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Cosmo – Rugrats f. Tunji

blame it on Shake November 22, 2009

My man Tunji comes through with a stellar verse as he assists Cosmo for a new joint off his upcoming Pieces EP. Lyrics after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Cosmo – Rugrats f. Tunji & Jaylene Clark (prod. Budo)

Verse 1: Tunji
Yo, pardon if I come off a bit disrespectful
But I always dreamed of being rich and successful
So I’m always working while I’m scripting out my next move
Ever since the day my momma shipped me off to prep school
In ninth grade, had a grind page, mindstate
So if they said I couldn’t do it, I would find ways
I see the vision clearly, even through my blind faith
Laughin’ at these corny rappers on my myspace
But everyday is like a new struggle
I try to focus on the songs to get me through my troubles
Sometimes the lessons life teaches you are truly subtle
So never let the haters hurt you, or the fools judge you
See I’m tryin’ to live a wonderful life
Full of beautiful bright days and colorful nights
Sometimes in the dark you discover the light
So next time there’s a struggle in sight
Just remember that…

Hook: Jaylene Clark
So when you see my pain
Never been afraid of breakin’
If I don’t seem ok, I’m better with the dreams I’m chasin’
I ain’t weak just phased, forever I’ll be reachin’ greatness
Just let me be my way (my way)

Verse 2: Cosmo
I got clouds above, and I’m out of love
Won’t drown in drugs, so I’m out of luck
Just a clown in tucks, but I wanna’ beat the circus
No need for fake smiles, not a people person
Went to the playground where life was good
It all traces back to my childhood
Chess outside, where I would ride the rook
And knew how to rep the Knight like I was Suge
I was the kid at the park sittin’ on the mood swings
Felt the highs and the lows, flyin’ through the cool wind
Call me a loser, but I hated tyin’
So I rocked shoes with some new loose strings
It was a funny picture, imagine Chuckie Finster and his buddy Pickles
Jumpin’ in the mud, runnin’ from getting’ their own tummies tickled
Almost 20 now, and I’m still a rug rat
Except the floor is my stage and it’s where I bust raps

  • Coolsville

    Tunji’s been a beast. But this Cosmo kid is ass cheeks. horrible voice and delivery.

  • ben

    off the hook kid keep up the good work

  • JG


  • Craig G

    Cosmo killed it as usual….great beat with a great message…..my man cosmo is here to bring real hip-hop back into the spotlight…..Be on the look out for Pieces EP….all the proceeds are going to charity (Support Real Hip-Hip Music)

  • Steve R

    Awesome mate keep up the good work

  • Asquad

    so lyrically stimulating… keep it up :] i see u!!!!

  • Danny

    No surprises here..perfect prelude to what’s going to be an epic EP. Make us proud Cosmo!

  • andycough

    refreshing to hear some legit lyrics with a good meaning…sick flow cosmo

  • Yaakov

    metzuyan!! so fresh my mannn keep it upp!

  • Bobby Bow

    Sick song! Can’t wait to listen to the rest of Cosmo’s Pieces EP. Should be nastayy

  • JG

    coolsville you are a fool, cosmo lyrics a flow are insanse

  • Tunji does his thing, Inverse ain’t nothing to fuck wit

  • burner

    Cosmo’s EP is definitely going to be the truth. If this just a bit of what the whole thing sounds like, I’m ready.

  • Bris

    the only MC you know throwing it back to Nickelodean! I hope his next single brings Rocket Power back. Cosmo blowin up!

  • gamble

    cosmo lyrics are crazzzzzy

  • delpreston

    tunji and cosmo kill it, it’s always refreshing to hear real lyricism in hip hop today. can’t wait to hear the rest of the “[ieces” ep

  • josh

    cosmo killed it! cant wait for the rest of the album to drop.

  • shazam23

    Cosmo is brilliant and relentless. The music is incredible and generates such a strong and powerful message. Music needs to be more like this. Keep it up.

  • Andrew K

    great work, cosmo! i actually really needed to hear this… thanks a bunch, man. looking forward to listening to the rest of the album.

  • Courtney

    As usual, I’m impressed… I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  • and it’s obvious cosmo’s friends are here haha #noshots

  • DJ Shocker

    Sick beat production…Cosmo is tearing it up.

  • Ethan

    The first time I heard him freestyle I knew he was legit, and this single reinforces that. can’t wait for the rest of the album.

  • kristen

    looove it! great job cosmo, cant wait to hear the rest

  • Jerrod

    Sick track.. Can’t wait for the album to drop, keep it up man..

  • Sam Fanburg

    great track cosmo, can’t wait till i can hear the whole thing

  • Greg

    this shits legit, cosmo here to take over the gameeee

  • bshai

    cant wait to hear the rest of the album. bringin it back home with the idan sample. coolsville eats cosmos shit

  • Stefan

    Haha Bringing back the Rugrats! keepin it genuine cosmo good shit

  • Timbo

    Tunji was good as usual. This Cosmo dude on the other hand, not so much. Corny voice and enunciation and his flow was basic as all hell. At least Tunji rhymes first so you can turn it off when he’s done.

  • Carlos D.

    Great job man, impressive sound.

  • Tunj that verse sounds mad familiar..lol

  • Jared

    Ok, so I’m a hardcore rocker at heart. I can’t even listen to the radio anymore because of all the horrible “pop-rap.” But this is GREAT! The lyrics have meaning and you don’t need a “ghetto”-English translator. Keep it going, this is going to be big.

  • Max

    Great track i cant wait to hear more, this was impressive to say the least

  • poonipoonanster

    Sir colonel cosmo. You have my salute.

  • Nautica

    Wicked awesome, i’ll be checking for more music

  • ScottyG

    sickk sounds cosmo. tunj and jaylene are NICE too. im pumped to hear the rest of it. stay in touch

  • Rob Grimaldi

    well produced track- meaningful lyrics compliment strong sampling and a good beat. a refreshing track

  • Derrik

    lol @ all these comments. You got Rob G, Craig C, Steve R, Bobby B, Courtney, Andrew K, Ethan, Sam F, Kristen, Jerrod, Greg, Max, Carlos D all saying “great song, can’t wait for the rest of the album.” Look at those names, most people that come in here have nicknames (I know, I use my regular name) and they don’t all say the exact same thing.

    The song is alright but come on Cosmo, you got all your buddies on here posting comments just to try to get you some hype, its kind of pathetic.

  • cosmo

    thanks for the love! Tunji and Jaylene killed it.

    Haha my bads Shake… some friends just excited :-)

  • Derrik

    40 comments for someone that has never been featured on this site. That rarely happens.

  • kal

    lol at this conspiracy.
    But I’ll check this out just cause Rugrats was my show back in the 90’s

  • Frankie

    my man Cosmo killin it as usual..keep doin wat u doinnn…people do nottt sleep on Pieces EP

  • The Jackpot

    Rarely do I hear a new rapper with such talent and delivery. It’s a wonder Cosmo has been unknown this long. I heard his special on ICB the other day and his featured content was just plain incredible. Simple as that, buy this album as soon as it comes out. The Jackpot will be playing it on the air every Wednesday

  • mikey

    atta boy cosmo! lyrics are insaaaane. can’t wait to hear the rest of the album
    everyone prepare yourself…

  • FudgeArnolds

    Sweet track man. Can;t wait for the album. Cream cheese

  • Sam Flow

    Thanx for the Lyrics!!! Cause i really didnt understand Cosmo

  • Sam Flow

    & thanx for posting the song, because i may hav found me some new artists to listen to

  • Dangerous Vortex

    This was pretty damn good. And Rugrats was my shit back in the 90s as well.

  • Bosoxfanpw7

    Sick track, def cant wait for Pieces.

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  • dalek

    Two rappers that I would love to hear more from are Jay Electronica and Tunji. People with their talent should put out much more music than they do.

  • Jared

    This is my second time posting but I think it’s worth it. I truly believe this is good stuff, Derrik. I have other friends that are rockers (which I love) and I’ve straight up told them what’s wrong with it and why I don’t like it. I’ve already sent this link to a bunch of people and they’ve all reacted positively to it. So before you go preaching about me “building hype,” you best check yourself and the way you spell my name if you’re going to refer to me in an accusatory post. And I’ll post my real name because I don’t want to hide behind some joke pseudonym.

  • A-Dub

    Get ’em Tunj!!!

  • Asim

    which one is which, its the first time iv heard of both of em??

  • Asim

    oh shit its on the lyrics nvm

  • Ryuk

    this ass hat has my birth name? ugh. People like you make me extremely sick. Sorry if other hip hop needs a “ghetto English translator” Your showing a bit of your true colors with that statement. Theres nothing I dislike more than the ” I hate hip hop cause I love Rock but THIS artist (whom is my friend by the by) is great.” also known as the sage francis fan syndrome.Its more than just a collection of songs you fuck, its a fucking culture. Take that shit elsewhere. Tunji comes correct as usual. Cosmo’s flow was……odd….and pretty basic. SO I guess you wouldn’t need a “ghetto english translator” to understand nursery rhyme shit.

  • Timbo

    I thought all these comments might be sarcasm until I figured they were his people.

  • Jared

    Ok: I am not Cosmo’s friend. I am a journalist who interviewed him for a story I was writing about how the music industry is changing and how artists are adapting. So excuse ME for doing MY job. When I hear something I like, I’m going to praise it. I also find it hard to believe that I could develop this “syndrome” after hearing one song, doctor. So I’ll let you continue your little power trip, but try to cut down on the vulgarities, if you can’t express yourself without using them you’ve got a problem.

  • BW

    Yo this track is sick, this man Cosmo is gonna be huge! Tunji has some sick flow also, can’t wait for Pieces!

  • Danny

    Ryuk, Jared just is speaking with reason. You sound pathetic, calling him a “fuck” and saying things like “ugh.” You’re clearly an angry and spiteful individual who hates to see a young and talented artist makes moves, something that I’m you cannot do. So do us all a favor and why don’t you “take your shit elsewhere.” No one wants to hear your whining.

  • Danny

    Ryuk, Jared is speaking with reason. You sound pathetic, calling him a “fuck” and saying things like “ugh.” You’re clearly an angry and spiteful individual who hates to see a young and talented artist make moves, something that I’m sure you cannot do. So do us all a favor and why don’t you “take your shit elsewhere.” No one wants to hear your whining.

  • HipHopHawaii

    Shit, as a mad follower of the hip hop industry for years I’ve definitely come cross some sick up and coming rappers. Everything thats been released lately has sounded exactly the same. its good to hear a new artist with an original style and smooth flow. Tell me whens the last time you’ve heard a rugrats shot out. Thats just classic. Big ups to both cosmo and Tunji. You definitley gotta give props to whoever cut that beat and Jaylene for puttin her magic on the chorus too…. cant wait till the rest of the album drops

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