AmpLive - Gary is a Robot f. Trackademicks & Mr. Micro (Video)


Ha... this is great! First video off Amp Live's solo project Murder At the Discotek, which is dropping in 2010.

Jay-Z may have killed autotune, but AmpLive wasn’t ready to let it go without giving it a proper eulogy. Amp bids farewell to 2009's warm old safety blanket (Snuggy?) on the lead single.

"Gary is a Robot" is a video about, well, a robot named Gary. Created by mad scientist Dr. AmpLive in his California laboratory, Gary was conceived of equal parts swag, autotune, and duplication. Gary is a masterpiece to the ladies but his tendency to bite the swag of others rubs dudes the wrong way. This tendency to jock others' style is to be his downfall. Trackademicks, whose verse serves as the centerpiece of the song, says, “It’s about the originality that's attached to everything. It's great when someone comes up with a novel idea, but it's their idea." In short, "You can only do you."

The song, much like it's robo-namesake, is overflowing with swag and makes excellent use of the aforementioned autotune. Unlike Gary, however, AmpLive copied no one in creating the electro-symphony that is the track itself. "Gary" is the rare track that's both addictively club-ready and has an on-point message. As Trackademicks says, "Lines have gotten blurred in 2009- people are getting away with things that wouldn’t have used to fly." As autotune, and all the line-blurring that goes with it, rides off into the sunset of 2009, AmpLive invites you to get an advance look at one of 2010's hottest tracks right now.

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  • lol, video is hilarious. good to see the zion i crew is up to no good.

  • DaSilva

    anyone got a mp3 version ?

  • 5FingerDiscount

    HOT SHIT!!!

  • kidkalikush

    Amplive got dem knocks!!!

  • Omar

    mp3 version is on Amplive's myspace.

  • great video


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