thats some good ass artwork

  • Big E

    u cant front... how ill would Jay sound behind one of the Black Keys beats... ill album altogether tho

  • http://www.makersoftrouble.com Trouble Maker

    wish there was more mos def and rae on there they meshed the best out of all the artist on there...

  • Big E

    oh and that "Coochie" track goes hard!

  • http://gettingblackasiwant.blogspot.com/ Cr!ticalStarr

    I might actually cop this (if I can find it.)

  • http://jayelaudio.com Justin

    Definitely dope. Probably going to have pick this album up.

  • H. Bomb

    Leak has been out for a couple weeks now. I <3 The Pirate Bay! :-)


    this is a really good album. this is how hip hop and rock are supposed to be put together. not that Lil Wayne Rebirth BS. im a fan of Weezy but come on dude, stick to rappin.

  • Jay

    Was dame really behind making this album?? wow thats whats up good shit I'm definitely getting this & that Lupe mixtape

  • Sean Juan

    Album's okay. Personally, I think the making of videos were much better than what the album actually ended up delivering.

  • DeathofAutotune

    i think the cover art is WACK....when i think of BlackRoc..i think of BLACK...not green..lol...maybe a background of all those shiny black rocks and the BR symbol..somethin simple...not this bullcrap.

  • DopeSir


  • http://yungdrew.com YungDrew

    sounds like sum fuego

  • Cliché Guevara

    I ripped it in 320, you are welcome.

  • Jones

    i dont see this album anywhere, where can i download it

  • http://twitter.com/dj_steppe DJ Steppe

    I've been restraining myself on dling this piece...after streaming it I must say it is tempting. I'll just wait and be a bit more surprised on Friday when I cop the iTunes version. SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kylewarfieldmusic Warfield

    great art

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  • http://www.headphonehome.com HeadPhoneHome.com

    Thanks to Cliché Guevara on the mediafire DL link. Hot fire.

  • bearly

    that art work is dope feeeeelin it

  • jhink357

    album of the yr 4sheez