Shawn Chrystopher – Heartbreaker f. Chris Focus

blame it on Meka November 3, 2009

Shawn now has his first single via iTunes available, so it’s only right if we gave it some support over here. Listen to it down below, then cop it.

  • Bryant Sosa

    get that new joell ortiz up on here “Election Day Freestyle”

  • Forrest

    shake or meka, you need to post the new mac lethal tracks

  • JP

    Definitely a good idea to support. But it isss on the Elitaste Mixtape in case anyone wanted to know.

  • ^^^that might be true. dont know.
    but if it is, its on a city with no season mixtape aswell

  • GuessWho

    ^Ye, tracks also on City With No seasons EP. Cop that shit Shawns ill, and the EPs free. Imma def cop the deluxe CWNS- Keep it up Shawn- coming from a real fan (not a faux fan.)

  • Nia

    This is dope. But yo I just saw Jay-Z new artist J.Cole video for his song “Simba” it is crazy hot!!!!! Check it out just click the link below……


  • RSX

    I heard City w/ No Seasons Deluxe Edition is gonna be on iTunes sometime soon. I might cop.

  • Z Dub

    completely off topic but dont ever change your guys’ format
    just went to hiphopdx and it confused/pissed me off so im not going back to that site

  • thunda thights

    The free EP was one of the best things to come out this year. I hadn’t heard any of his music before hand

  • DJ FX

    i finally checked this dudes music out after seeing shit about him posted every day. i will never check his music out again

  • SneakermeStupid

    Shawn Chrys FTW (as always)! Im copping this shit.

  • iEXAM

    Post that new Joell “Election Day Freestyle”.

  • this and believer were my two favorite cuts from his album..everything else was eh to me…

  • @Nia

    That video and song are old, Simba was on his Come Up tape, and that video was uploaded 5 months ago

  • P.

    CWNS had some of the best production i’ve heard in awhile, but i thought shawn chrys’ lyrics weren’t that good. he told some decent stories, but there was no clever wordplay or rhyme schemes

  • I’m not really feelin it, but hey to each his own…

  • jerkn

    @P. *If that was the best production you’ve heard lately,… may i ask wtf have you been listening to lately??

  • P.

    @jerkn, shit i’ve been listening to a lot lately, maybe best was an exaggeration, but the production on that album was definitely some of the better stuff. I haven’t listened to it in a bit, but I remember noting this summer, when I was bumpin it, that with some better lyrics it woulda been a really sick album cuz the production was ill.

  • Alpha

    This dude is so wack to me. And I think he be coming on here under different names biggin himself up cuz he’s fuckin garbage.

  • Charlie

    I kinda liked Chrys.. but it kind of sounds like he bites a lot.. His album was a lot like 808’s to me, and this cover looks so much like the cover to the Shining Down single cover by Lupe…

  • CosmosisJones

    Its ok. No Focus on this track either. Whats up with all the instrumental shit goin on. No lyrics whatsoever on this track. Beat is kinda tight. The track is overall average.

  • john doe was right

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