• Josh

    Dope! I can't wait for their album!

  • DuffMan

    Haha that was funny. "The Raperman"

  • Adam Leaders

    ADaD is killin it right now. Just heard a new track he did with Waajeed, Sick!! - got some of his tracks here: http://soundcloud.com/madadam/

  • RasClaat

    Another Mid to West Coast connection!! Looks like sickness abound...

  • JimBrowSki

    Exile needs to step up his beatboxin' skills...stick to the MPC kid!

  • phuckery

    I been hearing about adad. I need to hear more adad.

  • Kush Klone

    Rape some Exile beats nigguh...

  • taliban salamander

    He should get AT LEAST one track on that joint w/Blu, that'll be fiyah!!!

  • teemsex

    adad should bang sumthing out with the mariachi band.

  • reviser

    Its so refreshing to hear good hip hop coming out of Chicago. Incomparable in my opinion

  • moxielindsey

    i'm actually really sick of hip hop but adad is refreshing. he's the only mc i like to listen to

  • moxielindsey

    i like adad - he's the only mc i'm even listening to right now

  • Power Universal

    Wasn't he fucking with Eulorhythmics at one point in time? Them joints were on point.

  • http://www.allnaturalhiphop.com dj sean doe

    ADAD's not new to the game...... pick up his previous albums 2 under Eulorythmics and at least 4 free mixtapes !!! This guy Adad is bananas ! Stay tuned to him and his labels' web sight for more free stuff : http://www.allnaturalhiphop.com ! Congrats to Adad " URB 25 " the hip hop world will hopefully see what a beast on the mic you are !

  • http://groundliftmedia.com trewth


    (i see you adam, doe, lindsey? ha)

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  • http://hostgatorcoupon.yi.org Fureux9

    Hi there, I am a noobie at being on the web does there exist a beginners community forum or perhaps a frequently asked question readme?

    Best Wishes