Wale x Drake x KiD CuDi x GQ

blame it on Shake November 16, 2009

Gangsta Killers eh? Hmm… click the image to view the full page (out of GQ magazine).

  • ***********

    two words “drake’s face” ahahaha

  • ***********

    commenting on his looks, i must be gay

  • kal

    Looks kinda like Cudi cracked a joke laughin hella loud while Wale thinkin “this nigga” while Drake just smiles lol

  • James

    replace cudi with B.O.B and ill co-sign

  • haterade

    idk why but seeing this pic i dont think hip hop at all…n i mess with some of the music these dudes music…something about this pic bothers me for some reason…drake looks pretty wack too…

    n before niggas start callin bamas gay for talkin about their looks, its a picture, wtf are we supposed to comment on…fuck outta here

  • Steve

    Meh. The only people I like that are relatively new are Blu and J. Cole.

  • Jay

    blu been out since like 06 nigga = not new
    J cole should of replaced cudi’s wack ass

  • kal

    Wale & Drake ain’t new either.

  • Steve

    I know how long Blu has been around said relatively new. Drake has been doin shit since 07.

    In music you’re pretty much new until you’ve been around for quite a few years with an album or two. The latter not being necessarily true for every artist.

  • tms

    at first i thought this was the star is born joint

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  • This is very much accurate though. I don’t really know what to completely say about the picture, but the idea of “Gangsta Music” being a thing of the past is right. Now, from who Drake affiliates himself with, I would say that he still has that identity crisis with the whole “Wayne” persona, but before he joined Young Money and even sometimes now when he’s just making his solo joints, he is also a different, non-gangsta brand.

    It’s just what it is now. I was reading comments about this on another site and some people said they were still into the gangsta rap thing and trying to name of people like 50 Cent still doing it and stuff, but the truth of the matter is, unless you chilling with some actual STREET cats who ain’t signed or something, that “gangsta” rap style isn’t real or authentic anymore. 50 is multi-millionare. We know he’s not still out doing the stuff he used to do, yet he likes talks about it on his new album. Now, long term fans will say “He sounds like he’s back on some GRODT type stuff, but if you look at it from a surface standpoint, you can see the truth.

    I think people like Cudi and Drake (and a couple others, which I could say ACTUALLY started around Kanye’s time entering the game) ushered in the idea of it being okay to make mainstream songs about introspective thoughts and feelings…something “emo” and “rock” artists have been doing for ages, which ultimately led them to make some of the most introspective songs.

  • dat nigga

    that’s cute they wash their clothes together.

  • Brotha man from the 5th floor

    is this a subliminal photo, meaning Wale’s career is washed up? oh snap.

  • DIAS

    Drake, fuck outta here with that fury jacket

  • jb_09

    @ James….Reaplace Drake with B.o.B. and ill cosign!!!!

  • WheelChairJimmy

    Cudi-“*Who knew we’d be selling albums like this? *Laughs*”
    Drake-“Big bro Wayne said it’d happen for me! *Laugh*”
    Wale-“haha yea…”(hoping they don’t check first week sales)

  • Oso_Jo_ro

    I’m a fan of these guys…..
    And it’s really great that the whole Gangster persona is finally dead.
    I find Cudi a really good rapper.along with drake,but I cudn’t care less about wale that GaGa colabo made him famous!

  • Alpha

    Does anybody know WTF happened to the XXL Freshman of 2010? Why is 50 on the DEC/JAN issue?

  • wow

    mike dreams learn your own hip hop history it’s not like those song topics haven’t been covered by hit hip hop songs in the past…

  • who cares

    wale is alright. Drake a faggot. & kid cudi a disapointment

  • Heh

    Cudi’s jeans to head ratio is hilarious.

    Wale is a MC in the truest form , Cudi an Artist in the truest form, Drake is a gimmick in the truest form.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    ha Drake look like Sabretooth from X-Men with that jacket

  • smh at that leather jacket… C’mon Son…..

  • esilvers

    this is gay…

  • Ross

    I feel like Kanye should be mentioned here, didn’t he start this non-gangster rap shit?

  • Huh?

    “Gangsta” shit, will never truly die. Until certain aspects of society is changed, there will always be someone living that lifestyle and passing it along to another generation. And SOMEONE within that generation will rhyme about it.

    It may not be as prevalent as it used to be, especially on radio, but that only because labels aren’t spending much promo on it as they used to.

    Trust me. It still exists, and it won’t go anywhere for awhile.

  • The Kid CK

    Word @ Heh.. Cudi is killin it with the VIIs too

  • reltlativeaty

    3 emos on a wash machine doin laundry together.

  • thafireman

    yea that leather jacket gotta go

  • Vizzo

    lmao @ Jonnie Hayward The IV. Drake do look like Sabertooth from the X-men cartoon with that jacket on

  • guest123

    emos?? you a bitch for even sayin that

  • Dude was probably using it negatively, but it’s very true tho…the EMO comment. People use it negatively, but it’s not. Emo = Emotional. It’s about time hip hop artists brought real introspective, sincere and EMOtional-driven music to the forefront of mainstream hip hop.

    So to flip a bad to good, calling them “emo” is a compliment. Sorry Reltlativeaty.

  • dying laughing @ wheelchair jimmy’s comment haaaaa

  • 9

    Drake and Cudi are extra lame, Wale’s the only nigga up there worth a co-sign***Sidebar**Where the fuck Is Asher Roth

  • The Fucking Truth

    Wheelchair Jimmy’s comment was so true

    Oh and why the fuck is Wale always on his god damn twitter? That shit is way more gay than Cudi’s tight jeans

  • The Fucking Truth


    Kill yourself with that Asher Roth comment, that dude is the definition of wack, his album of wack, actually his music is just wack in general although his mixtape did have a few decent songs, his personality is wack, his friends are wack, the only things that aren’t wack about him are his live show and his girl.

  • R

    ^So wearing the same pants a female would wear is ”gayer” then msgin ppl on a phone becuz…? oh right, guess that’s the ”fukin truth”

    anyways this is a good look tho still, i’m mad curious to see wut hip hop’s gonna look like in 5 yrs and where these cats r gonna b. my guess, these 3 cats, J cole and B.O.B. r the only ones that’ll still b relevant from this ”new class”

  • Shawn

    I agree with Mike Dreams.

    The content of what exists in hip hop music needed to evolve. They couldn’t just keep talking about pushing weight, killing everyone on the block, and having more money than you and your family combined all the time. There might be a market for it but I think some artists like Kanye, Timbaland, and Drake figured out that there is a larger market out there for the music they do. They do it well too.

    Hip hop is young and if they plan to stay around as long as the other genres of music have, artists will need to make more in-depth and meaningful content to their music. I’m not saying that it needs to be “emo” music but more so music that provokes thought, etc.

  • JACK


  • Drake’s coat is fugly as a bitch.

  • The Fucking Truth


    Constantly having to tell people what you’re doing on twitter is probably the dumbest shit ever, the dude fucking does that shit during interviews, so yeah it is more gay than wearing fitted jeans that a lot of people wear.

    Oh and shortening random ass words like “becuz” “fukin” and “msgin” is just as gay as twitter

  • Hip Hop

    iight…so wen these doods makin a track togeter? lol

  • @WOW

    Um…no one said they weren’t. But it always wasn’t the main forefront of hip hop. Let’s just be real here:

    If you need me to elaborate, check out my latest article for Refined Hype that was actually spawned by this post:

    Rest In Peace, Gangsta Rap, Written by Mike Dreams (Michael A. Hannah):



    [email protected] PEOPLE ARE HATING



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  • TC The Prince

    the article kills me and really Emo Rap been around for years y they actin like its new or somethin, Gangsta Rap will never die it just wont have as much exposure as it use to but Hip-Hops problem is theres no more diversity they just tryin to make everything 1 sound and thats 1 big reason Hip-Hop is dyin

  • bob

    keep preaching
    [email protected] PEOPLE ARE HATING

  • mazoomy

    i see music in the same light as movies; sometimes i wanna escape (my) real life and just listen to/watch some shit that’s exciting. don’t necessarily care if the artist isn’t doin that shit anymore, as long as that’s where they came from.

    that being said, i also like introspective and thought-provoking rap. a good balance of hip-hop styles is what does it for me.

  • wow

    who the fuck is B.O.B? get outta here with that shit. Everyone in this photo is easily recognized by now. put B.O.B on there and ppl will wonder who the fuck this cat is

  • cya

    The idea that gangsta rap is dead or even a thing of the past is just as stupid a statement as Nas’s now legendary proclamation of “Hip Hop Is Dead”. Different people from different backgrounds encounter varying degrees of success over various periods of time. When Nas released HHiD in 2006, he may have been referring to the popularity of shit rappers such as Lil Boosie & Yung Joc; but 2006 also saw the mainstream debut of Lupe Fiasco, new albums from People Under The Stairs & CunninLynguists, as well as the criminally slept on Clipse album “Hell Hath No Fury”, and Ghostface’s “Fishscale”. Fast-forward to 2009, and yeah I think it’s great that Cudi, Drake, and Wale are all finding mainstream success even as album sales plummet into negative numbers, but last time I checked Gucci Mane is still as or even more popular then all three of them put together (remember for every hip hop “purist” who visits this site and hates the Guch there’s at least 20 high school kids who would beg to differ).

  • LanceTreble

    I’m sorry but Drake can’t dress at all

  • steno


  • dimples

    cudi is soooo adorable!!!!

    and they’re all dope….
    juss need j. cole on here….

  • lasean

    @The Fucking Truth you are a fucking ignorant bastard you fucking idiot how is messagin gay

    apparently messaging means you are attracted to dudes and like penis
    i guess text messaging is gay too because that determines your sexual prefrence

    you are and idiot if that your fucking truth then you are living a fucking lie

    stupid as fuck to think that texting is gay

  • Domca

    fuck wat everybdy sayun this picture represents EVERYTHING that is perfect in music. these three artist are wat we have been jonesing for for like ever now. its finallly good to see them in the same place together..

  • As much as I love the attention these dudes gettin..the writer obviously knows nothing about hip hop. Did they really say they killed gangster rap? I didn’t know they were the first rappers to talk about real life..interesting.