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B.G. x Juvenile x Mannie Fresh (Video x Audio)

blame it on Shake November 15, 2009

Above is video for a Mannie Fresh produced joint off B Gizzle’s upcoming album Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, which drops December 8th. Then after the jump you can grab three new Juvenile tracks off his upcoming Delinquency mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Juvenile – All Over You
DOWNLOAD: Juvenile – Feeling Right
DOWNLOAD: Juvenile – It’s All Hood

  • B Gizzle killed it, really dope shit

  • really>?

  • greggsauce

    i’m impressed with manny fresh’s production skills, he keeps the same sound but I don’t ever really get tired of him. but I am really not feeling BG the song has a nice feel to it, and I like what he’s saying, just not how he’s saying it. oh well.

  • walle

    They’ve been shooting the same video…for like 10 years?!

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I can’t believe that BG has all that money and still stays in the hood. That’s some stupid shit. He’ll die an old man in the hood if he ain’t gunned down at a young age with all that.

  • To Dangerous Vortex….u def can’t be 4rm Louisiana…n 4sho not 4rm N.O….man BG is southern hip hop royalty…n he a real ass nigga like not hollywood at all he just a street nigga that be on tv….thas all he eva was n he ain’t neva change…plus he got 2 much cred in N.O. to eva get “gunned down” man…I guess u ain’t neva been 2 New Orleans….n I’m not talking bout on Bourbon St. neither man

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ RonnyMy

    I’m proud to not be from there and proud to never visit. It ain’t about “cred”. He doesn’t have an education. Someone with an education will notice that it doesn’t add up to be making that kind of money, driving them kind of cars, etc…and still be living in the hood. Like I said, it’s fucking stupid. He might as well be living normal with a 9-5 cause there’s no telling what’ll happen to that dude unless he lives what he gets. What if he has kids 1 day??? He gonna force them to live in the hood as well??? Fuck that shit.

  • D

    truthfully living in the hood isn’t all that bad, it really teaches you to appreciate what you have. i would rather have respectable kids than them spoiled ass kids them rich folks have

  • Ian

    this song is aight, I much rather ‘Checkmate” BG than this, and @RonnyMy it ain’t about cred in New Orleans, Soulja Slim got shot walkin up to his momma house down the street from my house in the 8th ward. If you really from New Orleans you would know it don’t matter bout cred. If a nigga wanna kill ya and he got the chance he gonna kill ya

  • Chris

    i expected more, not really feelin the BG track

  • This shit nice & is sounding like that old good feel Cash Money sound from the late 90s & junior high/middle school days!

  • what an idiot.. “i dont understand why BG still lives in the hood”.. because that’s where he’s from, dumbass.. you act like he doesnt have another place elsewhere..

  • rule of the streets: if you make it in the big leagues, you stay down and make sure your people eat.. respect >> money

  • ok,here’s my issue w/ the track…..Dope record,video is cool(hood videos are always dope in my opinion) dope beat but that Tickin metronome noise is not needed in the record at all!It kills the real sound of the beat you guys agree?

  • everr



  • dangerous vortex need jus listen to hip hop and not comment on it. dude dont get that mentality. if some happen it happen. its that simple you get it or you don’t

    anyway when cashmoney had they fall out it was a sad ass time for hip hop to me. that defined southern hip hop for a hot minute. i ain’t mad at BG for doin his thing. doin it wit mannie good. and seein juve wit em a good look too. all them cats need let them money disputes go the fuck on and make some music.

  • ziggy

    @everr …. haha i noticed the buildings were too big for N.O. ….

    anyways i dunno i think a lot of these ppl posting about the hood are fake… nobody has internet in the hood .. let alone a computer… if u have those then ur living a good life

  • anyone who say its not no internet or computers in the hood wildin. i dont live in the hood but god damn if half the people i know who do don’t have computers. its 2009 my dog, computers not expensive and internet for damn sure not hard to get no more. aka its not 1995, shit changes. remember when cell phones was reserved for cats in wall street? yeahh… same shit.

  • dninc

    Wow.. some of ya’ll need to leave the crack pipe alone fa real.
    B.G is a decent rapper, he’s from my hometown, i love the place, i don’t live there anymore because i can’t afford to live there right now, these scenes were taken in some of the worst parts of uptown that is still being rebuilt, that house was actually a blighted house, that entire area’s is being demolished just like the Magnolia and being turned into Large Cottage communities, and Apartment complexes, they are basically using Houston Revived old project Neighborhoods to come up with some of the ideas on how to change those area’s, New Orleans will not look anywhere near the same in 10 years, they better get these Shots in as quick as possible New Orleans is quickly going to be a mixed race, mixed income, suburban city soon.. And the New Mayor will take that entitlement mind-set away from all these people that think shit should be handed to them or they’ll take it.

    Anyway Decent song, i wish it was filmed better but it basically fit the song.. but god damn stop using the same damn shots in every got damn video!.. It’s fuckin Embarrassing my belove birth city Nationally televised and then seeing some of the crumbiest parts of New Orleans highlighted as if that is the life everybody should live..
    Yes we know you lived a grimey life and you from the hood, we got that like 15 years ago! B.G wont tell nobody he lives in Atlanta in a Mansion now.. He has 3 houses in New Orleans and owns the one he grew up in but never fixes it up.

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