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blame it on Meka November 17, 2009

I managed to catch a preview screening of this play before is debut on Broadyway November 23rd, and by far it’s the best highlight for me since I moved out East back in July. While it was a condensed form of Fela’s life and to me was missing a few things (primarily the impact Fela would have on his son Femi and his music lives on through him, and the all-to-brief story on Fela’s trip to the States), from the music to the casting to the choreography, there was never a moment in those three hours I watched this play where I was bored.

What does this have to do with hip hop? Well, aside from Pete Rock sampling Fela’s “Water Get No Enemy” for the InI’s “Grown Man Sport,” this play is also produced by Jay-Z, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, The Root’s ?uestlove and many more people.  Needless to say, more people should get off their hip hop horse and enjoy live music and alternative sounds more often.

*steps down from soapbox*

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  • malkdeez


  • The Fucking Truth

    You preach the Truth Meka

  • One ID

    Fela Kuti > Hip Hop

  • Yo Meka, Stones Throw is releasing a Fela compilation in 2010… that shit’s gonna be dooope.

  • hmmmm

    I caught the play in review last year and have not stopped talking about it since. I’m not much for plays but I would go as far to say it’s more than a play it’s an experience. I think it’s Hip-Hop because that RAW vibe is very prominent through out(frm jump lol) if you see the play you’ll know what I’m talkin bout. Do yourself a favor…

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  • HipHopHorse

    A hip hop horse? Shout out to Normski http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu4MsMs3JgY

  • Cudd3r

    Jay balnk stare. He just spitting it inside.
    Thanks man.

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  • Afro-Beat is what it is…and FELA IS KING!…

    like real talk tho, he would buss his band members lip if they fucked up…dont matter if it was a packed house in his club or in a backyard in LA