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Lil Wayne – Real As They Come f. Tity Boi & Dre (prod. Kanye West)

blame it on Meka November 23, 2009

DJ Smallz sent this track off his Follow Me mixtape, hosted by Lil Boosie.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Real As They Come f. Tity Boi & Dre | Mediafire

  • LiftedHippie


  • Air_Yeezy
  • 2nd

  • Justanothercrow

    i want someone else to spit over this beat. lil wayne is BORING.

  • yea but about the song…. lil wayne is using auto-tune….

  • Jesse


  • RSX

    I feel like its Real As They Come, and not Realest They Come…could be wrong.

    Awesome beat, Tit was aight, Weezy was meh, hook was aight.

  • Jaywall

    Hope its dope.

  • kal

    Lol kinda sad I actually expected this to be half decent compared to the wave of good music we’ve been/will be getting.

  • mmkayy

    wha kind of a name is Tity Boi lol

  • uhhh…I like the beat.

  • fro

    whats a tity boi? at first i thought it was a rawwws feature.

  • str8jckn

    titty from DTP

  • dmc


  • Rio$

    Lol should i really listen?

  • KC_Mafioso

    Can anybody tell me: What’s a “Tity Boi” and why does this “Tity Boi” exist?

  • Rambo

    lol tity boi…

  • Rambo

    btw he is pretty tite…beta den da sleepy lupe track.

  • stan lee

    tity boi lol

  • Did I read that right?

    Tity Boi?


  • what a way to ruin a great beat

  • Baby Jesus

    I will skull fuck you

  • wayne went back to the bullshit quick.. SKIP!

  • Canin


  • YougotRondo’d

    Really ya’ll thought the beat was that good? Idk I wasn’t feeling it, especially being a Kanye beat.

  • Jaywall

    This is old.

  • kanne

    ‘Ye definitely made this song for southern artist but i think this would of been a good jeezy song

  • Jaywall

    Upon third listen this is old and wayne didnt try, and this is a long ass snippet as well.
    This had to be recorded pre-09. hes said that “whoooa” thing before on a gym class heroes record. . .

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


    Lupe would shit on this

    Take a dump on every1 of those niggas

  • iAdaptToProgression

    @yougotrondo’d, hater check!

    beat was sweeeet. cmon its a ye beat!

  • JL

    same sample as some khaled track, I know that. Beat really isnt THAT good, it’s aight, but a step down from old kanye.

    oh and the song itself……

  • yungnitto

    Terrible….go back to No ceilings shit

  • pumbaclut

    Tity boi should be Rick ross’ rap alias and triple C’s should be his cup size

  • this is just wack. please wake up people.

  • ck47

    Lupe>Titty Boi

  • YoungJuice

    lol this beat is maybach music 2… listen to the original, much better

  • Bolverk

    Tity Boi? what the hell kina name is that…. lol

  • chea

    is it even really a kanye beat? theres no bassline and the drum programming is pretty boring…Justice League did it wayyyy better…

  • Jay

    What in the hell did i just have the displeasure of listening to? The most exciting part was all the mixtape bullshit they threw in.

  • Jaywall

    Yeah this is basically Maybach Music 2.

  • gospher

    stat quo – one and only son http://usershare.net/cs66cv939zi6

  • Canin

    Young Money!!!!!!!!!
    Why Hate it, Young Money down your throat
    Gotta Stay hydrated!!!!!!!!


  • trippple Sec

    Isn’t this the same sample from Maybach Music?!!!!

  • empty

    Good beat? naaah

  • Melo15

    hahaha titty boy…….

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