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Joe Budden – Russian Roulette

blame it on Shake November 17, 2009

Truth be told, when I first heard this Rihanna joint I immediately thought Joe Budden would sound great dropping some of his introspective rhymes over the soundscape. Looks like I got my “wish” as Joe speaks on the realness of today. When he gets like this I can’t see how folks deny his talent. Seriously…

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – Russian Roulette | Mediafire

  • ORi

    joe budden is ass

  • ck47

    Joey!!!!!!! , proves again why he’s my favorite rapper

  • JohnnySack

    sound the same on every record. can’t deny his lyricism though.


    YALL still HATE after this!!! cmon ppl

  • Fuck, I stay losin’. To be honest I dropped this just to get peoples attention… wait… that’s why I do everything!

  • dmc

    you cant hate on this, this is HIP HOP

  • twoface

    budden is flames

    i saw the nigga in concert..slaughterhouse is a MACHINE!

  • “since we no longer // you and Cotto get the same advice, need to fire everybody in you corner” haha damn go budden!

  • nevvabey

    This joint is HOT! JOE IS A BEAST!!!

    Love thie one.

  • pr99

    drove 16 hours this summer to see SH in Rock the Bells and loved it

  • katastrophee

    Because for every track like this, there’s a mediocre album and six months of pointless yappin’, that’s why his talent gets denied.

  • TC The Prince

    This joint is real dope a lot of emotion I like when Joe do shit like this

  • S

    joeyyyy went the fuck in

  • dirtymexican


  • i saw when he was tweeting about this beat. i hadnt heard rihannas version so i looked it up. i dont like her song, dont like the beat. i know these the kinds of beats he go in on though, that emotional shit. but i just dont like the beat. keeping me from fully listening to the song, whcih im sure has some dope ish on it

  • Timbo

    “Sharper than yall without a day’s rest,
    You don’t mind being a pawn,
    Then how the fuck you gonna mind it when I play chess,
    No beef with Beans, not a beef with Fab,
    Just fags that think I’m searching for a beef to grab,
    I’m too talented to reach for that,
    It takes more than some tweets in fact
    to get him off the leash, capiche
    And the streets is so concerned about me and Somaya Reese,
    But they aint got the whole puzzle all they do is try ta piece,
    Reality aint World Star, lets keep it in private please
    Me and her gone end up whatever we decide to be,
    Can you hear me?
    Tired of niggas asking bout Tahiry,
    She can do what she wanna long as she don’t do it near me,
    Yall read Media Takeout,
    What I take out to media is everything aint what it appear to be,
    Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your ass,
    But if you seen it like me you’d be feeling like an ass,
    So I’m thinking I’s fooled while watching you act a fool,
    Seeming desperate for attention baby take this as a jewel,
    And since we no longer,
    You and Cotto get the same advice,
    Need to fire everybody in your corner”

  • Timbo

    And the Saigon jab’s were humorous.

    “Them wack niggas that you say in their prime,
    Aint seeing numbers, they dealing with Renee Divine”

  • Shihaby

    Is 2dopeboyz sponsored by Slaughterhouse?

  • I’m still laughing my ass off at the fact Saigon deleted his Twitter over that woman. Shame, take your loss like a man and move on!

  • t.a. morales

    DAMN Joe…this shit is THAT shit. Can’t wait for Great Escape.

  • Thanks Joe.

  • Jay

    joey is nice lmao @ wu dick riders still feeling butt hurt cause he’s bar for bar better den the wu niggas now & days now


  • i literally just met this dude like 2 hours ago and talked to him for a while. i’m amazed at how normal he is. fun ass meet n greet.

    much love, Joey. music like this is why i can actually speak to him as a regular person. keep this shit up.

  • juno40

    Dis nigga corny. LMAO @ budden dick ridaz dat think 3 or 4 hot verses a year (not even) makes him the shit. Oh yea YYYAAAAOOOOOWWWWWAAAAAA!!!! Peace to Joell. Fuck the rest of em.

  • WheelChairJimmy


  • Curtis75Black

    He tore that shit up !! If you beg to differ, you letting your hate for him keep you deaf.

  • jeffw

    smh @ the idiot who posted as joe budden

    what artist drops something to NOT gain attention?

  • 4realz

    that was dope but LOL @ whoever said joey was better than the wu nigs

  • 2fresh

    str8 fire joey slaughterd that beat no pun intended

  • LG


  • ddave

    DAMN. This the joe budden i miss spitting. Shit was fire. Him, . J. Cole, Skyzoo, Wale, Jay Electronica, and Joell Ortiz are all I’ve been bumping in my mp3 lately.

  • Pssssst

    niggas looking for any reason to throw a shirtless buddens up

  • BlackEnigma

    after the wackness that was escape route, it’s good to hear budden back to making that heat. Dude just needs his production in order

  • I like it too when Joey go in (no homo). More rappers need to talk about real shit like he does, this is fresh news right here.

  • Unxpekted

    Cant stand his voice, sounds like oscer the grouch meets lloyd banks

  • marlymarrr

    Woot! Tahiry is is tight lmao. This is hot.

  • He deff went in on this. The beat is a perfect fit! He addressed everything that niggas say about him. All these rappers talk shit about him but they can’t step in the booth and just get shit off their chest. Oh yea thats right they only talking about Girls, Money, and cars lmao.

  • Bennett

    If you thought this was heat, how did you not think Escape Route was fire? Tracks 1-7 are some of my favorites of 2009. This track reminds me of some of those songs, and I’m happy he’s keeping it that way. Excited for great escape.

  • w.b. mason

    wow. he went in on this track. If his songs/verses on his next album is anything like this freestyle right here it should be nothing short of amazing. he should have a lot to talk about considering the year he’s had so far.at the end of the day regardless of whats said about him you cant deny that dude can spit

  • The Fucking Truth

    I don’t think anyone denies his lyrical ability, its just that the dude sounds the same on just about every record it takes away from his skill

  • people are always gunna judge budden on his ego first.
    dude has talked alot but you cant deny joey is one of the most underrated rappers today…

  • R

    yo i aint even into budden like that, but i gotta admit nigga went in on this joint

  • yesir

    welcome back, joe

  • BlackEnigma


    I dunno man, Escape Route just bored the HELL outta me. I dunno, i couldn’t listen to more than like 3 tracks. I’m a Joe fan, but Escape Route just gave a vibe that was a lil TOO depressing. Like I said, better selection of producers/beats needed

  • hiphopconniseur

    @BlackEnigma you mean Padded Room? Dumbass

  • Young Veyron

    Top Five! Easy!

  • Jay Daniels

    I’m a Joey fan but he doesn’t sound right here, true story.

  • haterade

    yea dont see how anyone can deny homies talent after hearing this….u dont have to like him, but some niggas take shit personal…dont knock lyricism, its music. dope

  • kidadonis

    Uhh…Joey released escape route but not the great escape already…so, not a dumbass…


    Joe budden is so fucckin WACK.

  • Beast New York

    Budden is the truth. If you can’t feel his shit your favorite rapper is probably pigeon turd.

  • Sb 562

    joe always goes in everyone who hates on him just refuse to like him because of the side shit he is one of the best to ever do it no doubt

  • yaowa

    lol @ Joe Budden is wack. off urself for the hate in ur blood. no1s fuckin with him right now

  • Venox

    Why yall worried about dude sounding the same, yall want him to use auto-tune?? LOL i can give a fuck less, dude can spit…thats all that matters.

  • ev

    this shit is amazing

  • werdzbond

    Realest rapper alive, hands down. If you hate on Joey you hate on the purest breed of hip hop there is today. Got to finally meet him after the KOD show last week and he really is regular Joe. Just a dude with madd heart, not afraid to put his whole life on blast. My favorite artist of all time for a reason. “TO GET OVER THE OLD GIRL GOTTA GET A NEW ONEEE”

  • http://www.myspace.com/madelinestreetpoets I did my version to “Russian Roulette” about a week ago….listen and let me know what y’all think

  • It’s titled “Laz Roulette”



  • james

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a rapper that’s split audiences so much. It seems for so many you either love him or hate him. For the haters you’ll be taking an L soon enough. Budden is hip-hop. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Watch and see.

  • Oh Syx

    People sayin’ he sounds off, well he says sorry bout my voice at the end of the song.

  • thecalm

    joey you went in bruh.. real talk fuck tahiry and 50..

  • jei

    Joey went INNNNNNNNNNN.

  • ItS mIkE yO


  • Holy, Joey went the fuck IN

  • Ryuk

    Love how everyones a fucking expert. Oh wait, ya’ll clowns aint even bloggers. Just internet rats.

    This is fucking crazy, die with your weak ass opinion

  • mmkayy

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. leave Cotto alone tho lol

  • Shawn

    “When he gets like this I can’t see how folks deny his talent. Seriously…”

    I second that.

  • esilvers

    Budden gets so much attention now…I hope the Great Escape puts him back in the light.

  • Joe is talented can’t argue there but is it just me or does he sound kind of “whiney” lately? It’s like he is always depressed or something. I guess hes just bein real tho but dang.

  • 9

    How niggas deny the talent this man has is beyond me.

  • mmkayy

    Joe is talented can’t argue there but is it just me or does he sound kind of “whiney” lately? It’s like he is always depressed or something. I guess hes just bein real tho but dang.

    Switch said this on November 17th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    lmao have you listened to Budden before ?


  • Te’

    the best! (this nigga raps for a reason!) joey >

  • Game

    Hating on Slaughterhouse… lame

    Joey went in on this

  • Unxpekted

    Garbage, listened to it again garbage.

    *Goes back to listening to Black Thought*

  • Edward Nygma

    this joint is sick! ^^^^ dude above me is mentally challenged. Budden has the talent to be top 5-10,but he desperately needs a designated (good) producer. just saw this on twitter,hopefully meaning the Slaughterhouse x Shady Rec. deal is making progress…


    “i can’t tell u where i am, who i’m with or what i’m doing…….. but be afraid. Be very afraid……..”

  • Anybody who says that Joe is garbage is either a hater or too immature to deal with his subject matter since he usually speaks about real life situations that doesn’t has anything to do with hood shit, cars, drugs, or any other shit that is run of the mill in hiphop theses days.

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  • Joey Is Dat Dude
    My 2nd Fav. Rapper… The Great Escape Comin Soon Niggaz

  • Bizzi

    Joey is a monster… Slaughterhouse…

  • I”m That Due

    I see alot of haters talkin about this shit is garbage. Commercial rap is garbage. And if yall saying Joe is garbage…..you obviously haven’t heard 6 Minutes of Death, MM2, MM3 (Thou Shall Not Fall, Hiatus, Talk To Em), The Slaughterhouse album, and if you really wanna call Joe garbage…..The Intro off of the Great Escape will change your fuckin thoughts, cause Joey goes IN on that shit.

  • I”m That Due

    My bad….I mean the intro off of Escape Route

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  • jb_09


  • EightFive

    Illest lyricist in the game without a doubt if you hatin on this then you dont even know what hip-hop is

  • damn damn damnnnnn…feels good to hear my boy Joe going in on some shit… JERSEY’S HERE! LOL

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