Ludacris - Hear My Cry f. Jennifer Hudson [Tags]

Luda & Jennifer Hudson link for a (2)dope joint off Tapemasters Inc & DJ Envy's Purple Codeine 27.

DOWNLOAD: Ludacris - Hear My Cry f. Jennifer Hudson [Tags] | Mediafire

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  • ***********

    will wait for a tagless

  • ijcros55

    This shit is str8 fire. This one of the realest songs out. Luda show he can kill anything.

  • JD

    Luda!! dope

  • EClipse

    Dope song, will wait for the tagless version.

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  • Great Photo Guys!

  • dAMN hOMEY! Is Ludacris the Man Homey!

    You going to play with his cheddar you are going to mess up his paper.

  • I ain’t no racist fool

    which one is the president??

  • dAMN I'm Horny! Ludacris can be my Honey!

    You going to play with his hotdog he's gonna give you some mayonnaise.

  • chitown

    ^^^^^^^ Pause.

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  • Derrik

    Robbie, kill yourself.

  • One ID


  • why should i kill myself. just give me one good reason. I guess people are drinking the old robbie Maynard the III Hate-R-Aid. Otherwise why would someone say kill yourself. No I am not killing myself. why dont you kill yourself. some people are so rude. why not just mind your bizzwax. enough with you. From now on I am shunning you.

  • whiteboys = robbiethe3rd

    robbie = whiteboyz

  • Shihaby

    Ludacris is incapable of spitting a crappy verse.

  • Wont let Me Post

    ^ Word ^

  • Love this track!Produced by L.T. mOE


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