Ocean's 7 - I Need That Girl (Video)

New video from the collective that consists of Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Trey Songz, Nelly, Johnta Austin, Bryan Michael Cox and Tyrone Davis. Off their 3000 & 9 mixtape.

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  • fuku

    yea it was

  • chas

    y does trey songz look like rich boy lol

  • bc1391

    you would think with that much money between all of them, that they would be able make a good video

  • lmfao garbage

  • Neekz23

    Sorry, Slaughterhouse >

  • tddddot

    there is a totally out-of-place snare in there...

  • gudadua

    That video is terribly wack. And jd looks old very very old. No style ...i just dont know what they are playing at. Some one please tell me.

  • lou

    bunch of washed up niggas. hahaha..

  • @bc1391

    Looks like it was "filmed" with a camera phone smh

  • yobananaboy

    rofl look at jd @ 3:08 ahaha

  • That was completely horrible. I can't believe they really put that much effort into that song. Shakin my head. What happened to Country Grammar Nelly. What are you DOIN.

  • HomieOmey

    I still haven't heard any songs with Usher... and I thought he was one of the original members?? Might as well do the project without him. Trey has the R&B covered anyways. Not like his project with Lil Jon and Luda ever got off the ground either


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