• T-Dot

    Happy B-Day Shake

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    thanks yo

  • Klyde

    Yep, happy B-day, maybe late lol, and thanks for the album

  • EoNe

    this sounds ill!happy b-day shake

  • A.I.

    Blessed Earthstrong Shake...

  • PG

    Happy belated man, I'll have to check this mixtape out. Has some dope artwork and has some good features.

  • MuK

    Happy Bithday ! :)

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  • Dan

    Happy Birthday (:

  • thunda thights

    happy birday shake, fucka-bitch for ur nigga thunda thighs ok? Imma check dis album because I like the artwork.

  • eightiesboy

    oehm, happy birthday.
    seems like a nice tape... listenin to track 06 right now.

  • Euro Dior

    Ayy dis a nice drop. Good shit keep it up


    Happy belated Born Day! Late is better than never!!!!

  • Nick reid

    I never comment, but uhh... shits ill.. and unexpected. nice drop.

  • http://trox.bandcamp.com Trox

    first of all, happy birthday shake!

    secondly, i'd like to thank 2dopeboyz for promoting my comrade Lawz's SITR project. he's definitely someone to watch for in the future! PRTLND

  • http://myspace.com/topemusic tope

    PRTLND !!!

  • Vegardizzle

    this album has some serious weight.. happy bday shake!

  • nefvvaback

    Grind Time stand up!! These rappers go hard yo.

  • http://www.onthebuzz.com Onthebuzz

    The Kenny Fresh linkage, then this must be quality. Thanks for the share. Peace

  • eightiesboy

    2nd comment... that tape is really great

  • kpxplaya415

    guess the site got hit too hard. link is dead for now

  • http://www.lawzspoken.com lawzspoken

    Thanks for all the support on the album people. more shit coming soon. PORTLAND!!

  • Sole Providr

    It's...about...to go...down! (503(60)) in the building! Lawz u did it with this comp that puts all the fam on one tape for the first time.

  • b ali

    portland stand up!!! been on to this dude since his santa clawz spoken beat mixtape. good local shit. i support

  • l83 property

    happy belated b'day man my nets been off all day & night only just came back on thx for the tape & hope have a good one peace

  • http://soccerlens.com/psgs-title-challenge-is-back-on-track/36667/ Epic

    This is pure dopeness!