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Ryan Leslie – Transition (Stream)

blame it on Shake October 30, 2009

Ryan Leslie’s sophomore album Transition hits stores this Tuesday (my bornday bitches) and imeem was nice enough to offer it up for stream. Hit the jump to check it out.

  • I’ve been listening to the album for the past couple days. It’s dope! It sounds the best when you’re riding in the car down the highway late at night listening to it.

    Good weekend jams.

  • Thank You Shaaaakkkkeee.

  • JD

    I enjoyed this album. It’s better than his debut. Real good.

  • Only listened to that track with Pusha-T and I liked that.

  • Lavish Arrangements

    He did it again

  • jazzyphizzel

    r. les is a beatmonster.. i love his music.

  • Lkrskb24

    Givin this a listen, feelin da 1st album..I-R-I-N-A def my faverite track, reminds me so much of my girl..used 2 b our song lol..cute rite

  • blaze


  • Lotlan

    On my second listen right now, this album is a work of art man.

    I still think this dude is mad underrated. His first album was classic too.

  • Emphatiic

    nice production.

  • Born To Be True

    been there done that… late pass for shakey bakey!

  • yea,Rles iz hella undrated.hiz music&production is fresh

  • WhOa

    pretty solid album
    didn’t expect it to sound as good as it does

  • R-Les is the truth! first album was crazy. this was just as good if not better. dude needs to be bigger than he is. smh at people like Soulja Boy & New Boyz getting more love than R-Les

  • T-Dot

    solid album

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  • Brandon

    Kinda disappointed actually. Its a good album for sure but the first one was much better for my tastes. This album didn’t have the same energy at all like the other one. For me, its like a compilation of great songs but nothing struck me as a hit on this one. The last one had diamond girl, addiction, how it was supposed to be, Irina and he had a video showing how he made each and every track so there was this anticipation for the album. This one I just found out about. Its still good and I’ll cop it to support my boi R-Les but not better than the Ryan Leslie album at all for me.