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Lil Wayne – No Ceilings (Mixtape) [Official]

blame it on Shake October 31, 2009

Ok, let’s try this again… a few days ago Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated mixtape leaked early. If you were around you might remember all the fuckery that went down haha. First there was an unlabeled version w/ .wma files, then it was converted to .mp3, then a tracklist was put together, then the artwork leaked, yadi yadi. I feel the dopehouse held it down and kept everyone up to speed though. And now… as it’s been reported here is the official version of No Ceilings, featuring four new joints and an overall higher sound quality.

Stream below, download here.

01. Swag Surf
02. Ice Cream
03. D.O.A.
04. Skit (Feat Gudda Gudda)
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up (Feat Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
08. Banned From T.V.
09. Throw It In The Bag
10. That’s All I Have (Feat Tyga & Shanell)
11. Skit (Feat Shanell)
12. Wayne On Me
13. I’m Good (Feat Lucci Lou)
14. Poke Her Face (Feat Jae Millz)
15. Run This Town
16. I Got No Ceilings
17. Skit End
18. No Ceilings (Feat Birdman)
19. Oh Let’s Do It
20. Single
21. Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)

  • dope

  • yess230

    first bitch

  • Okay. Taking a listen to the new joints.

    There really isn’t anything else to say.

  • WoW


  • hsr

    I love how all the blogs keep the original download link. It’ll let us know how many downloads it gets I bet a lil more than a half millions in a 2 days.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this is some dope shit i thought i lost hope in lil wayne nah nigga he went in

  • ck47

    Is it properly tagged?

  • Taylor Gang or fuckin kill urself!!!

  • kicklikebeckham

    there’s a new 50 song out there, you should be dead prod by dre, newhiphoprbrapmusic4.blogspot.com/ got it

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I was just thinking about this shit hahahaha. I thought maybe Wayne went with the leaked version and was gonna take the other tracks and record more to make No Ceilings 2 or something but damn, looks like I’m gonna have to boot my other computer back up, delete the other shit, delete off my iPod, download the official, and re-sync it to my iPod. Something told me to wait but damn, it was the evening and nothing came out so I said fuck it. I can’t stand when people don’t drop shit on time.

  • yungnitto

    Shit is fire especially SINGLE Weezy F. for life… No Ceilings>your favorite album this year ahahaha

  • KC_Mafioso

    Why is Birdshit on No Ceilings?

    The mixtape is still dope though.

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  • CoolMane

    i wonder how mnay of you dudes actually have taste in music if your callin this shit dope

    guess shake likes this trash too weezy fell off along time ago anything after drought 3 isnt worth the listen

  • Oh My God….You would not even want to know what went down in Philly. Well remember those dudes from Philly that we met in a chat room? Well lets just say, They were not that “Nice”. Basically Peter and I were mugged and Peter drew the brunt of the mugging. We spent the whole nite in the hospital and police station because Peter filled out a police report. He has a black eye. We probably will not be doing the blog or the Hood Newz DVD project. Oh Well….

    …But on a positive note Hey we got some new Weezy F. Baby. I am going by Peters to see how he is doing in a little bit. I am sure he will be happy if I bring this new tape to him. Thanks a million Shake and Meka

  • 619sav

    im good features lucci lou

  • @CoolMane

    Listen to the tape verse dude.

    He’s sounding like throwback Wayne.

  • anonymous


  • Skye

    I was trippin on that Oh let’s do it. Wayne really shitted on Waka Flocka.

  • D.E. MassiVe

    Lol at maynerd…u snot snitch bitch.

  • yo,
    how bout you get a twitter and post all the bullshit you post here, there?

  • fucking megaupload is trash…
    waiting on that mediafire

  • StyleZ.

    This isnt the right tracklist

  • wait,
    so is the artwork gunna be a bit different or is this the final?

  • there is no “right” tracklist until tomorrow. and this should be the final artwork. i just think they are doing a back cover too

  • JD

    Smh. Some of us have download limits lmao. I think i’ve downloaded this tape about 4 times already.

    *Patiently waits*

  • I’m going to bed
    this joint is for the birds

  • tazzer

    I swear mediafire be takin’ forever to upload.

  • thanks for the reply shake.

    i swear there has been so much fuckery over this tape.
    (dope, but alotta fuckery)

  • 619sav

    http://www.mediafire. com/download.php?eoymxqfjtzd

    i upped a mediafire link

  • 619sav

    delete the space between the . and com

  • Big_E

    “oh lets do it” is prob the best jaunt on there… and DD3 is still greater than this… its a decent tape


  • Ringer

    Am I hearing things or did Nicki Minaj just hold her own? And Single is dope but definitely Drizzy assisted.

  • nickd
  • nickd
  • Pills

    Here it is tagged properly with the official track list since shake cant do his ‘job’..


  • pennies

    Lmao Wayne said “ugly like Devin Dude”…thats cold as shit

  • Big_E

    im feelin that “Single” juant but doubt Drizzy did that cuz it wouldve more organized and most likely better lol… written lyrics>>off the dome lyrics

  • theharrybrown

    is it a transcode?

  • Ringer

    you right it’d probably be better if drizzy helped. but damn “and i’m singleee” sounds just like a couple tracks off heartbreak drake 2.

  • “Here it is tagged properly with the official track list since shake cant do his ‘job’..”

    hey dipshit. the OFFICIAL tracklist isnt out yet. just a made up one from one site that every other site bit off. smh. i do my “job” and i do it a lot better than most. ease up…

  • KC_Mafioso


    I was about to say that.LOL

  • neezyb

    yousendit? word shake?

  • “yousendit? word shake?”

    its the link that wayne’s camp provided. im holding off for the official track order before i upload a better tagged version.


    Burn After Rolling will be better

    *waits for Monday*

  • flip illson, ya bichasniga

    fucking megaupload is trash…
    waiting on that mediafire

    CassavaLeaf.com said this on October 31st, 2009 at 9:26 pm


    —a dying metaphor—

  • Decent mixtape, Mixtape Weezy is back……But it’ll all be over for him once Lupe’s new tape comes out, cause that shit is gonna be straight crack on ice

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ CassavaLeaf.com

    Megaupload is not trash. Your computer is what’s trash. Most of my albums to download come from Megaupload. Downloads with the quickness. Mediafire it great. Downloads with the quickness too.

  • hahaha lol

    check this….go to google maps and search this address

    8 N Laurel St, Richmond, VA,

    do the “street view” and drag the guy to that spot and look around to see who was playing that week at VCU….so random. i was just looking around and seen that. ha ha ol!

  • ^^^^^^^^^

    haha, Its Gucci! Burrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • muziq warehouse

  • Adam Molina

    DAYUM D-Boyz! how many times am i gonna have to re-download this mixtape! lol 2moro’s better be the OFFICIAL-official one

  • eightiesboy

    i downloaded this thing some days ago from kanyes blog. the .rar file was named with “2dope” in it… wtf?

  • dat nigga

    I don’t think Wayne likes Gucci Mane, he rhymes over 3 or 4 of his beats and on one “i think i luv her” he says he don’t even like the beat but he spitted over it any way, then on a track he say’s “IM COLDER THAN B-R ADD THE 3 R’S” im thinking that was a subliminal shot towards Gucci, brrr. It seems like Weezy tried to kill him on his own shit.

  • bg

    @dat nigga

    the wasted remix came out like two days ago and had wayne and birdman on it.

  • CoolMane

    shake run into a damn wall for uploading this shit i can stand the french montana and gucci mane but this is overboard

    just gotta wait for B.A.R.

  • Wow nice games thanks a lot
    Really good job

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  • Rio$


  • Rio$

    Oh My God….You would not even want to know what went down in Philly. Well remember those dudes from Philly that we met in a chat room? Robbie Maynard The III said this on October 31st, 2009 at 8:53 pm


  • taylor gang or no cielings

  • BP
  • js


    shut the fuck up.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Why would you post a link that has nothing to do with No Ceilings??? Smfh…..

  • Big_E

    ok how is Gooch better than Wayne? lmao i hope this nigga goes on Gucci cuz that would funny as hell! Weezy & Jeezy would murk him on a trak…

  • @ CassavaLeaf.com
    Megaupload is not trash. Your computer is what’s trash. Most of my albums to download come from Megaupload. Downloads with the quickness. Mediafire it great. Downloads with the quickness too.


    I’m on a MacBook Pro

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ CassavaLeaf.com

    Then that’s your problem. I’m on 2 custom PCs and Megaupload works just fine. The one I’m on now is much better than the other. Earlier this year I downloaded Fast & Furious after it came out in 5 minutes or less from Megaupload. Albums, less than 20 seconds. My other computer takes a little while longer cause I need to upgrade the RAM to make it faster. About 3-5 minutes depending on how big the file is.

  • 619sav

    Megaupload & Mediafire >>>

  • No Ceilings, mothafucka good mornin/
    dick in your mouth while you yawnin/
    I’m goin in…

    Crazy tracks on this album.. Love it!!
    hold ya head weezy

  • Sean Leslie

    The new song No Ceilings is (2)dope until Birdman and the chorus is wack

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Still waiting on the tracklisting and reup on here. Why is Wayne’s camp taking so damn long to release a tracklist???

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Cause none of them know how to work a computer

  • bummer

    lol @ ‘ i use custom pcs” ur such a tard. does it really matter if a cd takes more than 2 minutes to download. what is your hurry. “oh my shit only take 20 seconds to download” lol you’re gay. My shit takes like 3 minutes to download a cd and i seem to make it threw life just fine. and movies… eh. fucking people using megaupload breaking files into 100mb files suck. I like to download HD and it sucks when there is 30 links to download for one movie.
    Oh and I’m on a macbook. Snow Leopard sucks btw. Its the Vista/Windows ME of Apple

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ bummer

    You’re such a “tard” that your comment is bipolar. 1/5 of your comment is correctly typed like you have an education while the other 4/5’s is dumb like you’re a dropout and ignorant so next time, never call someone a “tard” when your comments aren’t 100% correctly typed. 2nd, the guy said Megaupload was trash. I debunked his comment. So, I’m gay for having a very fast and well built PC??? The fuck outta here. And 3rd, when people upload movies to Megaupload, the site breaks it down into multiple downloads to be extracted in 1 rar or zip file, not the person uploading so YOU suck for complaining and not understanding the site’s limit. Go to Movie25.com to watch a movie if downloading movies is a problem for you.



  • bummer

    lol this is a c-section on a fucking blog site. I’m not typing an essay for my college final. But yes you are right, I am a dropout. Lol congrats to you for using “proper typing skills on a blog site. You should be so proud of yourself. This is a hip hop site, not a site for you to trash talk about technology. Go to Engadget for your fanboyism. I know how megaupload works. i know that all the separate files extract into one mkv or avi file. i know how the internet works.I don’t have a problem downloading videos. I’m on a Mac, I have no problems with anything computer wise. just because i don’t “custom build”(get 4 pieces of hardware from tigerdirect and put them together) doesn’t mean your some genius. Sorry to break your heart. Now quit dick riding my comments. I’m sorry I offended your bitch ass. Get over it before I send your POS Windows computer a virus. Bet you can’t find a virus for my mac hahaha

  • Dangerous Vortex

    You’re right Bummer. I have to build these cheap ass Tiger Direct PC’s because I’m poor. I can’t afford Apple products. I loathe for a 27 inch High Definition iMac i7 Quad Core with Snow Leopard. I’m stuck on this $200 Windows machine which I have to defragment once a week, run VirusScan every other day to make sure I don’t have viruses and run programs for spyware and adware every single day. Oh and then once, every six months, I have to reinstall my OS so that it runs at top performance. I hope I don’t get a BSOD while I’m typing this and have my entire computer lock up and brick.

  • js

    bummer, close your quotations, you “proper” bitch.

  • js

    but both of you can shut the hell up already.
    battle of the nerds over here.

  • shake,
    people might miss the update since it aint at the top.

  • Ryan.T.

    What’s with the skipping sound throughout the tape?

  • these dudes are bums

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Wow, didn’t notice the update ’till just now. You should bring this to the top, Shake. People need to know this is the official mixtape.

  • So does nobody else think that Tyga KILLED his verse?

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  • fuck these dudes
    i sat out and didn’t download this shit
    because i was hoping that they would update it
    and they did absolutely NOTHING

  • Dee

    its fyah. he rips it track afta track

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  • finally listened

    No Ceilings >

  • Throw It In The Bag is crazy

  • mrtizzle3

    ay real shiidd diiszx shiidd riiqht here bumpiinq everii sonq on here qo [email protected]!!!!!!

  • The pictur is horrible, maybe some arts behind it:(

  • I loooove !!

  • Very good article. Thank you for sharing. Good luck