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Stretch Armstrong Recalls A 16-Year-Old Named Nasir… (Video)

blame it on Meka October 31, 2009

Now this is a dope story to hear…

Walking back from a shooting in Harlem, we bumped into Stretch Armstrong, right in front of WCKR. That’s the station where he started – in 1990 – what would later become the “Stretch and Bobbito Show”, which many consider the best show ever.

The guy NORE used to call “the albino ostrige” recalls a number of great moments and a greater number of (then) unsigned rappers who blazed the show : cats like Jay-Z, Eminem, Big Pun, ODB, Big L, Biggie, and also a 16 y.o kid in shorts called Nasir…

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  • Yeah I Said It

    What I wouldn’t give to be at that show wow

  • AZ

    The best freestyle on the Stretch and Bobbito show was Big Ls 2nd verse in 95. That was crazy.

  • AdubC

    Props Mek…I really enjoy stuff like this.

  • uzi

    ssstretch aaarmstrongg isss nowww inn urrr worllldddd

  • eightiesboy


  • Walking back from a “shooting” in Harlem? Oh yeah?

  • Aubrey

    Stretch & Bob need a fuckin statue on that campus !

  • StReTcH!

    fucker stole my name

  • D. $cience

    I wish there would be another underground radio show as accredited as the Stretch & Bobbito show. I know we have Sirius radio, but it just seemed so humble back then to check an unsigned/upcoming artist plotting to take over Hip Hop.

  • mmkayy

    lmao @ 1:50.. the dude is really happy

  • Sam Flow

    wut is the name of the song that i hear in the background??

  • i graduated middle school in the building.

  • Yers

    Nas Life is like a dice game. (pre-illmatic)

  • Dope.

  • crimealdi

    Bring back Stretch and Bob! Best show ever still doesn’t do it justice, that shit was crazy every week, used to sit by the radio and press record and pause for the commercials…i’m gonna have to find a cassette player and listen to some of those tapes this weekend!

  • for those who need more of a history lesson……

  • bf

    What! Ya’ll didn’t know Nas was a 700-year-old wizard at 16 LMAO

    Good video though.

  • qp

    I can’t really picture someone talking about some of the rappers of today in the same sense that Stretch is talking about Nas, Wu-Tang, G Rap and whatever. It’s always cool to get an insight on the rappers and emcees of yore to see what that had to do and whatnot to get to where they are now.


    crazy!! the majority of the above mentioned list are still 2this day some of the best we got….O how i miss the 90s