• http://howthatsound.blogspot.com/ oomzee

    shake you forgot the link the d/l!!

  • Lakerz

    link lol

  • scoggs

    shake, give me a job

    ^-download link

  • http://. P’cola

    who was honestly gonna click the DL link any fuckin way?

  • Rio$


  • MEDS

    good lookin out scoggs...

    you'll want to dl it people - that "dick n gum" track is dope!

  • Birdshit’s ex wife

    @P'cola, if that's how u feel, why'd you bother clicking the link for the post.. ??


    says the link is unavailable :(

  • Nig-Unit

    yep, link down

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    we'll just have to wait until someone else reups it. i didnt download this shit haha.


    "i wanna rock" has that DILLA flow on Slum Village's 2U4U track.

  • http://www.twitter.com/trevorshaffer RandomActs

    Link broken

  • who cares

    ima jus dl 4 dat ice cube. havnt been feelin mucha snoop lately i think his time, like Jay, is ova

  • Vizzo

    ^ I'm doing the same thing. I wanna see how that Cube track is.

  • zeke

    link's broke

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    yea. if you read the comments youd see we need a reup (which im doing right now). ill update with a fresh leak in a few minutes.

  • mdz

    I really don't care much for Snoop rapping anymore, but the Ice Cube joint made me wanna see how these two link up again. Plz at least reup that track.

  • http://thecacun.info The Cacun

    we re waiting for that reup man!

  • JamesdotC

    That's what happens when the entire online hip-hop community tries to eat off one sendspace link.

    here's a usershare link:


  • http://thecacun.info The Cacun

    i found this working link at thisis50.com comments, ENJOY!


  • biggieizgod

    JamesdotC...you speak the truth my man.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    added a usershare.

  • outKasted

    thanks Shake

  • dan

    cubes not even on

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  • Kuruption

    damn that "The Cure" joint track is tight. Snoop is still tight when he wants to be. I wonder if he made this because of the great response to the release of the Snoop and Pac track that goes "If There's a Cure For This"

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  • SERone1