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Tanya Morgan x Che Grand – Freestyle App (Video)

blame it on Meka November 10, 2009


So there’s this new iPhone application called “Freestyle,” an app that allows users to write and record songs over original music and email the recordings to friends, all within their iPhone or iPod Touch., that’s available in the App Store today for free download. The application combines a note pad, a microphone, a rhyming dictionary, and a sound bank of 10 original beats to write and record to. They then got Tanya Morgan and Che Grand (under the cut) to try it out, and this is what they came up with.


  • Pancakes!

    That’s pretty trick!
    Tanya morgan KILLED THAT.

  • Creativity to the fullest. The creators of this deserve an applaud.

  • The Truth


  • John

    Great, now literally EVERYONE will be a rapper. *Sigh*

  • ^^ leave the comments on what your shits look like for other sites. This shit right here!!! This shit right HEREEE!!!

  • komplexx904

    Morgan is dope

  • Get2ThaChopper

    that shit looks pretty damn sickly. Tanya Morgan kilt it. LOL at Che Grand Crown Fried reference.

  • Sasha
  • nnekbone

    tm is dope…

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  • buddhamonk

    never heard of TM before this but i must say, they are pretty nice. the app looks sick as well. i dont even freestyle but i think this would be sick for any musician. might have to get me an iphone lol

  • buddhamonkINYOURarea

    never heard of TM before this but they are niceee. lol wish i had an iphone. haha