For those who ever thought, "Hey, I wonder if someone would make a blend of the Timbaland, Drake and Lupe version of 'Say Something,'" here you yokels go, courtesy of DJ Hyphen.

DOWNLOAD: Timbaland - Say Something (DJ Hyphen Mix) f. Drake & Lupe Fiasco | Mediafire


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  • Sam Flow

    ok, i think i will download the mix w/ Lupe instead!! ha ha

  • Shyguy


  • KC_Mafioso


    I was looking for this ONE.

    <3 the song.

  • D

    i just want to say that timbaland totally lost it

  • ck47

    cant wait for the new Lu mixtape.

  • lasean

    yeah lu new mixtape gonna be fucking dope


    Lupe > Drake
    argument over

  • KingIO

    lol, there was never even argument about that man.
    that's common sense.

  • marlymarrr

    That's a given. Lu!

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  • jacobm23


  • Alexisss:]

    Why is Drake singing?
    Lupe > Drake

    ^there should be no argument with that...

  • E-Rich

    Why can't Timbaland do like other good producers and just make compilations where he makes the beats and lets niggas rap over them? Timbaland's verse in this mix is like a guy pulling up between two Lamborghinis in a Jetta like "Hey, guys! Let's do this!"

  • MusicHead

    im a huge Lupe fan but his verse suckkked.
    he could've done wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

  • Rudy

    Get ears.

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  • Batiste
  • HipHop

    Not ad at all. Good music. By the way thanks for the link man.Nice job. I like that. if you like that then you'll really like this