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Charlie Clips & Fred the Godson – Kobe & LeBron

blame it on Shake November 18, 2009

24 >> 23 6. That is all…

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  • tms

    yall niggas remember…trix?

  • Melo15

    Whats up with the pop ups?

  • James

    co-sign Kobe >>>>>>>>>> LeBron

  • im sorry…i dont mean to jack this post and all…BUT

    joe budden is the best rapper out right now!

  • yah

    LeBron changin’ his number?

  • Tracy Gaga

    Lebron is fake if he wanted to respect jordans number he woudlve done it in his first season not 6 years into his career

  • MJ didn’t do it til 7 years in, give LJ a break

  • DMV202703

    Yes bron’ is changing his number to 6 next year

  • Will

    This song sucks by the way.

  • Busy

    i disagree with you shake… Kobe is a beast but……….. Lebron is the second coming of Jordan.

  • ScoopALoop

    Lebron shits on a Kobe Bryant.

  • Cage

    Fred’s wordplay is serious…

  • _unkn0wn_

    Lebron James… The King is Back

  • Wop Wop

    Kobe Bout Old As A Fossil.
    LeBron Is Where Its At Boyyyyyy.

  • RICe

    Lebron is the second coming of Magic, not Jordan. Very few people dominate on both ends of the court. Lebron gets weak side blocks and that’s about it. when he starts shutting people down then talk about Jordan, right now he’s a pointforward.

  • Yuuuuhhhh

    Busy- There will never be another Jordan. That is the stupidest and most played out statement regarding Lebron (or Kobe, for that matter) ever made. Shut your mouth.

    Wop Wop – Kobe is playing about as well-rounded basketball as he’s played in his career right now. He’s added an entire arsenal of post-up moves that he learned this summer from Hakeem (meanwhile Bynum gives up on learning from Kareem, fucking idiot). He has morphed into a true team leader (although, he’s still a piece of shit asshole that’s never had a genuine public moment).

    RICe – Lebron is an incredible defender. He made the NBA first team all-defense, and finished second in Defensive Player of the Year voting. Also, Magic was AWFUL at the defensive end, do not compare him to Lebron. Magic was a truly one of a kind player. So basically…you’re wrong.

    That being said, Lebron > Kobe.

    Lebron has single-handedly carried otherwise awful teams DEEP into the playoffs. Yes, I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, his teammates are NOT good. Mo Williams is his best teammate who has his moments, but in the end he’s not in the upper echelon of NBA point guards. Shaq was a major downgrade.

    Meanwhile, for Kobe to win a championship on a team that he leads, he needs one of the greatest supporting casts in league history (Pau is a top 5 big man, when Bynum wants to he can be unstoppable, Odom is arguably the most versatile player in the league, Ariza emerged as the top perimeter defender & 3-point shooter of the 09 playoffs, and Derek Fisher is underrated as a vet who has good chemistry with Kobe). Meanwhile, we’ve seen Kobe’s ceiling. He averaged 35 a game a few years ago (while his team floundered), and although he is playing incredible ball right now, he is definitely in the twilight of his prime. Meanwhile, Lebron is nearly averaging a triple double and is only 24, playing with a bunch of fuckwits. As of right now, he has improved every year and his potential seems infinite. Tell me I’m wrong. Every season, he comes back having added something to his game.

    In conclusion, you are retarded to think that right now, Kobe is a better player than Lebron. Kobe may be the more refined player, but in terms of raw talent, Lebron is a better player.

  • Alyssa Skai

    i’m not a huge fan of either one but even i can see its kobe > lebron

    but this song is like telfair & marbury

  • JEFE


    you want the ball in kobe’s hand with the last shot more so than lebron. that will change in time of course and yes raw talent bron bron just does everything. he needs a #2 for him to get the rings.

  • cam

    Agree wit shake kobe >>>>>>> lebron… I’m glad bron is changin his number… That was a fuckin publicity stunt… Now changin it is just another one..

  • yungnitto

    Kobe is better than Lebron because of one reason…His killer mentality and drive to win at all costs…something i have not seen in Lebron yet plain and simple

  • 2-3>>> 2-4

  • markaveli

    KOBE >>>>>>>>>>> LEBRON


    lebron > kobe

  • Californiaboy

    Kobe bryant > NBA

  • iAdaptToProgression

    23 > 24 = 3 > 6

    go figure.

  • SmashBVLD

    Not a Kobe fan, but he’s mos def better than Lebron.

    Yeah, Lebron is good, but he’s a bitch. Can’t stand him.
    I get a good laugh when he’s referred to as ‘King James’.

  • hhrs

    why is it that Wade never gets recognition like these dudes?

  • Purp

    I find it hilarious how only like 2 ppl commented on the song LMAO.

  • RICe

    @Yuuuuhhhh Defensive Player of the Year voting has nothing to do with his over all defensive game, and more about stats. Lebron will shut nobody down and rarely plays the best man on the team, and is why Orlando went to the finals and not the Cavs. He placed second because of raw athleticism, getting blocks and rebounds. Raw talent doesn’t make you the greatest, if that were the case he wouldn’t have worked on his jumper.

  • Yatti

    Umm. you must be an idiot to say Lamar Odom is one of the most versatile players in the NBA. That isn’t face enough to be a point guard nor can jump shooters from out the arch. With that said, he isn’t a versatile player.

    Just because you wrote a long as comment doesn’t mean you’re accurate with your facts. Stop dickriding Lakers.

    I’m not a fan of Kobe, I don’t like the dude. But he is one of the greatest player I’ve seen with a jumpshot.

    Lebron is a great player overall, he has defense, offense, speed, jump shots, and can actually give you some eye candy dunks. That’s a versatile player.

  • cooljerk88

    anybody else think the dude on the left looks/sounds like a 60 year old jadakiss

  • Reality1989

    Save the NBA talk for NBA.com.The song wasn’t half bad by the way.