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Tyga – Black Thoughts (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 18, 2009

DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar help unleash the latest mixtape from Young Money’s Tyga. UPDATE: Added new links with properly tagged .mp3s and no duplicate tracks.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Black Thoughts (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • b2

    this is gonna be filthy

  • yungnitto

    dope…Tyga continues to impress YME alll day

  • is this on par with the potential?
    or at least better than the free album?
    if not the 2nd im not gunna bother downloading

  • brightcrayons

    TYGA TYGA!!!!

  • Jesse Hernandez


  • one of the best outta young money. that aint sayin alot tho but tyga is dope nonetheless


  • I’ve always been like 90% leaning away from tyga but every once and a while I hear something I like…someone should give this mixtape a tyga rating

  • JM

    Almost as good as The Potential

  • wetpunany

    I want to fuck his big black cock!!!

  • Yo, I thought I’d let y’all know this version has duplicate tracks (8 and 13 on there twice) and isn’t labeled to play in order because of the filenames…..I fixed it and reuploaded it. Here it is, if you wanted to share it, if not, feel free to delete this comment. Don’t mean to be advertising or anything…


  • J.G

    he is raw!!!! when is the album comin??? last two mixtapes have been STR8!!!!

  • mighty

    tyga the dopest in YM my opinion

  • somebodyudontknow

    dude has came a long way…

  • dat nigga

    this dude is putting in work, aside wayne he drops the most mixtapes. much success

  • u cats serious????? tyga easily the wackest/most overrated out of all the new mcs
    kill urselves

  • Rico

    Tyga > Drake > YOUNG MONEY

  • J to tha S

    LOL @ Rico for putting Tyga>Drake>YOUNGMONEY

    its most def Drake>Tyga>(OLD)JAE MILLZ>YOUNG MONEY>BIRDSHIT

  • J to tha S

    and i can’t extract the zip file..i get an error message…o well.

  • pumbaclut

    the potential was also a sikk mixtape

  • Rico
  • decapitatah

    black thoughts was a trending topic on twitter last night. It brought a lot of racists out of the closet

  • themuzikman

    doesnt work keeps saying decompression failed

  • Doja

    Was never a Tyga fan, became one after this mixtape though 2 dope! (no pun intended) Recommended!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Tyga is better than his twin Wiz Khalifa and they are both better than Wheelchair Drizzy Drake Rodgers

  • NYCityREP

    Tyga is getting better in my opinion.

  • Knando

    Tyga after the free album >>>>> ANY drake after comeback season.

  • Da


  • Derrik

    Rap commenters are so annoying. “Oh tyga is better than drake, oh no wiz is better than tyga. nah dude drake is better than both of them” Dudes just shut the fuck up and enjoy whatever you like and keep your fucking opinions to yourself.

    My friends that listen to rock don’t sit around and say “oh linkin park is better than saliva, no man linkin park sucks, its all about staind. oh no fuck staind, buckcherry is the best band ever. No fucking way man Chevelle >>>> staind linkin park, buckcherry, crossfade, disturbed and everyone else. Nah bitch the only good bands are the exies and papa roach. no dude fuck all this new shit its all about guns n roses, zepplin, pink floyd and ted nugent.

  • The Fucking Truth

    Linkin Park really does suck though, they had one good album then sold out. But all those last acts you mentioned were all good, especially Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

  • The Fucking Truth

    Oh and the reason people debate so much in Hip-Hop is because its a genre that was built on competition, so yeah we’re gonna keep on talking shit about who we think is the best until the day the genre collapses. And for that matter…

    Tyga>>>Drake>>>The rest of Waynes sizzurp carriers (aka Young Money)>>>Waynes Daughter>>>Eli Porter>>>Birdshit



    this the coconut juice guy rite?

  • jjones

    tyga has been improving. gotta give him props for that

  • New & Improved Tyga > Wiz [and yes, I havce BAR] > NOW Drake > birdshit.

    Man i had to use 5 Star links i tried…I REALLY really tried – used both the joints you posted but neither of them would work. We’re about to see and Tyga has EASILY been my fav out of Young Money and I dont even like Wayne.

  • mikey mike


    Tyga is gettin better and better
    one of the most talented upcoming artists IMO

  • Drake>Wiz>Tyga>Young Money… Tyga is ok, but there’s no way in hell he’s better than Wiz or Drake… sorry! I agree wit Derrick & The Fucking Truth… Y does everybody hate Drizzy all of a sudden LMAO… dudes get in the limelight & ppl autimatically say they suck or they fallin off… anyway dope mixtape

  • automatically lol

  • Yo, you can’t use that name for a mixtape.

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  • TyRell

    man i like wiz and tyga but, damn why does wiz rap about weed so fuckin much it gets annoyin.i would love to see a battle bewteen them like u prolly culdnt them apart

  • I can’t extract the songs to my computer, i need a {.rar} Link plz someone help a brother out

  • kepler

    @Cuban Linx

    Just use one of the other links posted here. The one posted by (2)dope wasn’t working for me either.

    Either way, Tyga’s been consistently getting better and better with every tape he puts out. He’s still young, just wait till he really starts to mature.

  • ss

    damn they right when they say the internet can kinda kill ur rep…i thought everyone didnt lik tyga…u know what it was….that video of his ex-homies talkin all this mess about him -thats what it was—nonetheless i like his tracks

  • ss

    i thought young money was a group ? not a person ?


    I could type some long ass comment about the whole limelight shit but that’s gay. All I’m saying is I bet you’re the type of person that likes Money To Blow Drake over AM 2 PM Drake…. And Fuck Derrik

  • snf

    really dope, I’ve been a fan on Tyga since that Outraged and underaged, one of the best out of Young Money. But I liked the different cover better

  • CoolMane

    tyga is a way better spitta than drake

    drake aint even a raw rapper dude changed his shit so he can sell with that r&b shit so far gone was his best put together mixtape but if u even listened to him before its obvious to tell his flow changed to appeal main stream listeners tyga tried that with coconut juice but hes headed back to just spittin

  • WheelChairJimmy

    Tyga isn’t better than Drake. Really now? Tyga is dope but he isn’t better than drake. How can you say Drake changed when the only stuff you hear him on anymore is OTHER peoples stuff. So Far Gone+Fear was the last you heard of only Drake. So please just stop crying.

    Not even a competition.

  • dj

    these folders are fucked…

  • BradBluntz

    Wiz Khalifa > Tyga … Wizes mixtape Burn After Rolling also with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar was so much better then this. Young Money has Wayne and Drake no one else. weak.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this was a good mixtape 7.5

  • Jabari Manwarring

    wiz>tyga no competition

  • Asim

    Weezy > Drake > Tyga > Jay Sean > YMCM > Birdshit

  • CoolMane

    queer boy quit dick riding i was up on drake before he even dropped so far so i can say i listened to room for improvement and comeback season and hear the difference in his shit

    and B.A.R was an ok mixtape wiz should came way harder than that

    tyga > YM

  • fnfarmy

    tyga>wiz ..wiz is weak

  • fnfarmy

    tyga is movin up the ladder cant deny he is talented. hisalbum looks to be good. hisfirst was wack but he;s steppin it up

  • can’t extract the files for some reason. But I’m having someone send me the songs individually – hella wack – but the mixtape so far is about a 9.

    fnfarmy – yo i agree Tyga is killing wiz, but they both could grow more in their lyrical content. heyyy to each his own

  • did he go over rapper weed by curren$y?? on black thoughts??

  • Bolverk

    this was an ill tape! please dont sleep on tyga he niiiiice

  • james dean

    i don’t even listen to the guy…but uhhh his verse on THATS ALL I HAVE got me interest a lil bit

  • ANT

    drake>tyga>nicki minaj>jae millz>ym>oscar the grouch>birdshit uh ummm birdman

  • jerrad33

    downloaded both…neither worked says invalid..can sumone post a new one

  • Deeeee

    “Drake’s getting radio play?
    Oh, I hate him now.”

    DUMBFUCKS, I swear.

  • Deeeee
  • kal

    The tape was surprisingly good but its still Wiz>Tyga music wise.

  • NOWAY!!! Whoever said Tyga Is Better Then Spitta Is Crazy,
    Maybe Drake But Curren$y Is To G’d Up To Be Fucked With…

  • Tygaman has got to b the most hard workin artist on Young Money unlike the rest of wayne’s bum ass unsigned hoodrats lol come on da nigga tyga is doin his thing so stop hatin

  • YungNOVA

    LMAO I gotta laugh at post its funny as hell the thing i dont really understand is that everybody say birdman sucks and is one of the worse rappers when wayne ghostwrites his tracks and he is supposedly the “Best Rapper Alive” so basically u saying wayne sucks just think about that!!! And wayne dosnt suck he just needs to spend more time when he makes a track bc if u break it dont what he says hes not that nice… “nice tires on gini, u should wanna king me, brain dead flow, vegetable zucchini” lmao wayne is the modern day slightly better version of Camron LMAO

  • YM DrizzyNeka

    I See Alot Of These Niggas Hating On Drake..STOP Fucking Hating Becuz Drake The Best Thing On Young Money NEXT To Wayne. Tyga Can Rap, I Must Say, But His Skills Aint SHIT Compared To Drake. Im A YM Fanatic && Ima Always Support EVERY Artist On The Label But These MuthFuckers Need To Stop Hating On DRAKE!!!