• fro

    young chris = hov jr. tho...

  • x

    i just about download the mixtape till i seen benzino name fuck that

  • http://thenewclassicsmusic.blogspot.com/ gM

    Shake, can't you teach these motherfuckers how to use photoshop? bevel & embossing does not make an album cover. at least it's not as bad as this one tho: http://nahright.com/news/2009/08/17/papoose-military-grind-mixtape/

  • Sean Cameron

    *DEAD* at that Jim Jones picture - nigga looks STRESSED OUT

  • DocCosmos

    looks like a coke sweat

  • http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/ Get ‘Em

    YEAH! NOE Is The Shit & Mel Matrix Too. But Jimmy Is Good Too.

  • TyRell

    got me geekin so much dat nigga be lookin so dirty...haha look at all dat sweat!