thinking of name for new mixtape…about 1 hour ago from web”


  • TXM

    gonna be insane

  • Yatti


    My point is you said Shawn did shit for Beans bail, you telling me he did shit for his bail. He did why did he get denied bail. If thats your man you would of said you’ll be responsible for the man so he can be released. But then again your God is scared of jail that’s why he didn’t say he’ll be responsible for him.
    LOL don’t tell me you’re really searching for that record, cause if you are to prove Shawn’s innocent you must be his fuckin bitch or something.

    It’s funny myself when I was locked up I had my family that said if I was released they will be responsible for me to keep me on track. Then again I guess Shawn and Beans wasnt family then.
    If you listened to the whole convo Beanie Sigel even said Shawn Carter called the FEDs, Undercover, and everything to get Beans out of Summer Jam.

    It’s funny how everyone think Shawn is an angel. Half of you is on that this man’s dick more than Beyonce.

  • karma

    Its called, Political Correct, answer.

    In other words you ask a politician about anything big they’ll shrug it off with an answer like that. Dont fall for the hype, Jay’s a shady dude still at the end.

    Jay Elec, drop the CDQ you taking long.

  • GDC

    This shit bothers me as a fan. I miss the old Roc and things need to be made right. And Beans was driving 2 Bentleys when he first came out. If I recall Jay-Z GAVE Beans one his Bentleys. I remember in an interview Beans showing it off and had it parked on the block back in Philly. As for Jay he leaves people out in he cold a little too much. And if he really called the police on Beans then that is real fucking corny of him to do that. If he didn’t want to let Beans off the Roc than he should have pushed him better. Jay-Z used Def Jam to further line his own pockets, this is true. The industry needs a makeover.

  • GDC

    OK i see people still giving Jay flack for that God MC shit….RAKIM coined that phrase. Get mad at him dummies. He’s been calling himself God for a couple decades now. As well as most of Wu-Tang. You niggas need stop the bullshit.

  • AZ


    thats got to do with the 5 percenters.

  • james dean

    so who is the REAL BAD GUY??? Jay for refusing to hold Mack’s hands throught the whole thing, or Dame for taking Sigel’s money….

    Remember Sigel NEVER said Jay took money from him…that was Mr. Dash……

  • Shaking my head at any dumb fuck who took my comments serious.

    Drake would murk your favorite rapper then fuck your sister(s), cousin(s) and mom!!!!!!!!

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  • GDC

    @ james

    i know what it has to do with but there isnt much of a difference, buddy. i’m from brooklyn i’ve been surrounded by these dudes most of my life.

  • BORN

    @ Nas is Great. Will u jus die pls.

  • Js

    Jay is a business man. You think he got where he is by always sticking close to the streets?

  • — HOW about using ur talet for some ole fashioned battle rapping, 50 cent murdered jay z and he doesnt say shit or doesnt have talent to respond raw .. <

  • GDC

    ^^^50 mumbling on a track about shit he’s not gonna do. Shut the fuck up. You forgot Jay shitted on 50 with a one-liner?

  • trilla

    how he (Jay) gonna say he had 2 Bentleys and he dont know how he [beanie] got em in the same line (kind of incriminating)..should Jay Know since he took care of em …I want Jay to address the deal Beanie could have had…what up wit that?…

  • BORN

    @ GDC. damn u rite. i respect 50 more now, but MUSICALLY he never killed anybody. Pls nobody bring up ja, i dont feel like goin there. its a dead horse, jus put the stick down and walk away lol

  • BORN

    @ trilla. at the end of the day beanie is his own man, its not about wat Jay could have done for him. i mean look at game, as much as i lost interest in anything he says, he managed to leave the biggest rapper in the world at that time and still have success. Beanie was under Jay and still wasn’t sellin records. Was Jay supposed to write his songs too?

  • @ Born, will you just learn to read and write, please. Dumbass. Have a great day/Halloween.:)

  • 330KID

    Even though Jay is right he still aint answer the real questions. Why didnt he even try to get in contact with Beans while he was locked up?? thats pose to be his “real” friend and thats some sucka shit. Why did he call the boys on Benz at the concert in philly?? some more sucka shit. Jay-z is my favorite rapper but i wanna hear a real explanation. Benz said he aint talk to him in 2 yrs?? what Jay say in ignorant shit off American Gangsta?? “Soon as im done ima free Seigel” yeah right…im startin to feel like Jay-z is fake.

  • BORN

    lol drake fans are the new wayne fans wit more cum on there lips. suck on Nas is Great, suck on. (no disrespect to fellow wayne fans but some of yal take it too far, he’s still a man, NOT martian)

  • BORN

    @ 330KID. Benz? u mean beans? lol. And as fans we so quick to call ppl fake and soft and wutever, but we dont really know them, neither were we actually in the middle of this situation to see wut really happened

  • 330KID

    Im just sayin he aint answer the real questions? Beans said it wasnt over money so him sayin stuff about the record labels and bently’s was relevant but thats not what the problem is. The problem is Jay did his man grimey! so this shows you keep yo business and personal seperate

  • @ BORN. lol drake fans are the new wayne fans wit more cum on there lips. suck on Nas is Great, suck on. (no disrespect to fellow wayne fans but some of yal take it too far, he’s still a man, NOT martian)
    BORN said this on October 31st, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Learn to fucking read my screen name is “NAS IS GOAT” not “Nas is Great” secondly I was kidding about Drake being able to murk your favorite rapper didn’t you see my comment making that clear. Drake is nice but I was playing dumbass and he’s nowhere near amazing. Laern to read and write then maybe you will grow up a decent bum. Happy Halloween by the way hope you have an excellent day. :) :) :)

  • Curtis75Black

    @RuRu, to answer your question, it’s because you expect a Black CEO to know better, knowing how the business does the black artist compares to the white. Look at it like this, when a you look at the news and a white girl goes missing, it’s all over the news (Taylor swift) compares to a Black girl (Amerie). Yes, LA Reid was the real CEO but if you see Jay there supposely holding down the Hip Hop aspect, you expect him to do so !! You expect him to push what wouldn’t be pushed because LA is all R&B – we all know that. When you don’t hold it down but work on your own new shit while hanging the vets out to dry, pushing a Jeezy, Ross, Ne-yo and Rhianna somethings wrong !! As far as his Rocafella camp, the truth will come.

  • @330kid

    you think “i’m a free sigel”, could’ve been let him out of his contractual ties and not a jail reference.THINK MAN

    and for this story,
    hopefully this will end all the bulls**t whiny talk from sigel.

    but knowin some of you ignorant ass “street n***as”, it wont be.
    some moron somewhere is gonna gas beanie’s head up as if he mattered, and try to make more bulls**t diss songs.



  • BORN

    @ Nas is GOAT. im a dumbass for a mistake like that? ur like deshawn stevenson to this thread and im LeBron, Gilbert Arenas at worse. so who care’s wut ur name or number is? lol. wut intelligent, or at least calculated thought have u added? now get back on the bench and shut the fuck up. ether-ed. @ every body else, sorry for cloggin the blog while dealin wit this fuckery, it had to be done

  • Thomas


    “My point is you said Shawn did shit for Beans bail, you telling me he did shit for his bail. He did why did he get denied bail. If thats your man you would of said you’ll be responsible for the man so he can be released. But then again your God is scared of jail that’s why he didn’t say he’ll be responsible for him.”

    Beans said in the audio Jay told the Judge he wouldn’t be responsible for him…correct? This article refutes his claim. This article clearly states Jay spoke on his behalf.

    “LOL don’t tell me you’re really searching for that record, cause if you are to prove Shawn’s innocent you must be his fuckin bitch or something.”

    Again, name calling…who is the e-thug now? Its called researching and trying to find answers to questions you have. Sigel did say the information is public record right…so am I to ignore that?

    >>>> (Me)>> “Now if Jay called the police to get him out of the arena…that’s foul.”

    Did you skip that part during this rant of yours>>>> “If you listened to the whole convo Beanie Sigel even said Shawn Carter called the FEDs, Undercover, and everything to get Beans out of Summer Jam.”<<< just asking?

    It sounds like Jay owes that man at least a conversation. Please at least read what I wrote before you respond…cause you missed a lot my friend.

  • wow U people do know That people DONT read ur 4 paragraph essays u type here right ?

    _- Arguing on the net is like winning the Special Olympics UR still retarded —

  • Haha wow internet a big deal to some people now a days haha. Who are you by the wayust be someone important. Very intellegent must me you spell every other word wrong. Seriously though, have a great day. I honestly mean that. :)

  • pumbaclut

    What more can I say..anyone? Fair Play Hov

  • Kirby Cabrera

    You’re all sooooooooooo ugly.

  • BORN

    @ Nas is goat. Thank u, i really do :). and by the way its intelligent not intellegent im just sayin. now google it…there u go. now re-read ur last comment…and who’s a dumbass? lol

  • endsss

    since state prop isn’t really around anymore… he has lost his street edge… those philly boys had him looking like nothing to play with… honestly he looking like “jordan wearing the 45” and too bad no one aint gonna aim for you… but the c-o-ps and f-e-ds.
    you really went hollywood and now his boys get the jaz-o treatment. jay ain’t the same anymore…

  • :) I apologize for calling you a dumbass I ain’t taking shit seriously you shouldn’t either.

  • BORN

    lol its all good. nothin wrong wit a lil keyboard wrestlin. im doin push-ups wit the space bar rite now lol

  • Haha, good shit. I’m out though, good day. Happy Halloween.

  • iCon


    I do my research thats how i know u busta ass nigga

  • Jay-Z

    J. Cole, step up and take Beanie Sigel down, legendary status.

  • The Truth

    Jay-Z is a house nigga he only work with other house niggas the only time he goes back to marcy is with who? and for what? nigga got enought money to buy marcy and make the community that GAVE him the material in his songs a better place but NO. this is the type of nigga we dealing with here get on youtube you’ll see the very people that put him in the game exposing his ass oh but yall dont care cause YOU FUCKBOYS ARE DELUSIONAL. time to start supporting people that support the people

  • B

    ^ you mad doggy?

  • oakcliff

    tha ? is who needs who. neva bite da hand dat feeds u. 3rd coast mentality!

  • darryle

    @ the truth…. ummm jay-z has helped millions more people either through music or through charities than you will ever in your life, and probably more than all rappers ever… point blank period.

  • Jay is a fuckin politician. And real niggas dont like politicians. Politicians are not honest.

  • Kwon

    Ehhh it is what it is. Jigga ain’t responsible for the man’s success, there’s some shit you can get out & do on your own. As for those saying JIgga is on some shady shit, how come niggas like TaTa are still around duke?

  • esilvers

    This is what happens when you take your focus off the music. To me no single party is to blame. If Beans felt that Jay wasn’t pushing him, he should have been out networking and building up his own catalog. “Jay Z didn’t push me” horror stories are common knowledge. If he even holds an artist’s hand (aside from Bleek) its not for very long. 50 on the other hand does it differently. He prefers you under his wing. No current member of G-unit has a catalog remotely comparable to 50s, yet they’re still (for the most part) together. The way 50 handles G-unit is how Beans and them wanted to be handled, but thats not how Jay Z works. Its more “okay I brought you in we do a few tours now make your money”. The problem is if you dont have an artist of Jay Z or 50 Cent’s caliber holding your hand and you’re not making dope music, you’re going to stay in the same place while fans forget about you.

  • Sage

    To everyone:

    I took the time out to read this forum; Hip Hop is dead. You guys love and indulge in the politics. “Jay-Z Beanie yap yap yap…” The problem with the newer age Hip Hop culture (those that think Lil Wayne is actually nice and neglect realer Emcees like Styles P or whoever,) you guys are lost. Audio soap operas that you ALL are tuned in to. It’s only entertainment. Beef sells. But unfortunately it’s all “audio beef.” Jay turned his status into a HUGE success. He’s an icon who’s diversifying his business portfolio aided by his popularity. This separates Jay from most rappers. Separate S.C. from Jay-Z.

    Hardly anyone in the entertainment industry (not limited to just music) act
    the way you “buy” them (or, betting most of you, download them for free.) If they did every rapper would be on the feds top ten for killing the hundreds of people they say they killed. Taking a life is not an easy task. Rapping about it is.

    I suggest everyone here to get a hobby. Stop making this more important than what it really is. Think Mac Mittens would make these records if he knew no one was listening? Seriously, get a hobby.

  • B

    “How can you drive 2 Bentleys without going platinum.”


  • B

    @ SAGE

    I hear you on your holier than thou shit…but Im from S.Philly. Beanie has always been a Thug and Drug Dealer. Lyrically he is the Truth. That’s why Jay know he can’t come at him. He know Beanie shoot foreal! How many times Jay talk about shooting and drugs. Beanie did this foreal while signed. Not saying its right. But its misleading for a nigga to question how he got his cars when he know damn well that Sigel is a Street boss. As for promotion…Jay is a egomaniac. He is self-ccncious too. Most highly sucessful people are. But he never wanted any real competition.

    Sigel bit the hand that fed him in the industry…but I guess you bitchass cats would just let Jay-Z do you any type of way going forward b/c he gave you a shot before? I mean…he CALLED THE COPS on this man! Beanie probably wanted to crack his head. He just let him have it like a real emcee.

    It would show alot of confidence if Jay-Z responds lyrically. Because we all know what happened the last time he did that to REAL EMCEE……(* ether*)

  • Sage

    @ B and everybody wit eyes and a brain
    You could be from Yemen- doesn’t validate anything. I’m from BK. Doesn’t mean I presume to be always backing Jay, feel me? Lyrically I was digging and rooting for the best emcee in that Nas v Jay, LOX vs Roc camp (Lox murdered them.) I’m a hip hop head (old school,) throw me some real lyrics.
    If he called the cops- that’s a b*tch move. But lyrically and flow wise- Jay would monster Beans. You gotta understand that they’re not even on the same platform. Beans=street rapper. Jay=more stages than many. Put yaself in Jay shoes. He’s not a drug dealer from brooklyn anymore. He’s industry. He’s an artist an icon. He’s worth around 3/4 of a billy. Holds the most #1 albums in a row of ALL TIME for a solo artist. One record behind the Beatles and shit (and they’re 4) for most records in a row for anyone anywhere. Don’t downplay his talent or career.
    I digress though. When you look at hip hop legends like Nas since u mentioned Ether. Look at the caliber of tracks and topics Nas has on his albums. Tracks like Rewind, I Gave You Power, You’re Da Man, Money Is My Bitch, Shootouts, The Message etc etc (the list really goes on and on,) you see the difference why Nas goes plat and rappers like Beans don’t. Beans spits the same shit over and over. When he first dropped I thought he was the truth too. But come on son, how many albums imma cop of rappers talkin that same shit over and over?? Be serious. And the thing is, you don’t really appreciate lyrics until you start writing or really decipher lyrics. Bar for bar; Jay is FAR surpassed Beans. I’d probably put Jay on my 5th place as favorite emcees. But I’m big enough to admit that he’s the best out. Ether was hard (Nas is my 3rd or 4th spot,) that shit was better than Superugly. But lyrically I think Takeover was better.

    But f*ck it I’d pay to hear them go out at it. Put these nig*as in the same booth- whole lotta haze- beat tape and a mic. No lollipop Hot97 flooding the phone lines type of ordeal. We needa hip hop revolution. We need more wax battles. I could get a crackhead to shoot someone for a cartoon of newports; that shit don’t mean shit to me.

  • CT2Atl

    Beanie truly sounds bitter and hurt and really should’ve just man up and had a face to face convo (assuming he didn’t attempt one) b/c at end of track he says he got luv for Jay… only going at him cause he had to get something off his chest etc.. Even Bleek said I can’t diss him that’s my dude we just got to chop it up.. so soon come they all goin kiss and make up… But definitely a good PR Stunt to get Beanie some 15 min of fame

  • Cherresse

    Beanie needs stop crying, you sound gay crying because another man not taking care of your grown ass. Especially when Beans wasn’t taking care of his own kids. I remember his child support charges. MAN UP BEANIE

  • Jay don’t owe him shit! Even if he only gave him $1,000 and walked away. He should be grateful. I’m sick and tired of everybody waiting until they completely fall off to blame someone else for there downfall then turn into a crab in a barrel (pull you down with them). If he wasn’t smart enough to see he was not getting his due then he should have left or got off his fat ass and did some work for himself. Simple as that. Beans was good but he didn’t make the Roc. Haters just mad Jay became bigger than the Roc. It was his time to cut the cord and stop dragging all that dead weight. If by then they where not ready, then too bad for them fools. He’s not their daddy, he ain’t got to visit yo dumb ass cause you got yourself locked up. HE DON’T OWE THEM SH!T!