Rosa Acosta x Supreme BTS (Video)


In the words of ILLIONAIRE, "FML."

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  • rdouble


  • Adam Molina


  • Sb 562

    her body>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>her face

  • Folabi

    what the fuck her face ain't that bad. in fact thats her most beautiful body part(not really) but she has a good face

  • Sigh..

  • she can FML

  • southjerzrep

    brings a tear to my eyes to know .....i just cant....fuckin soulja boy...really =[...lmao

  • Decapitatah
  • J. Rob

    this chick just doesn't do it for me

  • it was like 10 secs??

  • thunda thights

    what a slut yo

  • yaowa

    nice tits. everything else is overrated

  • Anonymous

    If you aint into rosa dont comment

  • Steez Diamante

    that was a slice of heaven, thank you 2DB

  • cracka

    i seen better chicks in the nursery.. anyway what's the beat, i need that shit nigga!

  • madConsumer

    Yeah she's pretty nasty.
    Amerie>>>>>>>>Rosa Acosta

  • $pence

    ^^^ "whats the beat"... smh

  • MagerPain

    Thats all i needed

  • magic721

    Damn! That girl got everything a brotha would want! PROPS!

  • DocCosmos

    the beat is james brown payback, now stop molestin kids you fucked ass nigga

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