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Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 25, 2009

(2)Dope Alternative ArtByShake (click to enlarge)

Alright ya’ll… here is what everyone has been waiting for! Lupe comes through with a Thanksgiving treat (and I thank him for dropping it tonight as I wasn’t about to stay around a computer tomorrow haha). And it looks like Christmas will bear another mix. Hit the jump for the tracklist and a split/labeled version (as the original leak was “cassette style”). UPDATE: I decided to go ahead and put together my own version of the artwork, as I wasn’t really feeling the original.

01 Intro
02 The National Anthem (Radiohead)
03 Turnt Up (Travis Porter)
04 Fireman (Yoga Flame) (Lil Wayne)
05 L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto Interlude
06 Angels (rmx) (Dirty Money)
07 So Ghetto (Jay-Z)
08 Say Something (Timabaland)
09 Thank You (Jay-Z)
10 The One (Slaughterhouse)
11 Popular Demand (Clipse)

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of the State: A Love Story* | Mediafire [Split]
BONUS: Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of the State: A Love Story | Mediafire [Single .mp3]

*Lupe’s camp finally sent out a split version. The only difference between theirs and mine is that they made the HP commercial a separate track on the end. I prefer my labeling skills more though haha.

  • sheezy


  • J. Dot


  • bf


  • sheezy

    &this cassette style shit is weird.

  • bf





    I was mad at first, but it’s dope either way. Someone will chop it up eventually.

  • madConsumer

    Nice a real mixtape

  • st

    fuck cassette style lol wtf lupe

  • so when other artists do the single .mp3 most of ya’ll bitch and moan. but when lu does it, its classic, its original, its the shit!? i guess…

  • st

    naw shake

  • The Fucking Truth

    Yeah, its a cool idea, but I would kinda like it chopped up, somebody with skills like that get to work!

  • Higher Up

    Anyone feel like separating this shit into songs?

  • bf

    Yo shake,

    Is that artwork “OEM” or did you throw it together?

    Whatever the case, good lookin’ out!

  • Raizen

    Lol, not a fan of the #cassettestyle. Co-sign Mike Dreams, I’m sure someone will split it up.

  • d.swank

    Hot shit

  • Sam Flow

    The beats used by Keri and Roscoe(???) sounds soooo much better with Lupe’s version!!!! Luh u Lupe!!

  • M.


  • Knando

    Best Skate mix ever

  • Jay

    good looking shake you came through

  • thats the cover i got with it. i might do my own just for kicks.

  • haha ppl hated blu for doing it .. i guess its the fan base #shrugs
    Lupe is dope as always

  • Boog

    never knew of any other artists do a single .mp3? but that’s just me.

  • bf

    @ Higher Up

    Naw, man you gotta rock it all nat-u-ral. DON’T BE SCARED LOL

  • risen357

    good lookin out lupe

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


    = Voice of this generation

  • kanne

    damn mutilated the fireman beat

  • AD


  • T

    This is the first time I’ve ran into the Cassette style download…

    I think its dope…

  • looks like we’ll be getting another mix on xmas….


  • bf


    True, I ain’t mad though. Besides, I got way too much vividartwork in my iTunes anyways. Good thing I’m not epileptic.

  • Kwesi

    Lupe a man of his word

  • @Shake, the reason it’s dope when Lu does it is because the whole tape is quality from start to finish. With that said, I’d still prefer it chopped up…

  • james

    somebody please cut it up not a fan of cassetes

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Cassette style hahahaha. I was kinda close to what I thought when I read his Twitter about that. My initial thought was he was gonna burn the tape on a cassette. I’m like, that can’t be right. This is 2009 lol.

  • a cut up version is on it’s way.

  • Hahaha.

    C’mon guy. BURN a cassette? LOL. #WhereDeyDoDatAt? #Witchcraft

  • booooo ushershare

  • bf

    @ james

    nigga you betta take it back to the 90s and let that shit ride LOL

  • T

    “Domino’n Niggaz/ delievery is papa johns/Little ceasars ah /burnin down ya pizz huts”

    Lupe is that dude…

  • Dangerous Vortex

    A chopped up version already??? Damn, I better stop downloading on my other computer then.

  • PAA

    Man, i was so excited, Lu is my favorite artist and he let me down with this stupid ass “cassette” shit.. WERE IN 2009!! people dont have cassette tapes.. FUCK im so mad

  • bakingsoda

    ye iirc in the short intrview u postedth othr day he said we’ll get 2 mixtapes by the next album, nice, still prefer this one chopped up, however, good work nonetheless :)

  • Dangerous Vortex

    REST IN PEACE TO WACKNESSSSSS. He murked that Fireman shit.

  • bitchin about free music. gotta love it. smfh.

  • Komedian

    hell naw. dat nigga put an audio clip of a commercial for that mountain climb he doing at the end of the mixtape

  • Lupe!!!!!!!!! Wooo! Another on dec 25 too? woo thats nice

  • Jay

    Lu killed that 1st track did y’all see his twitter??? “Friend of the people” dropping Dec. 25th

  • Bliz

    If it’s a tape shouldn’t it have another side? tape is awesome but short.

  • PAA

    Why do all of my favorites have to this shit.. First Blu and now Lu

  • Jon

    Shake, please chop this up..

  • A. Sizzle

    If you have an iPod touch, label it an audio book. That way you can listen to it, go to some other shit, and it’ll remember your place.

    And lets not act like Lupe is the first to do this cassette shit.

  • lupe is wack why everyone on this nerds dick ?

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  • DaleWillet

    working on choppin’ it up now, when I’m done I’ll post up a download link.

  • Mark_One

    Somethin dope to come home to… thats whats up!

  • People are hoes.

    If you were going to listen to the whole tape anyways, what’s the problem right now with listening to it as one big audio file. By the time you finish listening, a chopped up version will probably be out.


  • bgKang

    Fire…Plain and simple…

  • @Shake, the reason it’s dope when Lu does it is because the whole tape is quality from start to finish. With that said, I’d still prefer it chopped up…
    YungDrew said this on November 25th, 2009 at 9:25 pm


  • I’m def gonna chop this up and make an alternate cover.

  • bf



  • H. Bomb

    Lupe just deleted the “cassette style” tweet, so LuStans will soon shut the fuck up about how brilliant it is.

    Oh, and the track “Yoga Flame” (@6:20, over Weezy’s “Fire Man” instrumental) is INSANE!!!

  • jobie

    i love the thom yorke vocals



  • Lewnilli

    This mixtape is hot. Although, I’m not a bug fan of the mp3 style, it doesn’t matter because these songs are sick. All I have to say is Lu killed that fireman instrumental.
    Go Ill!

  • kingvik

    I’ll chop it up, but my internet is being really slow with usershare for some reason; so if someone could throw it up somewhere else you can get the it split up faster.

  • Kohm

    in before c-sec hits 100 comments

  • Knando
  • nice. now i can listen without worrying about pissing off the family.

  • Kwesi


  • Fuckin’ single MP3 bullshits.
    I listen to mixtapes all the way through, anyway, but it’s annoying to have one long mp3, imo.

  • qp

    Is there a tracklisting for this?

  • damn lupe you evil son of a bitch….

    maybe ill separate myself, and throw in some artwork…maybe not, im lazy like that…

  • madConsumer

    Holy shit dood! Yoga Flame is just insane. I think Lupe owned Weezy on this beat


    It’s a little late but Lupe killed that Angels track even though Diddy has like no creativity and rehashed Hov’s “Where I’m From.” And all these Lupe stans that are pissed about the “cassette style” obviously rnt hip hop at all. WOW!

  • Alexis

    This shit is dope. Cassette or not.
    I would like a chopped up version though…

  • El B. Sure

    thom yorke joint is tight. can’t wait to hear the rest of it

  • Dope shit Lu.. Keep up the good work my dude.. FNF up.

  • another tape on xmas???!
    the lupe takeover has begun.

  • Lewnilli

    Good looking Knando!
    Go Ill!

  • I agree with Shake but it’s Y’all not Ya’ll. I hope I’m not being an ass for that I just want you to know the correct way it’s spelled. Oh and can you people stop putting pound symbols if front of shit that shit is gay this ain’t #Twitter.


  • jobie

    tape is sicc. already better than anything this year, gonna have to listen to it 100X to truly appreciate it. typical lupe.

  • james

    stans galore

    cassettes are the 90s

    there’s a reason technology moves on

  • this guy


  • Raizen

    Good looks, Knando. And that “Track 6” is BeSene Freestyle, for anybody who doesn’t know.

  • dat nigga

    orale vato

  • shake, expecting doper artwork too!


    unofficial tracklist/beat list to help out:

    Keri Hilson: Knock You Down (Intro)
    Radiohead: The National Anthem
    Travis Porter: All The Way Turnt Up
    Lil Wayne: Fireman
    Lupe Fiasco: Shining Down (Interlude)
    Dirty Money – Angels
    Jay-Z: So Ghetto
    Timbaland feat. Drake: Say Something
    Jay-Z: Thank You
    Slaughterhouse: The One
    Clipse: Popular Demand
    Hp Summit on the Summit Commercial (Outro)

  • jobie

    a buster and babs bunny reference! he is insane!

  • geez knew it was gonna be good, but it’s crazy how good it truly is “Yoga Flame”!!!!

  • A.B.N.


  • Can I call first to listen to it in it’s entirety? That outro beat and lyrics were awesome. “Yoda Flame” I think he was callin it was hot too. Turnt Up and Say Something… Hot as usual. Good luck on that mountain and good lookin’ Lu. Enemy Of The State. Keep this on lock tip Christmas then Lasers nigga!!!

  • Kwesi

    Good lookin Big Red

  • sixers

    shake i’m guessin you did the split up…track 6 is “so ghetto” by jay-z, thats the beat lupe uses…thanks for the split up by the way

  • Californiabboy

    the fire man beat he kills it

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Lupe shoulda spit on that Knock You Down

  • El B. Sure

    he murders that slaughterhouse joint

  • That Lupe twitter link is dead.

  • dez

    last for now!

  • thanks. i got a plane to catch this gone make it nice

  • alright ya’ll… a SPLIT x LABELED .zip has been added!

  • Russssss

    he made it cassette so people would actuall listn to the whole thing. recon how he 1of thee best lyricsist in the game, top5 hands down!!

  • yeah that pound sign shit is str8 up gay. we aint on twitter, whats the fuckin point

  • haha we got something to be thankful today, shake tnks lol

  • d.swank

    100 comments in less than an hour….damn

  • Lupe is GOAT but … No Ceilings is a lot better

  • d

    REASON FOR CASSETTE STYLE..back in the day..u only boaught fire..and u wud sit in ur room and listen to the whoooole album. This is a recreation of that.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Mohandas Gandhi

  • marlymarrr

    Best thanksgiving everrrrr. And fuck lil gayne

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Malcolm X

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Obama

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Jesse Jackson

  • Dangerous Vortex

    This kills No Ceilings. The fuck outta here with that. This is Lupe.

  • hiphopconniseur

    ^^ Chill

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Al Sharpton

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE = Voice of the young people

  • wow the fireman track… damn. dope.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE = Voice of this generation

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  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Matthew Santos > Robin Thicke

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Matthew Santos > Bruno Mars

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Matthew Santos > Chris Martin

  • A

    30 MB? I download 2 minute porn trailers bigger than that, this can’t be the final version. Yeah and who the hell likes one long ass mp3 that shit would suck trying to frontwards on you iPod Touch /iPhone to the music and shit you like better or are in the mood of a specific song.

  • Thanks, Shake. We appreciate the split – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Matthew Santos > John Mayer

  • I can’t believe I started to doubt Lupe… just took the #1 spot back in 22 minutes.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Matthew Santos > Bono

  • Large Malt 40z

    can’t wait for that REKS mixtape …

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


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  • better than no ceilings?
    if you a educated nigga then matter fact yesssssssssir

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I’m fucking with the cassette version on the computer. Chopped up version is for the iPod.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE’s flow > Jay-Z’s flow + Lil Wayne’s flow

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  • Omar

    Post some quotables when you hear them!

    Still waiting for this thing to finish downloading.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE just proved his supremacy!!

    Proved he’s better than Wayne on Fireman

    Proved he’s better than Hov on Thank You

    LUPE > Hip Hop

  • hahaha lol

    i believe his statement on him being better than everyone but EM. yeah listen to what he spit! ish….i am not a fan of mixtapes like i use to be in the 90’s but this made me want to support him and actually buy his next album. ish i am listening right now, WOW!

  • willie dee

    he killed the popular demand track

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  • dez

    he goin n on this mixtape..now let me see wat theses hatin boxden niggaz gotta say

  • WTF?

    Comparing somebody who can actually write lyrics to Wayne? Get of here with that fuckery.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lupe on Thank You is best track of the mixtape

    Going “green” only using half the gas

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE’s flow got ten times better since Food and Liquor

    Enemy of the State > No Ceilings

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Popular Demand track:

    Tell them that the future’s back
    Delorean rolling down the block
    You can call shooting craps

    You gonna need 2 heads like the king of clubs

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I’m spittin flames and quenching thirst

  • Cliché Guevara

    LOL @ No Ceilings being anything less than garbahge.

  • I made some alternative artwork


    im working on splitting the tape now and should it all re uploaded around 3:00 am

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Quote of the tape:

    I don’t feel I’m best
    I just feel I’m better than (everyone)

  • Lu gots one of the most underrated flows in the game but idk about it bein better than Jay’s and Wayne’s…

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Albert Einstein

  • “im working on splitting the tape now and should it all re uploaded around 3:00 am”

    umm… its already been down and uploaded. dont waste your time.


    <<<<<<<<<<<<< still bumps cassette tapes and just got the Purple tape autographed!!!!!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    … You need to listen to this tape..he is flowin up and down every single track

    Go back to his mixtape days and listen to Switch Science Project..he had about 10 different flows on that Mike Jones Still Tippin beat

  • Robin Banks the XV








  • Once Lupe Raps over your beat;

    it’s no longer your beat. sorry, nobody’s shit is safe if Lupe rapping like that.

    Lupe > Jonnie Hayward The IV, now shut the fuck up, BTW.

  • Robin Banks the XV

    “LUPE > Albert Einstein”


  • lil terry

    “IM THE WATER FIRE AND THE EARTH… that means im doing dirt, spittin flames and quenchin thirst”

    “I am going so RAW watch me SOY SAUCE, WASABI this

  • marlostanfield85

    ths is dope, and joell ortiz is the puerto rican high pitched eric from the howard stern show

  • Robin Banks the XV

    @CriticalStarr no need for negativity in here…

  • You don’t know if he’s better than Jay or Wayne? Buahahahahah. He’s the #1 lyricist in the game. After the next mixtape he’ll be far from underrated. :-/

  • Yo Shake, if you don’t come up with some alternate artwork I will.




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  • lil terry

    yoga flame not yoda flame, obviously some of yall haven’t playn’ street fighter. Dhalism >>>>>

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I’ve done listened to this tape 3 times now. Wish it had more tracks but I understand that Lupe was also on tour too and probably burnt out a little bit so I hope for more on the next when it drops on Christmas day.

  • marlostanfield85

    off topic, but is anyone else annoyed with oriz high pitched eric type voice?

  • KC_Mafioso

    LUPE > Martin Luther King Jr.

    Don’t ever make that comment ever again.

  • he MURDERED the Fireman beat

  • marlostanfield85


  • marlostanfield85

    radric <3 lupe

  • Yea i have Switch on my ipod… he’s up there with them…. and that “fire, water, earth” line funkin ridiculous…. oh man

  • Dolo

    Lupe Strikes again…still think he’s one of the top 5 Mc’s right now….if you dont’t think so, go back through the ferinheight mixtapes…and see if you don’t get what he said in one of his rhymes next week…haha!

  • ♫♪♫♪♫

    Lupe Back!!, Dope Mixtape just wish it had more songs FNF!

  • DopeSir


  • lol…. Radric <3 Lupe

  • maaannnn im finna listen 2 this shit right now…im pretty sure its finna be the shit BUT…u stans gotta calm down with all that unnecessary shit…making comments for no reason except 2 show how much u love 2 ride another mans dick *of course not literally even tho i think sum of u guys would ‘jhtIV’ prime example* but yea everybody leave all that b.s. comments all in ur head & just enjoy this mans great music please!

  • marlostanfield85

    chill out b, thats what the comment section is for, if you dont like it, bounce

  • && dnt call me no “hater” when i own both of his albums…had 2 get that out da way before sum of yall started talkin my ear off with that “aww nigga u just hatin” shit…smfh

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


    Baby why you hangin out with those busters like Babs


    I used to watch that Tiny Toon Adventures show back in the day

    The 2nd half of the tape is better than the 1st half

    He killed Jay-Z’s flow on that track

  • young Yakuza but none of my fingers cut, so I can still sip Red Zinger with my pinkies up… SIIIIIIIIIIIICK

  • marlostanfield85

    son bounce to the water closet and change your pad, you gettin blood on the floor

  • c’mon dawg some of these niggas is sayin….Lupe > Malcom X…c’mon homie dnt u think thats a bit of a stretch?!?! lol

  • marlostanfield85

    nah i agree with what ur sayin, but callin people dick riders who are just saying they love the tape? thats kinds extreme b

  • lol naw homie u misunderstood what i was sayin…dat Lupe > malcom x shit is dick riding…i love & appreciate his music just like alot of folks…i jus think its kinda crazy when ppl take dat shit 2 da extreme

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


    I’d never suck another man’s dick when I already got a girlfriend that who i be eatin out on the regular

  • http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs095.snc3/16232_179268888089_152100078089_2846174_705765_n.jpg

    more shameless self promotion of the cover i did before i go to bed
    LUPE > GOD…yeap…

  • marlostanfield85

    i feel you paperchase, and i do agree with what youre saying, and i dont think lupe is GOAT, and i think kids gas themselves up when they say that. my fault thougn

  • lmao aight well thats a good thing homie

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > imonapaperchase

  • Damn…I guess it is unanimous: This is the shit. Can’t wait to hear it. What a great way to start Thanksgiving!

  • marlostanfield85

    jonnie <3 radric davis

  • dat last comment was 2 johnnie howard…

    @ marlostanfield85 naw u good…i think he could be a goat but thats jus my opinion tho

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Reason for my madness:
    I got a lot of free time right now since I don’t gotta go to work tomorrow

    And I been waitin all week for this mixtape

    And LUPE is EXTREMELY underrated

  • lasean

    lupe fiasco murdered everybody EVERYBODY on their on beat fuck a lil wayne lupe is the shit


  • dbreezyLSU

    thanksgiving is a whole lot better now

  • @ johnnie…nigga u a fool lol…yea yea yea i know im just a mere mortal compared 2 lupe right?…*sarcasm*

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    My fault don’t got to work today..forgot its Thursday already

  • Adup


  • marlymarrr

    How you gonna school me when I grew up with your teachers?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


  • NYC dame

    Is it me or is Lupe just too sick the mixtape is too good. Come on people this is called a mix-TAPE not mix- CD lol Lupe is creative for that can’t wait for side b aka Frornds if the people December 25

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  • lol yup

  • @ johnnie… lol yup

  • marlostanfield85

    stay out of sons way like your drinking blood- lol

  • Franky Rey

    Fuck it…


  • Garz is

    every bar was lava. He wasn’t fuckin’ with anyone when he said Em’s the only one he can’t fuck with

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I’m the whole world! Nigga you a island! And the seas risin! If I keep shining! You gonna have to take submarines to the drive-in!

  • George Clooney

    It’s cool, but this shit’s like 20 minutes long.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ Franky Rey..

    You’re going to hell for that 1

  • @ jonnie…dats a sick ass line from lupe^^^^

  • Franky Rey

    There is no hell. I’m atheist nigga.

  • gavin from SL


  • @Franky Rey
    U takin it to far bro lol!
    But all around good tape

  • lil terry

    lupe even stated on the tape that their is no GOAT, because GOD is the greatest.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    THIS TAPE IS SHORT AND SWEET..good so you can study his lyrics…listened to it about 20 times now and still catchin hot lines I AINT CATCH THE PREVIOUS LISTEN

  • @Franky Rey
    Now u really trippin wit da atheist shit dude

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lol @ Franky Rey..so there is a God (that u claim Lupe is greater than) but there is no Hell though?

  • Franky Rey

    It’s alrite man….I respect people’s choice to believe in what they want…but I personally don’t feel I believe in a God..

    Not trying to get personal though…

    Anyways…this mixtape is fire.

  • Franky Rey

    It was just a sarcastic comment. lol

  • yesss Lupe, talking about the illuminati stuff, he knows it’s real

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I WAS HOPIN LUPE WOULD RAP OVER the Swag Surfin beat like Wayne did..just to show who’s flow is superior..AND cause everybody and their mother been blastin that Wayne version ever since it leaked before No Ceilings dropped

  • @ eazyearl why is he trippin cuz he atheist…imma atheist myself…i just dnt have 2 make comments like those cuz it just distracts frm da music…i love lupe music && he is far frm an atheist…his music is art…& i appreciate what i think is true art in a music platform…just enjoy da music yall

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    HOPEFULLY this gets more comments than the Drake – Forever track did on here when it finally leaked

  • T-Dot


    lemme fuking listen to this…

  • @ jonnie c’mon dude…even tho i think ur jus a lil 2 enthusiastic bout ur comment with lupe…but yesssss his flow is superior…he dnt even have 2 hope on swag surfin 2 prove it…it wouldve been nice tho lol

  • fresh evidence

    no ceiling did 286 comments in about a month, enemy of the state got 230+ in a few hours…i would say the win goes to L-u-p-emperor on this one

  • Man Lupe got the new on fire with this tape!

  • haterade

    lupe is the sickest in the game right now…if this tape doesnt convince u, there is no hope….lupe for president of hip hop, impeach jay..lol

  • napalm

    3 joints deep.. AND I’M LOVING IT!!!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Enemy of The State: A Love Story = Illmatic of mixtapes

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @napalm…the 2nd half of the tape is the best…Thank You is hands down the best track

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Enemy of The State: A Love Story = Illmatic of mixtapes.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    .Enemy of The State: A Love Story = Illmatic of mixtapes.

  • Esco

    Hip Hop’s best….
    1. Nas
    2. Eminem
    3. Lupe

    And thats all time

  • lol

    best right now. hands fucking down son

  • this nigga metaphors is just ridiculous…i needed me some new lupe music on the real…now i just cant wait till the blakroc album drop on friday & when da hell is curren$y smokey robinson mixtape droppin?!?!?

  • Sliqk

    so.. fuckin… slick!!!! this will be on repeat all today!

  • willmofo

    Lupe is dope as hell but, I OFFICIALLY HATE MIXTAPES!!! I do not want to hear anymore songs from cats that have beats that have already been used!!! I know they got songs in the vault that won’t make their albums, so just drop them already, GEEZ!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL!!!

  • quackone

    Diggin it! Lupe is back!

  • gonna reach 300 comments?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I don’t want the throne I want the helicopter rockin chair//
    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was Rocawear//
    But be clear I’m not the heir/air//
    I’m the water, fire, and the earth//
    That’s means I’m doing dirt//
    Spitting flames and quenching thirst

  • bsto

    lupe has always had the sickest in the game, not just right now

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I don’t want the throne I want the helicopter rockin chair//
    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was Rocawear///
    But be clear I’m not the heir/air//
    I’m the water, fire, and the earth//
    That’s means I’m doing dirt//
    Spitting flames and quenching thirst

  • Cappa

    oh look… (finally) a brand new Lupe mixtape. it’s been 3 years Lu… bout time.

  • added my own version of the artwork if ya’ll wanted to use. enjoy.

  • Bolverk

    yup i knew u would make ur own artwork shake im fo sho going to replace the original with this good looks!

  • Sick artwork Shake!

  • Your own version is dope gj man

  • pretty nice artwork.
    woulda been cool if the anarchy ‘A’ was in ‘state’ but thats just me.
    either way dope ish. my ipod is slowly fillin up with ur artwork shake.

  • Roger O

    Shake that’s dope

  • Dope artwork shake! Did you know your background is still linking Attention Deficit?

  • JDiRT da PiMP

    MAN i’ve been WAiTiN’ 4 diz MiXTAPE all day. SO good lookin’ shake. Oh and I’m and READiN’ ya responses AND by lookz of it. it seems that diz MiXTAPE iz finna B mixtape of the yr

  • yeessss!!! yo shake the mixtape cover is dope my friend

  • ***********

    ^i have learnt that the comments in this blog on a lupe post dont always reflect the actual music

    no hate

  • HeartAnemic

    Pretty good artwork, mixtape is nice.

  • GHGH

    11 Popular Demand (Clipse) is the best cutt


  • Y r u so obsessed with Lupe Fiasco? And I def think the original artwork is better. Hope using Photoshop isn’t part of your paying job…

  • dat nigga

    damn thats a dope cover shake better than the clipse one by 10000

  • Dboy

    Lupe Is this generation’s Nas.. Period.

  • Adup

    Fucking ill artwork

  • niiiice artwork Shakester. Good job on the heart and the cross-hairs.

    mighta been able to take a little more color out of the pic, but it was a good selection nevertheless.

    goodnight sir and have a wonderful thanksgiving with toomuchpretty

  • Using your artwork for the mixtape. Props.

  • Jimbo

    Most creative lyricist in the game right now.

  • dez

    that cover is 2dope added to the itunes

  • blazer

    lupe the god.

  • brendan

    this just came out and im already fiending for the next one thats suppose to come out on christmas…need my lupe fix

  • Lupe is a tease I’m sure most of us want more music from him already haha.

  • lasean

    nice artwork shake

  • Shane

    Shake, the new artwork is dope.

  • Eemy numero 1

    “my retirement’s on hold
    i got the whole world on conference”

  • kevinl

    Fuckin sweet cover, Shake.

  • lupe brings a whole new meaning to going in…wow.

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  • napalm

    Now that’s a cover Shake! :D

  • eightiesboy


  • whatupsucka

    “I ain’t the bomb, I’m the company that got the contractor rebuilding during the aftermath, have a blast”

    Hahahha Lupe is funny

  • lak3rzf4n

    way too fucking good

  • James Blacksmith

    Damn, Shake.
    Didn’t know you had it like that. That shit’s fresh.

  • slo

    art work super exclusive!

  • V-DO

    Dope mixtape. point blank, period.
    and the new artwork is fresh, good lookin out shake

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  • DeathofAutotune

    the link for the split one is corrupted or something…

  • Makaveli1527

    He should go in over Nas’s Queens Get The Money

  • eve

    nice art. wow.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Good Artwork Shakespeare!!
    …I don’t want the throne I want the helicopter rockin chair//
    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was Rocawear///
    But be clear I’m not the heir/air//
    I’m the water, fire, and the earth//
    That’s means I’m doing dirt//
    Spitting flames and quenching thirst

  • Makaveli1527
  • Pingback: Enemy Of The State A Love Story - Wirro()

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Enemy of the State = Illmatic of mixtapes!!!

  • LOL, Shake. I hope you’re getting paid.

  • not a loser

    Lupe is on some other shit.. dunno about the GOAT claims (yet) but no one is touching him right now.. this is the most insane 22 minutes of hip hop ive ever heard by one artist

  • mark

    holy shit,so pumped this finally dropped
    lupe=the GOAT no question about it

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


  • mark

    yeah this is the 300th

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV


  • illmattic

    good work on the cover

  • Props on the artwork Shake, I hate having ugly shit in my iTunes lol.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    LUPE > Slaughterhouse

  • Jaywall

    Yeah this shit is nice!
    This, No Ceilings, and Fabs mixtape[when it drops] will have my ipod on lock.
    Mixtape Lu is niiiiiiceee.
    Mixttape Weezy is niiiiiiiceee.
    Mixtape Los is niiiicceeee.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Damn Lupe used to never brag like this..he got cocky..rightfully so

  • ^Only thing I agree with you on. It certainly is noticable.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lupe > Radiohead
    Lupe > Travis Porter
    Lupe >>>> Lil Wayne
    Lupe > Lloyd Banks + Raekwon
    Lupe > Jay-Z
    Lupe > Drake
    Lupe > Slaughterhouse
    Lupe > Clipse

  • dcdcdcdc

    im not feelin da way he braggin lupe need to go bck to his food and liquor dayz he braggin to much and dis shit mad short lol wtf!

  • A*STAR

    Can someone tell me in a few words why i should care about lupe ive slept i swear hes a dude who writes about skateboards?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Yea but the braggadocious style will get him more fans.. And the tape is short and sweet..I’ve listened to it a hundred times and still catchin lines I aint notice before..he truly is a lyricist..and that Food and Liquor content he saves for albums..on mixtapes he usually does a little braggin

  • Redface

    Awesome Thanks

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ A*Star

    He is a creative lyricist…
    He only rapped about skateboards on his single back in 06′ on his 1st album..ur missin out buddy..Lupe has some of the most clever lyrics of all time

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ A*Star

    He has also rapped about rape, child soldiers, immigration, divorce, conflict diamonds..etc it might seem boring to a Lil Wayne fan who have short attention spans and aren’t too intelligent

  • mad

    wut a good thanksgiving, thanks lu

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    ON A SIDE NOTE: has anybody heard that kid Diggy (Rev Run’s 2nd oldest son) from the MTV Show Run’s House rap?!!

    This kid got flow for days,,ten times better than the boy JoJo and his rap group

    Check out the song Point To Prove by Diggy..u can google it..I was impressed

    He only like 15 years old..and he got a mixtape droppin tomorrow…Shake you should post it..this kid bout to be the next Drake

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  • dalek

    22 minutes?

    This is a huge disappointment.

  • DISaS73R

    lol A*Star listen to more than a couple songs before saying Lu makes only skate songs. And his “skate songs” aren’t really about skating, ever heard of metaphors?

  • that new artwork is ill kid!

  • ill probly redesign this…the original sucked…but im not feeling yours either shake….no offense

    redeisgn of lupes 1st 3 mixtapes

  • bf

    @ Trouble Makers

    Funny, I just ran across your covers a few days ago. I really liked them, so I swapped his old shit immediately.

    It was nice to finally get some fresh cover for lupe’s classic mixtapes.

    Let’s see what you got on this new one!

  • bf

    I gotta give shake props though for throwing this cover together so fast. That is a testament of his dedication to his craft.

  • All I have to say is that… this is by far the best mixtape this year, with some of the best rap music i’ve heard all year. This is that REAL shit. THis killed No Celings ( and I really enjoyed that mixtape) But good god LUpe killed em.

  • Ms. Hiphopaholic

    This made my day. Some good ass Lupe on Turkey Day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • bf

    It’s nice to be around people who appreciate his music and style for what it is.

    It sounds selfish to say this, but I would hate to see him go MAIN-stream, because honestly, the masses are nowhere near ready for what he has to say.

    And, as long as he keep gracing us with shit like this, I will continue to buy his CDs in bulk and go to as many concerts as possible.

    Keep it up Lupe!

  • Big Jay

    This is the best mixtape i have ever heard..

    like seriously I wasn’t a Lupe fan,but this shit right here is crazy.

    Man,i’ve been snoring on dude.


  • Big Jay

    And those niggas sayin No ceilings is better are wrong.

    hell no ceilings isn’t even better than that mixtape Pill dropped (4075 THE REFILL)

  • guess who

    wow…. NICE job on the cover shake

  • guess who

    @big jay, ‘truth’ is subjective

  • The Fucking Truth

    22 straight minutes of very good hip-hop, this really is the best mixtape this year, until Christmas of course.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    People need to chill saying the length is disappointing. Remember, Lupe did say he was done with mixtapes so appreciate him coming back with this. This here is better than quitting.

  • Shake, the cover you did is DOPE. 100 times better than the original.

  • GENO B


  • TXM

    22 minutes of PURE FUCKIN FIRE. Plus we get another one on december 25th.

    Lupe >>>> *

  • Graffitikid87

    im feelin this mixtape. lupe killed it. way better than no ceilings and many other mixtapes that came out this year, real talk. he kept it simple and got straight to the point to let people know that they shouldnt sleep on him

  • Jay

    @ Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lol yeah diggy had a video on worldstar he was actually spitting & nothing like killing niggas, selling bricks or nothing he actually rapped about real shit in his life he’s 20 times better then his older brother SMH

  • dalek

    Wow… I never say things like this… but the dickriding here is amazing. You people are really going crazy over 22 minutes? I was so excited for this too…

    And calling this the mixtape of the year is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard this year.

  • david

    there was no point for lupe to go back 4 years and murder the fireman beat lol

  • Jay

    Nice alternative artwork shake

  • james

    dope artwork.

    lupe is a grand mc but god damn are his stans in full work. i’m shaking my head at these comments.

  • suprakid88

    not dickriding, stating facts homie


    the Lupe hype kills me..years ago when dude was really in stride, nobody cared about him..bu tnow look at all you fools, hoppin on, claimin its the “tape of the year” cmon now..this mustve been the only tape yall heard..lol the only tape yall comparin it to is No Ceilings..I’ma Lupe fan, but this isn’t all that great..its good, but it aint tape of the year..

  • bernard ballsy

    yo there are so many damn lupe stans on this site

  • Hlynkinn
  • HP


  • TC The Prince

    AHHHHHHHH THE NEW LUPE TAP! LMAO, I know this joint bout to b dope as hell Im bout to download and props shake on that Artwork wut was Lupe and them thinkin wit that Artwork they did

  • matahari

    eh… i like it i guess, just sounds a little boring. i’m a lupe fan but definitely not his best work and not the best mixtape this year. b.o.b. vs bobby ray was the best mixtape this year…

  • TXM

    I don’t see how anyone can hate on this, yes we know it’s short but are you actually listening ? He’s KILLING it, and his flow/delivery are even better now. Can’t wait for Lasers

    “i don’t feel i’m best, i just feelin i’m better than”

  • @ Bf
    ive got a good idea for this one so i think itll surpass all others…
    Im glad the others are getting around lu’s mixtapes have never had good covers.

  • 4evaYoung

    POINT BLANK DOPE! Lupe is a fresh air in room filled with rotten corpses…

  • The Fucking Truth

    People keep saying that this isn’t mixtape of the year, yet don’t name anything better. Just because you’re too dumb to follow Lupe’s wordplay doesn’t mean he’s not a good rapper.

  • yo shake i might have to hire you for some artwork haha

  • The Fucking Truth

    Oh and Stan must be the most overused word on hip-hop blogs under Hate. Just because you’re a big fan of something doesn’t mean you’re a Stan. I doubt anybody here is writing letters to Lupe telling him how we idolize him, or naming children after him. We’re just fans stating how much we enjoy his music. The only one here that has Stan status is Jonnie Hayward

  • matahari

    @The Fucking Truth

    B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray is the best mixtape this year… Lupe is a good rapper but this is not his best work…

  • YoungG704

    Thanks Shake! Love the album Art.. Way Better then the first normal text. Have to download both versions for the album art, and thanks or the split to single tracks as well Happy Thanksgiving Shake!

  • bf

    @ dalek

    “Wow… I never say things like this… but the dickriding here is amazing. You people are really going crazy over 22 minutes? I was so excited for this too…
    And calling this the mixtape of the year is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard this year.”

    I wouldn’t call it dick riding, it’s just sheer excitement for the mixtape release of an artist who is clearly leaps and bounds away from many other signed “hypes”. Especially, with the state of music right now, this is some good shit.

    I for one am happy that i have some new Lupe material to listen. Now, I’m definitely not saying it’s mixtape of the year, for me that’s a toss up between Add-2 and TiRon.


    “the Lupe hype kills me..years ago when dude was really in stride, nobody cared about him..bu tnow look at all you fools, hoppin on, claimin its the “tape of the year” cmon now..this mustve been the only tape yall heard..lol the only tape yall comparin it to is No Ceilings..I’ma Lupe fan, but this isn’t all that great..its good, but it aint tape of the year”

    I agree with you 100%

    But, it is still good to see people finally recognizing his talent. Better late than never.

    And for all you have have really never listened to the Fahrenheit 1/15 tapes, please do yourself a favor. You know who you are.

    Hell, I remember the day I first heard “The Twilight Zone.” That is still the best Lupe track of all times. Period.

  • ck47


  • Dangerous Vortex

    Mixtape of the year is gonna come down to personal opinion cause obviously Lupe’s lyrics are still going over people’s heads here

  • meb

    Tape is fire, but to deem it the GOAT of all tapes or something along those lines is ridiculous, he made this to prove a point and to get people’s ear ringing about him again, too many stan’s around here man, internet soooooooooooooooooldiers

  • bf

    @ Trouble Maker


    That “Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge” cover you did was pretty damn ballistic.

    Just give me something to make my iTunes looks sexier and I’ll be good LOL

    Good artwork definitely sets the mood for a good album. Keep up the good work!

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  • marlymarrr

    I’ve had this on repeat all morning. Lu is back, not that he ever left. Seems the C section is loving it as well, can’t wait for the next shit he drops.

  • james

    The argument that the lyrics are going over people heads or that the people who aren’t in love with it don’t get it is wrong. So because X person doesn’t like the tape it means they must not get it. Great logic!!!!

    It’s good to have 22 minutes of Lupe. It’s good to see him trying different flows and styles. It’s nice but it IS NOT THE WAY YOU ALL ARE PRESENTING IT. The hype is ridiculous…even when it’s only internet hype.

  • james

    The argument that the lyrics are going over people heads or that the people who aren’t in love with it don’t get it is wrong. So because X person doesn’t like the tape it means they must not get it. Great logic!!!!

    It’s good to have 22 minutes of Lupe. It’s good to see him trying different flows and styles. It’s nice but it IS NOT THE WAY YOU ALL ARE PRESENTING IT. The hype is ridiculous…even when it’s only internet hype.

  • james

    please delete the one comment. not sure why it double posted

  • marlymarrr

    So, it’s not worth the hype?? Really? What would be then?

  • sleepy

    what blu mixtape are yall talkin bout ^^^^ way up there ?

  • k

    “I’m the whole world, nigga you an island and the seas rising/ If I keep shining you gonna have to take submarines to the drive-in”

  • Onederin

    Artwork is dope Shake.

  • its crazy people would complain about this only being 22 min.
    ITS FREE! you cant complain.
    plus its good as well.

  • sleepy

    @PAA …what blu mixtape are yall talkin bout ^^^^ way up there ?

  • sleepy


  • Thanks for the new artwork y’all!

  • kanne

    is any ones taking 2 hours to download?

  • Derf72

    man this made my day. good shit fiasco

  • amp

    mixtape missing track 11 Popular Demand (Clipse)


  • mediafire homie.
    this shit just made my birthday, word.

  • guess who

    lol @ this bein ‘mixtape of the year’ or watever it is some of ya’ll are saying it is.. the Fahrenheit mixtapes > this, no ceilings > this.. sure Lupe’s a better rapper, but there’s no way this is touching no ceilings

  • Pingback: Lupe Fiasco – Enemy Of The State: A Love Story | The Real Frequency()

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    WTF?? WHY YALL COMPLAININ ABOUT the CD length? Every bar is dope and atleast there aint a bunch of FILLER and RAMBLING like Wayne’s tape…I’ve LITERALLY listened to this a thousand times and still catching onto some CLEVER ass lines I didn’t notice before..
    ENEMY OF THE STATE = Illmatic of mixtapes

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    AND ONLY REASON I DO ALL THESE “Lupe >”…posts is because Lupe is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED, this guy is getting slept on..already seen heads on here admitting that they slept on him and are NOW FANS…that’s the whole point!!I’m here to educate those that are ignorant!!

  • Kwesi

    DAM SHAKE! This Artwork IS ILL! You gotta gift bro

  • dope artwork!

  • bb

    yo been on lupe since n b4 food n liquior, dude failure, is and always will be my favorite lupe shit damn cannot believe that shit shoulda been on a lp

  • nukid

    lol yo jonnie…that was 3 ppl who said they slept on him…if anything what you’ve bin sayin is as ignorant as those who admit they slept on him…damn

    and this tape was dope…can’t OBJECTIVELY say its the mixtape of the year…and wth would make that statement…lupe doesn’t care…he just wants his name out there and thats exactly what this tape is doing…well done lu and keep the quality music coming

  • Jaywall

    Yeah No Ceilings is better..but this tape is dope.

  • nukid

    @bb…yea failure probably was his dopest track…for me its b/w that and twilight zone….but in all truth there is so many but those to he just went lyrically OFF!!!

  • that cover is the business.

  • The Devil’s Advocate

    This mixtape is really good but 10 tracks where he only spits one verse in most of them (all fire btw) can’t really be considered as mixtape of the year, especially when some mixtapes nowadays be sounding like albums (ex. Everybody’s Nobody, Flight School, etc.)

  • bdub

    yo so im at my third listen… every song is hot! i am so thankful for lupe droppin this today on thanksgiving, and the next one on xmas?? he is a genius at what he does, i swear…..good shit lu!

  • jhink357

    this is taking forever to download…. an hr n 30 really? prob worth the wait so…off to prep the turkey…

  • TXM

    lol @ anyone liking No Ceilings .. wayne fell off years ago

  • danny

    is this taking fucking forever for anyone else to download?

  • Richie Litterst

    Damn artwork is dope nice job Shake!

  • One of the best mixtapes of 2009! Hands Down!

  • also about mixtape of the year? its only 22 minutes so idts.. its really good dont get me wrong! but the warm up was 09 right? that is real hot, Back to the Feature was real hot, shit if flight school was 09 (i think it was 08) then that is prob number 1, many good good mixtapes and cds this year, hip hop is like a new born child. had heart problems, but stayed in the hospital from 03-07, then we started getting young guns + lupe n such to come out with fire…

    wiz khalifa, wale, drake, j cole, curren$y, then we get lupe slaughterhouse(kinda) and a few others that have brought rap to greatness. this mixtape is fire.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    Damn artwork is dope nice job Shake!
    co-sign dope mixtape

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I’m sorry but whoever says No Ceilings is better than this has either not heard this tape or is just a fucking retard. Now, if it’s B.o.B vs Bobby Ray up against this then that’s just personal opinion of what’s the better tape. Wayne spit nothing compared to what Lupe spit on this and Lupe only had a small fraction of what Wayne put out and that just shows that quality is greater than quantity. I ain’t taking anything from Wayne cause he did step HIS shit up but I’ll be damned or simply a retard if I say his shit was better than this when Lupe put REAL thought into crafting this tape unlike Wayne just spitting for the hell of it.

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  • marlostanfield85

    man fuck this post and the non stop comments

  • Larry LeJ

    Happy Thanksgiving Shake & Meka!
    Propz to da Duke.
    Good Lookin Out.
    I gotta go to the Folks pad in a couple hours but I’ma “BURN AFTER ROLLING” like man Nigga Wiz Khalifa & Bitches no the planes Got it “Hott Spita”. Looks like Thanksgiving turned out to me a SMASH. And I ain’t even ate no fuccin Turkey yet.

    California Love to all my (2) Dope BOYZ & DOPE GURLZ!!!

  • therealxclusive

    Made man u can call this cleanin up/I’m ocd i never think its clean enuff/- im thinkin about quit rappoin lol

  • Moses

    If this isn’t mixtape of the year, your suggestions have been Ketchup, No Ceilings, and Tale of Two’s City V3. I would also like to add Gone Fishing to this conversation, but Lu would still take the title. Any other competition for him?

  • kanne

    wow i jus waited 3 hours and when i went to extract it it said no files to extract

  • mf

    @ nukid

    obviously Lupe dose care about being the best…lol idiot

  • Unxpekted

    3 hours for a file that takes 2 minutes to download n wifi? idiot lol


  • starbettv

    nah the mixtape of the year is xv everybodys nobody…

  • Phillie

    what im thankful for today:

  • You niggas are thinking mixtape means full length album.

  • Billy

    Damm this mixtape is sick. Lupe is beast especially on
    yoga flame..this mixtape is on rotation. this could be
    the mixtape of the year but is gonna be hard especially since J.Cole
    mixtape “The warm up” was the best from this year well
    for me. but thats my opinion.

  • Moses

    ^^^^ then give a suggestion

  • i dont care how short it is this mixtape is in rotation the whole day yo….happy thanksgiving 2dope homies

  • Moses

    give a suggestion then

  • starbettv

    @billy shit i forgot about the warm up… that is one of the best mixtapes this year…

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • Sam

    how do i put shakes artwork into my itunes?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    EVERYBODY’S NOBODY IS NICE..but the lyrics and bars on some of these tracks on Enemy Of the State are better than full tracks on XVs…and I’m always listenin to Warm Up almost everyday..but I’ve never listened to it back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back-to-back-to-back back-to-back like I’ve listened to Enemy Of The State since last night

  • Ryan

    Sam just right click the image and copy then go into itunes and highlight all the songs from the mixtape and right click. Go to Get Info and find the small artwork box in the right hand corner. Paste into there and you’re set.

  • datkid1220

    lupe said it himself thru out the mixtape

    “this is like my weaker stuff” – say somethin
    “im just acheivin buzz” – popular demand

    but its still fire!!!! n he droppin another mixtape in less than a month, so wats the problem??

  • Sam


    thank you!

  • Yeah, I gotta say that this tape is a let down. Pretty meh, he’s good at some points(namely all the lyrics you guys already diligently wrote down) and he could’ve picked better beats. He’s better on his own shit for the record.

  • Holy Hell!

    400+ posts!

    Shuckey Duckey!

    Or Turkey for this matter!

  • Mr. 2010

    I wholeheartedly agree. I had high hopes for this tape and I must say he could have come a lot harder than he did.

  • John

    Dope Mixtapes of the Year:
    B.O.B vs. Bobby Ray
    Back to the Feature -Wale
    Broken Headphones -Quest
    How Fly -Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa
    Everybody’s Nobody -XV
    Super Senior -K. Sparks
    No Ceilings -Lil Wayne
    The Warm Up- J.Cole

    And i’m pretty sure So Far Gone came out this year too. Which was one of the biggest anticipated and talked about mixtapes of the year. Whether you hate Drake or you love him.

    I heard this tape twice around so far and it’s pretty damn good so far. But it’s true it’s hard to compare this, which is like a traditional mixtape (rapping over industry beats), compared to how mixtapes have gone conceptual or with a real album like feel to it. Either way, shit is popping.

    @Shake dope artwork. Are you charging for mixtape covers? because i would like you to design if you like the idea.

  • k

    lmao @ anyone mentioning no ceilings being close to this
    jcoles was better but jesus christ some of you just dont fucking understand hip hop or something to put waynes shit anywhere near this. and its not even his best work at that

  • james

    Hum…wait…are we distinguishing mixtapes from street tapes?

    for example we’ve got bishop lamont about to drop team america which is probably going to take the stop but we also have j.cole, 50 cent, stat quo, bobby creekwater, & Rain.

    Which in my opinion all of them top this mixtape (yes, even 50.) I love lyrics but there’s more to hip-hop than that.

    But if we’re talking mixtapes as in cats rhyming over other cats beats then it’s hard to argue. The only other cat that immediately springs to mind is Chance Infinite who murked most of the khalil beats he went in on.

  • this tape doesnt compare with full blown mixtapes like So Far Gone and The Warm Up. Those are EASILLYYYY the two mixtapes of the year.

  • Rio$

    gotdamn 400 comments ima download this later just bought fight night 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 bucks instead 0f 40>>>>>>

  • Fruuur

    I dont think I’ve ever seen so many comments

  • LO$

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THEY ALREADY SAID WHAT I WANTED TO SAY

    LUPE GET EM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    damn bout 400 comments in like a day?? thats whats up tho

  • yeah i never seen this many comments on here before. cant wait till the next drop and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that.

  • marlostanfield85

    off topic, but has anyone gottena full cdq of that nas and dj khalil song “colors”, a video of the making of it was posted a few months ago

  • Chan

    Dope.. Highest amount of comments I’ve ever seen is 750+ for “Forever” – Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem.

    Mixtape is pretty good. Some songs are way too short but I’d still say “The Warm Up” by J. Cole is the mixtape of the year.

  • marlostanfield85

    off topic, but has anyone gottena full cdq of that nas and dj khalil song “colors”, a video of the making of it was posted a few months ago

  • Will

    Still downloading, but yea, I highly doubt this will be able to overtake The Warm Up as mixtape of the year. That shit was like an album.

  • bgKang

    Wow, if Lupe is getting comments like this, and I mean as long as I’ve been coming on this blog, I’ve never, atleast to my knowledge, I’ve never seen 400+ comments like this, man I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves for the next mixtape, this man has without a doubt earned his accolades in whatever this mismash of a current state of “Hip-Hop” is in at the moment. Charlie Hamilton needs to get on his grind, and fuck whoever says other wise lol.

  • Alexis

    No Ceilings -Wayne.
    The Warm-Up -J. Cole
    Everybody’s Nobody -XV
    So Far Gone -Drake
    B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray -B.o.B
    Back to the Feature -Wale

    Lupe fucked all of them up…lyrically. Tell me ONE 16 from one of these artists that can stand a chance with what Lupe’s talking about…

    That highly anticipated Drake&Weezy was okay…but they’re both over-rated.

    Wayne talks about the same shit: his swagg, fucking girls, $$$, and drugs…wtf?

    Drake: LMAO! That nigga got with Young $$$ and lost ALL of his originiality…i mean, if he’s gonna sing, he could at least do it good:P

  • nukid

    @mf…i meant he doesn’t care if this is the best mixtape out of all thats came out in 09 cuz ppl comparing mixtape to mixtape…obviously he cares about being the best in terms of skill, lyricism and whatnot

    and by “not care” i mean he doesn’t make it a priority to have the “mixtape”…best music..maybe so…but mixtape i don’t think he’s worrying about that much

  • FrostyFresco

    Good looks shake, while innovative and all that cassette style was not doin it for me.

  • Game

    Shake killed the cover!!

  • Swaky

    Shake can you make a 300x250px AD for the sidebar for my site for your ArtByShake site? I support good shit.

  • starbettv

    @Jonnie Hayward The IV
    wait aint this the same guy that claims lupe > obama???

  • TXM

    The Warm Up and So Far Gone are completely different tho .. they had full lenght songs with original production, hooks etc .. they’re “street albums”. This is more like a traditional mixtape, just rhymin over people’s beats and killin it. Lupe wanted to prove that he’s still one of the greatest out right now, and imo he did it.

  • james

    Lupe’s released one classic album (Food & Liquor) one dope album (the cool). His mixtape material (sans this) has been good. This is aight. When so many people don’t do mixtapes any more there’s not much to compare him to.

    Rappers moved on to street tapes (which make them better due to creativity & originality). Though I’ve heard tracks where Lupe has rapped over which weren’t original beat but completely turned them into something original like on Where I’m From beat by Focus and Dr.Dre. He fails to do that here.

  • jobie

    when using someone elses beats what more is there besides lyrics on a hip-hop track?

  • EBrew

    I love that you can’t have an original thought without being labeled a hater, or being considered asinine and wrong. Lupe’s nice, no complaints on this end. Is he an artist I want on repeat 24/7? No sir. Personally, I think sometime he’s just too dense with the rhymes. But the thing is that is just one man’s opinion.

  • james

    I guess my point is this isn’t that big of a deal when everyone else is putting in more work and effort than Lupe has done. Kid deserves the fame and success based on his album work, not this ish. Some of you all act like this is that big of deal when everyone is putting out material that easily tops this. It’s a mixtape when we’re on street tapes.

    It’s whatever at the end of the day because I peep Lupe for his albums, not this shit. I don’t think he has anything to prove and when he releases this material it’s kind of silly. Just put out the album and it’s the only testament you need. They speak for themselves.

    Plus the lil wayne flow is annoying.

  • TXM

    F&L and The Cool are both in my top 10.

  • JDG

    Mixtape of the year no doubt. maybe im just biased, cause i think lupe is the GOAT hands down. his rhymes and metaphors are ridiculous. dude always delivers, and kills it with the double entendres. he murked every one of these beats, and confirmed that he is not only the illest emcee in the game, but ever. every track is better than the original on this mixtape, and hova killed thank you, and slaughterhouse killed the one. Lupe is unbelievable.

  • crazy Russian

    most likely sucks

  • nukid

    @james….perfectly valid opinion…i won’t lie im biased towards lupe being the best…but some ppl have made this a huge deal

    i think lupe is just doing this to kind of get more buzz…thats all…this isn’t “necessarily” meant for those already who knew his strengths…its for those that don’t know anything about him…and in today’s music, the unfortunate truth is that in order to be labelled hot you gotta brag and rap over mainstream beats…

    not saying an artist can’t be good without that…but seriously…you won’t hear much about them outside blogs and the net and such…thats just what i’m seeing with the general music scene around the country

  • eightiesboy

    glad to hear new (good) ish from lup

  • I’m not a fan of lu lu, but nice artwork Shake

  • The Devil’s Advocate

    IMO Mixtape of the year is between Charles Hamilton’s Well Isn’t This Awkward and XV’s Everybody’s Nobody

  • A

    How Lupe have sooooooooo many stans? Yet he aint selling shit. Such a fucking shame that his stans can’t afford an album or just don’t wanna spend anything on him. I bought 3 copies of both his album but he still won’t sale.

  • george

    big big fan hwe is real dope and knows whats good in his own game

  • I think the mixtape is “good” not “great”
    I don’t see whats so special bout him, flow, lyricism? anything, he’s just a dope nigga nothing spec imo.

    Not hatin jus sayin don’t be mad ps

  • pumbaclut

    I so glad to hear lupe shit again but best mixtape(s) of the year go’s to the usual suspects So Far Gone and The Warm up in that order. I like J. Cole better overall but you cannot deny so Far gone. The the shit U-N-I, TiRon, Cool Kids, Young Chris + many more all tie at 3rd lol

  • C-Geezy

    sweet mixtape drop. And Shake or Meka, remove the freaking link to Wale’s album from the side or at least make the picture work again. I swear I click that thing at least 5 times a day.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ A..y u care so much about da niggas record sales? Get off his nuts, everybody knows sales don’t tell anything about a MC’s skills…if that’s the case then.. SouljaBoy Tell Em > Lupe

  • lol @ 400+ comments

  • Tizzie

    geek music at its finest

  • Moses

    ^^U-N-I came out with an actual album, not a mixtape. And i think we can all agree that its bullshit that lupe’s highest viewed youtube video has 3,111,671 and fuckin Gucci’s has 7,868,582.

  • E. Grizzly

    Not to sure why people still make mix tapes. It’s so old they still call it a mix tape.. I haven’t used a tape in almost 14 years. As far as Lupe I think he’s the great Hip hop hope. Alot of people still don’t give him the props he deserves but he’s one of the only MC’s that actually talks about topics and issues we’re dealing with now and days instead of just ego and punch lines. An 80 year old man would say he’s dope if they really listened to what he was saying.

  • starbettv

    @thedevilsadvocate well isnt this awkward is definitely in my top 5 mixtapes this year

  • T-Dot

    This shit is tooooooooo dope

    i still have it on repeat

  • david

    i prefer no ceilings over this anyday, this is fire throughout but no ceilings is longer, more enjoyable, and it has a better beat selection, hopefully the next one is better

  • Kwesi

    Did the comments murk the ‘Forever’ post yet?

  • dope! lupe killin’ it so far. and no, not even close to forever’s posts, maybe half right now?

  • Big Bang Spongebob Ready!!!!!

  • Asim

    i still like No Ceilings better

  • Fruuur


  • lasean

    its a fucking mixtape mot a street album lupe doesnt need to, have to, or gone to make a street album because he already made it street albums are for folks thats tryna get in the game like drake,blu,cudi,wale,charles hamilton and them this is a mixtape them other niggas yall mentioning made street albums so of cousre this not gonna compare to it its still dope so stop being dissapoint because it doesnt sound like a so far gone,or back to the feature, or the pink lava lamp, or the warm up because its not supossed to, its a mixtape not a mini album for niggas that need to show their skills to get in the game lupe and lil wanye make mixtapes drake and wale make mini albums this is only to kill beats which he did

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Can’t wait for the new Curren$y tape to drop and actually kinda wanna hear that new tape from Diggy Simmons (Rev Run’s son) from MTV Show Run’s House..that boy can actually flow….Shake or Meka yall should post it up tomorrow

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    ..SIDE NOTE:
    Can’t wait for the new Curren$y tape to drop and actually kinda wanna hear that new tape from Diggy Simmons (Rev Run’s son) from MTV Show Run’s House..that boy can actually flow….Shake or Meka yall should post it up tomorrow

  • Mike

    the cover is dope good cover great , sounds great LUPE

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Agreed @ lasean..good point playa playa

  • I need this tape, fucking stuck on 24% for the last 2 hours LOL.

  • A

    Jonnie Hayward The IV You’re (one of) the stan(s) I’m talking about. You idiot, if he is a great artist, which he is, then he should get the sales to go with it, you don’t even care if he sales 2 copies of an album. Yet, if he did that he would probably crease to create music. Do you see what I mean? I want him to shine bright as fuck but you want him stuck in your iPod so you feel like VIP carrying music that no one else might have.

  • 216

    Yoga Flame is fuckin fire!

  • Garry

    LUPE is just simply the best

  • I guess the question now is: When is LASERS really gonna drop?

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ A….I can careless if he sells 2 copies..the point of me makin outrageous posts is because Lupe is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED and slept on…I hear niggas all the time comparing him to Kanye or say he only raps about skateboards until they actually sit down and listen his lyrics…I prefer lyricists over mainstream rappers..my favorite artist of all-time is Nas… Nas has never sold like Wayne or Jay-Z but I really don’t give a fuck..I don’t care about that extra shit like record sales it got nothin to do with me..all I care about is the copy that I purchase..stop worryin about niggas record sales.. 1 copy or a billion copies Lupe still dat nigga

  • That is a good question.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ A….Mainstream success don’t really define nobody..that shit is all temporary..otherwise SouljaBoy and Gucci Mane are gonna be 2 of the top 10 rappers of all time..
    They both have been more successful (well atleast Souljaboy) as far as record sales, than Big L or Big Pun ever was but that don’t mean a god damn thing…and 2 be honest I just want Lupe to get the same amount of notoriety as his peers do these days because I know he is better than all of them

  • lilg



  • lilg




  • lilg




  • lilg




  • ashley

    this is a dumb question, but how do i get shake’s artwork onto my itunes?

  • Chan

    Right Click Song > Get Info > Album Artwork > Either Right click and save the picture and click add or just drag the picture in.

  • Timmy3G

    Lupe > Wayne On That Fireman Beat

  • nickd

    No Ceilings > this
    u guys are fuckin jockin him with only 11 songs and almost 500 comments.Brainwashed haha

  • mixtape is crazy just posting so it can get to 500

  • S

    nickd are you stupid no celings <<<<<<<<<

  • nickd

    my point, exactly

  • Duuuuude

    Another mixtape coming? Lupe really wants this album to be heard.

  • Duuuuude

    Oh, nice, 500th reply ^^^^^^

  • Jackkerorap

    I found this shit boring to be honest. Lupe sounded bored and was puttin me to sleep. All these stans had me believing I was in for something amazing. But nah. And lupe ain’t hype enough for slaughterhouse and clipse beats. But whatev, he had some dope lines and it’s free

  • nukid

    @nickd…forever…1 track…got about 750 or something…

    and illmatic only had 10 songs is considered the top, if not, top 10 rap albums of all time…in like 30 min or so it was…
    ppl react positively to quality….

  • Kohm


  • Ryan

    I wasn’t feelin this that much first time around. but 5 listens in and it keeps getting better.

  • nickd

    so you’re comparing this to illmatic…fail

  • uzi

    why the hell is this still on top..no new music at all today?

  • WheelChairJimmy

    It’s hot.
    Daaaaamn @ all the comments though.

  • Greg

    What’s imo mean again?

  • nukid

    not illmatic…the CONCEPT that the number of songs doesnt necessarily matter if the quality is good…damn who the hell would compare this to illmatic in that sense??

  • @Greg

    Imo = In my opinion

  • arcticavenger

    Lu’s fireman > Wayne’s fireman

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ Nickd…
    Quality over quantity is the point…I’ll take this tape over No Ceilings full of catchy 1-liners rambling and filler

  • not a loser

    im happy for the love lupe’s getting on here, but just make sure to go out and support Lasers when the time comes.

  • Absolutely love the love that Lu’s been getting at the dopehouse. Y’all better go cop LASERS in DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

  • not a loser

    oh and a request for 2dope: leave the tape at the top for another day so all the fatties who already passed out and check the site first thing tomorrow will get a chance to hear whats up

  • this is an amazing mixtape. but did someone compare this to illmatic. this aren’t even his tracks he’s just rapping on some hot tracks. illmatic’s a top 10 album of all time. but i would rather listen to Lupe’s mixtape than 50 Cent’s album every time.

  • Pingback: Not I Said The Fly | my words are weapons…()

  • nickd

    Wow, actually listen to the tape than dick riding Lupe.There’s 11 songs on it where only 2 go over the 3 minute mark.I’m not saying it’s not a good tape, im saying the quality and quantity are below par.No ceilings was much greater than this, no comparison

  • DC

    Everybody is sayin they need the chopped up version, just go to datpiff.com! lmao no offense 2DB

  • another fire mixtape from lupe.. whats new? dude never fails

  • @DC, they posted a link to a chopped up version… Just click “split version”

  • lew

    i made some alternate artwork for enemy of the state in case someone wanted anything new


  • arcticavenger

    nickd fail

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    YEA nickd IS PRETTY DAMN biased to say No Ceilings is a better quality mixtape than this…you know there was a study done on high school students a couple years ago showing the relationship between the music people listen to, and their intelligence…Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Beyonce fans got the lowest SAT scores…U2 and Beethoven fans got the highest lol…google Music That Makes You Dumb

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    .YEA nickd IS PRETTY DAMN biased to say No Ceilings is a better quality mixtape than this…you know there was a study done on high school students a couple years ago showing the relationship between the music people listen to, and their intelligence…Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Beyonce fans got the lowest SAT scores…U2 and Beethoven fans got the highest lol…google Music That Makes You Dumb

  • cheez3y

    yo this artwork is hot man gj

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    ..YEA nickd IS PRETTY DAMN biased to say No Ceilings is a better quality mixtape than this…you know there was a study done on high school students a couple years ago showing the relationship between the music people listen to, and their intelligence…Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Beyonce fans got the lowest SAT scores…U2 and Beethoven fans got the highest lol…google Music That Makes You Dumb

  • JDG

    i like where youre coming from with the album art, but you should fix the dimensions so it is the same as a normal album cover. and you should put a love story on it too. i like the idea a lot though.

  • JDG

    jonnie hayward…
    i agree with you about how good this tape is and how look lu is. i thnk he is the GOAT personally. but dont hate on jay-z. he is running the music industry right now and is pure class. he has dope metaphors too.

  • nukid

    @nickd…4get i ever brought up illmatic…i tried to make a point but chose wrong example…but yea after listening a couple times this isn’t lupe’s best work…it almost sounded like he was lyrically fighting for ppl’s approval…it didnt seem natural like his older stuff…
    yes he has amazing lines and bars but it does lack that natural lupe flair and style to it…
    but nonetheless its still quality imo

  • nickd

    @Jonnie Hayward The IV

    why? wasn’t Lupe on the SAT scores because nobody knows him the only thing we know him from is his song (kick push and coast) and (superstar) and that’s it’s why did he wanted to retire because nobody don’t know him not even the grammys and guess who Lupe lost against for best rap album of the year Lil Wayne dumb ass


    revenge of the nerd was probably the best mixtape ive ever listend too..this isnt on that level since its only like 20-30 mins long, but its definitely dope and definitely better than a lot of “albums” most niggas are putting out. lupe is tha shit and im definitely coppin lasers. i like the original artwork too, niggas get too caught up in making a movie poster for an album cover, the music is all that should matter. period.

  • Nice artwork Shakey

  • JDG

    true i like the original artwork too. plain and simple. perfect for a mixtape. but im open to others too if theyre made well.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Glad to see the positive feedback…this is why I’ve been postin all those Lupe comments all month long…Lupe is so underrated…good to see Lupe finally gettin noticed some even if it is just this blog..back in 06 it was nothing like this..really only negative opinions on this is it is too short or they just aint feeling it like that

  • A

    NIGAAUAINTKNOW? you right but artist probably want a dope ass cover and I doubt they worry much about the cover seeing how they are probably paying someone for a cover.

  • sdv

    No Ceilings> this in terms of work Lupe seems like he just wanted to finish this shit in a hurry so many songs are like 2 minutes. No Ceilings was a whole lot of bars each with little else.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @nickd…since when was rap a popularity contest?? I highly doubt he cares he lost a grammy award to Lil Wayne..doesn’t mean Wayne is any better..grammy is mostly a popularity contest too…lemme guess SouljaBoy is better than Lupe too since he is more known??..yea ur an idiot..most of Lupe’s lyrics go over nigga’s heads anyway, those who understand them are most likely educated and don’t have short attention spans like Lil Wayne fans who listen to a man who doesn’t write or put any thought into his music just freestyles it while high

  • Curtis75Black

    This is tight work. Loved listenening to the music all the way through.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Think we all know weed kills your brain cells so basically those high school student are fans of a dumbass who is killin himself smoking weed and sippin on sizzurp like its nothin

  • jakefromthebean

    shit was tight….simple and to the point…..(2)DOPE!!!!!

  • lew

    @JDG thanks homie… i see what you mean

  • nickd

    Jonnie: I never brought up the grammy’s so what are you saying? Also, that high school survey or poll was a couple of years ago and most of the high school kid listen to mainstream lil wayne.High schoolers don’t follow underground wayne.ahh dumbasses jumpin’ to conclusions too quick

  • EBrew

    “..YEA nickd IS PRETTY DAMN biased to say No Ceilings is a better quality mixtape than this…”

    @jonnie: I kind of see where you’re coming from, but what makes the poster’s comments biased? Because they don’t agree with yours? At the same time, are you not biased for saying this mixtape is better? BTW, is it okay that I listen to both Wayne and Lupe? Or is it one or the other?

  • lew

    i added “a love story” but i couldn’t resize it without getting crappy quality… shake help me out what dimensions is your artwork?

  • lew
  • sdv

    EBrew and nickd for the win!

  • @nickd
    well i just graduated high school a few months ago in june and i was followin underground weezy way before.
    but im guessin you mean the majority of the high school population.

  • I wonder how many posts this shit will reach before the weekend’s out…

  • This is freaking Illy, I wish there was at least 1 weezy feature.

  • MicKs

    Taking quantity combined with quality into consideration, I believe the best mixtapes of 2009 are as follows:

    1. J.Cole- The Warm Up
    2. Lupe Fiasco- Enemy of the State
    3. B.o.B.- B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray
    4. Add-2- Tale of Two’s City Vol. 3
    5. Tiron- Ketchup
    6. XV- Everybody’s Nobody
    7. Wale- Back to the Feature
    8. Big Sean- UKNOWBIGEEAN
    9. Pac Div- Church League Champs
    10. QuESt- Broken Headphones

    *Not including Drake’s tape since he re-released it with a few new racks for purchase.

  • yeah this is dope as fuck,Im gonna stick with the tape style version of mixtape because it blends well and should be heard alltogether in order. Sometimes I think that I like Wale so much because his vocals sound similar to Lupe’s except There 2 total different rappers and Lupe is Obviously more lyrically skilled.

  • nickd

    Micks is on point with the #1 mixtape of ’09 except you should’ve put so far gone in there

  • word-UP

    will somebody chop n screw this mixtape, plz?

  • lasean

    @Jackkerorap you should kill youself he sound like he is bored what in the fuck was you listening to cuz it wasnt this lupe doesnt not sound bored you want hype and energy go listen to lil john

  • Dangerous Vortex

    My God, this thing has over 550 comments hahahaha. This morning when I woke up it had like 300 or so.

  • T

    No debate or arguements here….

    Lupe brings people together…

    Lupe = GOAT

  • lew

    the GOAT? FOH

  • tmtkchris

    This shit hot as hell

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  • B

    Who’s better than this nigga………..like seriously?


    The ILLZ – Room 101 …same beat as National Anthem…2 versions r sick, they both went in

  • JDG

    that looks dope as hell not gonna lie. nice touch with the change in font. hopefully someone can help you out with the quality though.

    and to everyone talking about track lengths, he is the only one on this mixtape. its not like back to the feature. he put this shit together rather quickly and still kills it. and he has to finish another by christmas, so what do you expect??

  • 420

    im in high school, i smoke weed every day, i got 2120 on my SATs. i only listen to underground hip-hop. lupe is my favorite artist by far, and i understand wayyyy more of his metaphors and word play than all of my friends do. including ones that have never touched weed in their life. so that point was irrelevant.,

  • 330KID

    “alotta niggas salty..cause..cause i be overseasoned tough”….smh Lupe demolished that Say Somethin

  • Kechup

    Daaaamn I didn’t realize how far back that “angels” beat goes. Everybody goes in on that beat

  • Dangerous Vortex

    How many times have yall listened to this today??? 5 for me and probably 1 or 2 more spins before I go to bed lol.

  • Jaywall

    Seriously Jonnie your more annoying than that Lil Wayne fagget stan.
    I bet more than HALF of the 500+ comments are yours.
    Yeah Lupe is incredibly good, yes this tape is nice, but its not better than No Ceilings.
    This isnt even in my top 5 mixtapes of the year, but it is in my top 10. I really would have enjoyed a longer mixtape, that could change my opinion.

  • anth

    i love when people complain about free music
    and shake stays up on the artwork yet again!

  • sdv


    Seriously Jonnie your more annoying than that Lil Wayne fagget stan.
    I bet more than HALF of the 500+ comments are yours.
    Yeah Lupe is incredibly good, yes this tape is nice, but its not better than No Ceilings.
    This isnt even in my top 5 mixtapes of the year, but it is in my top 10. I really would have enjoyed a longer mixtape, that could change my opinion.

    Jaywall said this on November 26th, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Truth For The Win! No Ceilings MM7 So Far Gone and this tape are the only ones I really cared about this year oh and Dro’s shit the new Lupe on Christmas also.

  • Loketo


  • df

    The reason people may not like Lupe is because of the stans hating on every single artist that is no Lupe. They get into heated arguments on how Lupe is the best thing to happen to people ever. People get pissed at faggot fans yes fags because they get soooooooooo mad at people saying Lupe aint good or Lupe is the best ever but they didn’t like one song of his. And just ride him talking about like he’s their mother and say fuck everyone else.

  • 330KID

    “Shout to drizzy shout out to wayne/ yeezy, jeezy,ricky, 50, Raekwon, loso, gucci mane…im not gone to drop my name”. Is it me or those this sound like a Jay-z SUBLIMINAL????

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    No filler in this tape like No Ceilings…no rambling either..and on the contrary I am a Lil Wayne fan also but I’m completely aware that Lupe is better..Nas is my favorite artist of all time..choose who u wanna listen to..as long as Lupe is underrated I will hype him up simple as that…if I’m correct Jaywall has been downplaying Lupe for a while and still doesn’t want to fully admit that he’s better..whether u like No Ceilings more is personal opinion..but the majority of us it seems likes the quality over the quantity..for those who get annoyed..stop taking me so seriously and worry bout something else more important than my comments

  • nukid


    i see what your sayin but i only see it like that on blogs and the net…in public and daily life ppl don’t like lu cuz they can’t dance to him or they want music they don’t necessarily have to LISTEN to appreciate…but yea i’ve seen what you’ve said happen and its tragic when someone like jonnie ruins it a bit

    nothing against you jonnie but honestly…tone it down bro

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Lol @ blaming Lupe fans for people not listening to Lupe..are you serious? That was lame,,sounds personal between you and that fan..your opinion about Lupe’s music and your beef with the Lupe fan are two separate matters…only reason Lupe fans hype the man up so much is because he is underrated and deserves the same amount of recognition as his peers (Lil Wayne, T.I., Drake etc.)

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I’m a stay under par, until I’m 6 feet under or there’s 3 niggas in the Flinstones car

  • Jaywall

    Actually Jonnie your wrong.
    Im think Lupe is top 10 alive right now, but I also feel Wayne is the best out currently.
    Had this tape been longer, and lupe spit more, it could have been better than No Ceilings. both are dope, but I enjoy No Ceilings more and think its better.
    Sometimes going over peoples heads isnt a good thing. his angels had me hella confused for a good minute.

  • everr

    one of the best em cees out
    yoga flame is the shit

  • “No filler in this tape like No Ceilings” Really? Wayne went bar after bar in almost every song and gave you enough to make up for features he gave you more lyrics. They were lyrical too not as lyrical as Lupe but he gave you more shit. I don’t know I can ride to No Ceilings all the way through and just chill to it at home.Lupe is more headphone only music with some riding music. Lupe has both Food and Liquor and The Cool on lock as a classic Carter 2 is also a classic I prefer The Cool out of all. Yet to me No Ceilings > Enemy of the State only because it was too short had he gone in for more than 2 minutes like Yoga Flame he woulda put No Ceiling on hold.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    @ Jaywall..ok I can respect that you enjoyed it more, I liked No Ceilings too and Wayne does have his moments. And tracks where he be snappin and it annoys me sometimes that he doesn’t do it as often as he used to..but as far as straight lyricism, metas, and wordplay goes.. Lupe is over him..and I can understand how Lupe goin over heads can turn people off also but I think its brilliant have me wonderin sometimes how he think of that but I’ve always appreciated creative lyricism over anything…some artists appeal to people more than others…ha my 2nd favorite rapper behind Lupe of course is Curren$y the hot spitta!….Him and Lupe are totally different rappers

  • df



    i see what your sayin but i only see it like that on blogs and the net…in public and daily life ppl don’t like lu cuz they can’t dance to him or they want music they don’t necessarily have to LISTEN to appreciate…but yea i’ve seen what you’ve said happen and its tragic when someone like jonnie ruins it a bit

    nothing against you jonnie but honestly…tone it down bro

    nukid said this on November 26th, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Yup I agree.

  • lew

    popular demand > the music industry

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    This mixtape made my day.

  • TC The Prince

    this has to b one of the best mixtapes this year along wit 50s 2 tapes, Lloyd Banks, B.o.B.s, J. Coles, Jadakiss, Drakes, Wales, Nipseys, Jay Rocks, Mainos and Havocs

  • Wetball

    Lupe is a lyrical genius and demonstrates it well here. Awesome mixtape

  • Big E

    The Warm Up is still mixtape of the year IMO but this just moved right beside it… str8 piff…. and about half of “No Ceilings” was str8 fillers and was nowhere near as complete as DD3… i fuck with Wayne but come on like evrybody says, quaility ovr quantity. there is like 1 song this juant that i dont like
    and nukid i agree with evrything u said

  • HRpaperstacks


  • I mean, how dope is Shakey Doggs artwork. I mean it is just dope!

    I love Lupe, I love this cite. I mean, this is the dopest place to be and to comment on the internet. I mean, is lupe tupe too dope or what?

    I am going to give this a whirl late night when me and peter are chilling. I think we are going to luv it. I am so psyched. Is Lupe werking on a new album? Sorry if someone said it already, but I am too lazy to read all of your dope comments. 2dopeboyz reign supreme, forever!

  • HRpaperstacks

    for real fire

  • Hey dudes, also what is all the hate for Weezy Fing Baby? I mean, even KRS One said Weezy is the greatest rapper of all time. and I am not lying. I mean, Weezy has done so many innovative activities for hip hop. I mean why all of the south rappers were writing bubble gum ryhmes, Weezy was dropping classic albums like the Carter Trilogy. I mean, wayne has the dopest wordplay on the mic. This has been proven. I mean, just listen to like anyone of the Carter albums. I guarantee you will be a major fan after you listen to them. I mean, dont hate congradulate! LuLz. Weezy is a ryhming Hero. No one can do it better riht now.


  • Mr. 2010


  • Mr. 2010


  • Mr. 2010

    596… ok im bored of this already

  • NewKidHouston

    damn i got to 97% and it froze, pretty sure this is gunna be nice though

  • everr


  • everr


  • everr

    600 lupe is the dopee 600 comments damn

  • jdsmalz

    in terms of lyrical content in mixtapes…i believe Lupe and Add-2 are strongest

  • DFEE


  • m

    This is why I go to the store and buy his cd ..This dude is just talented period

  • kal

    L-u-p-emperor can’t wait for the 25th now and since the second tape is coming alot sooner than i anticipated cant we assume that his album will be out around January/Feb?
    This definitely got his name back in peoples brains.


  • Ervin Mitchell

    Check out this hot new artist Sho!!! He is signed to Global Icon Media which is an Atlanta area label distributed through Universal Records. Check out the youtube link to his new single Leavin’ Me!!! Listen so you can say you heard it first because he is SOON TO BLOW!!!1

    Check him out on Global Icon Media’s website also!!!!

  • Dharma91

    What Lupe album did you guys prefer? I chose Food & Liquor, a lot of they songs were incredibly relatable for me. Probably the only rap album that truly made me feel as if the artist was similar to me. The Cool was good, but I felt it lacked direction and impact. Tapes alright, he’s not the Second Coming of Jesus though…

  • I’ve never left a comment on 2dope but I feel this post warrants one.

    Lupe > ________.

  • Robin Banks the XV

    Top 3 Mixtapes of The Year!

    1. J. Cole – The Warm Up
    2. Drake – So Far Gone
    3. Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of The State : A Love Story

  • Robin Banks the XV

    Once “Friend of The People” drops it will be unanimously Lupe #1

    Oh, and he IS the best rapper alive.

    You’re entitled to your own opinion… but that doesn’t mean you’re not wrong.

  • t1

    this is like his weakest stuff but still fire – copin 22 copies of Lasers fo sho – and Im from Latvia check the world map…
    Lupe the Emperor!

  • sneakaholic

    damn, this got allmost as many comments as “forever”.
    LOL and this tape is only about 25 minutes deep!!!

  • mithritades

    This Mixtape sucked Majorly,i heard it and deleted it from my hard drive…that was throw away music,it’s a reason the state of hiphop is the way it is,yall will prop these dudes up like they done did spectacular music when it’s just barely average. and while i’m not a Wayne fan per se,No Ceilings is better than this and this isn’t even nowhere near The Come up(yes i said the Come up not even the Warm up)


  • b.

    i actually have to agree. i love lupe but i didn’t enjoy this too much. but at the same time, i really don’t enjoy people rappin’ over old beats. that’s me though.

  • Shihaby

    Seriously, some of you need to take that dick out of you mouths for a few seconds.

    I can’t believe people are talking about how amazing this is BEFORE THEY LISTEN TO IT!

  • chapin

    Fuck the HATERS… Lupe always delivers

  • Jaywall

    I mean I fucks with Lupes stuff, hes an incredible rapper. Its just sometimes I find it annoying when he goes over your head, like we all know he can spit but on a mixtape? I enjoy digging and decyphering his lyrics but after awhile it gets redundant. This mixtape was nice, but imo No Ceilings is better, but no ceilings did have 2 or 3 wack songs. but no rapper is perfect.
    Lupe did burn fireman though. Yoga Flammmmeeee

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    I think Lupe wanted to straight up rap ova used beats to show he can own em better than the original artist (besides Travis Porter)..Wayne Drake and Jay-z all made Hottest MCs list and everybody loves Slaughterhouse/Clipse.. Do think he made this tape in a limited amount of time though

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    And for those annoyed about his lyrics goin over their heads…..go listen to Dumb It Down….he aint stoppin no time soon

  • Real Talk

    Lovin this Joint, too many hot lyrics to quote. Thanks for the artwork Shake.

  • Timbo

    Best to ever do it.

  • Ryuk

    “This Mixtape sucked Majorly,i heard it and deleted it from my hard drive…that was throw away music,it’s a reason the state of hiphop is the way it is,yall will prop these dudes up like they done did spectacular music when it’s just barely average. and while i’m not a Wayne fan per se,No Ceilings is better than this and this isn’t even nowhere near The Come up(yes i said the Come up not even the Warm up)

    ^^^^Aw how cute is that? This kid really cant understand whats happening here.Its okay if your a bit slow. I’m sure you’ll catch some of his lines in few years. There is a reason This tape has been downloaded over 30,000 times in about 24 hours. When people like this^^^ Guy try to debate on things like this , it cracks me up. That Lupe is dope as ever is a fact. So go fuck your opinion.

  • yeahhh… this shit is hard as fuck. and @ dude sayin he coppin 22 copies… nigga cop 1 and donate to a charity..

  • It didn’t do it for me… I was arguing with my homie that this was no different than No Ceilings…

    I expect different from Lupe… He can still flow and rhyme obviously, but Lu don’t do what those doo doo dudes do…

    I think he coulda been just as effective by saying nothing…I think not being nominated as one of the hottest emcees on MTV went to dudes brain…so he felt pressured to get a buzz going…

    I know im late on dropping a comment, but I thought i’d share.

    Anotha Time,


  • WheelChairJimmy

    Lol @ whoever said The Warm Up was better than So Far Gone.

  • grap

    ^ it is better

  • Big E

    it is^^^^ the simple as that… lol… So Far Gone was a pretty good ass tape but The Warm Up is great frm start 2 finish… and thats like 22 tracks! if ur one of those ppl that say its “too boring” or “puts u to sleep” then u just aint a fan of good music… oh and dude produced evry orginal beat besides 1… just a great tape

  • marlymarrr

    It’s better cause J. Cole is better than Drake.

  • marlostanfield85

    p’cola= faggot ho boi, get a job slut

  • Jaywall

    The Warm Up > So Far Gone
    Comeback Season = The Warm Up though.

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  • Big E

    if somebody could hook me up with a link for “thank you” and “popular demand” it’d really help me out cuz somethings wrong my tracks.. thanx

  • i pressed the skip button a couple of times.lupe got it but this was average.skyzoo,jcole,daytona-brought fire on all they mixtapes.sorry!

  • david
  • nukid

    i liked the depth of the lyrics…it still is quality…but yes this wasn’t his best work because it wasn’t that natural, conceptual lupe and its like he dumbed it down just a bit in the concept/theme department….

    dunno if i would go as far as to deleting it from the hard drive…quality of lyrics alone should keep it on….but yea it feels concept lu>random rapping lu

  • If Lasers lives up to expectations, Lupe will be the G.O.A.T.

  • TimelessShinji

    This mixtape is dope…props to Shake too….ya artwork is all ova the net now….the cover is dope…

  • wreckstat

    so r we gonna beat forever??!?!?!

  • wreckstat

    lol im foolin…

  • Ryan

    yo if anyone transcribes or gets hold of these lyrics post the link here

  • datkid1220
  • Ryan

    whoa good look datkid thanks

  • Big E

    good looks david^^

  • Chester French

    Lupe The Killer Killer Killer!

  • Chester French

    Oh, and thanks for the mixtape art Shake!

  • lasean

    @mithritades OMG YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT you said the come up is better than the warm up and you said enemy of the state “majorly sucks” nigga get the fuck out of here are you mentally retarded you got to be and im dead serious

    the warm up> the come up
    lupe fiasco enemy of the state>>>> your worthless no hip hop taste life mithritades you should really consider listenin to an differ genre of music cuz hip hop aint for you

  • ENEMY OF THE STATE was flame. Could have been longer, but cot damn. Lupe always comes through. Good music is always appreciated. Biggups to the dopeboyz for their work!

  • Onederin

    Damn this is a lot of comments…

  • The cover is sick and Lupe is a champ.

  • Moses


  • Te’

    “Take that cool shit make it lame / Take that nerd shit make it bang / Ya, you heard us make it bang / Ya, you heard me make it bang / Melt the change and make a ring / Take that ring and make a bracelet / Take that bracelet make a chain / Look how far my necklace hang / Connect that chain up to a crane / Pull the game… up by the brains / Could not move it just with brains / So I had to use some bling”

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  • SHIT! he is soooo freakin’ bomb! mixtape is dope!!

  • JDG

    To anyone that didnt like this mixtape…. listen to it again. if you still dont like it, listen again. i guarantee you will like it by the 3rd time, and love it by the 5th

  • @datkid, thanks for those

  • proofis


  • DocCosmos


  • arcticavenger

    imho this mixtape lacks any direction/theme other than a lyrical warmup. nothing wrong with that.
    and for the ppl who are having trouble keeping up (ie mithritades) or who are just curious, the LupEND blog posted the lyrics to all the songs:

  • shakes cover >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> original
    shakes cover > iamcoreygs IMO
    coreys is pretty dope too but shakes is gunna reside in the ipod

    and i admit im a fiasco stanley, but a single .mp3 is not the buisness, even when he does it. ill listen to it straight the first time through but ill be damned if i scroll through it every time to get to the song i want
    and wtf would i or anyone else look like putting the whole file in my phone, thats too much space…

    so basically good look with the chopwork sir shake of the dopeboyz

  • dj beast

    sick mixtape not as good as revenge of the nerds tho

  • and wtf is up with everyone raggin on people who dont like the tape? we dont all have to agree guys come the eff on. just cuz i love the guy doesnt mean everyone else has to.

  • Are we gonna get a hard copy of this for sale?

  • Are we gonna get a hard copy of this for sale?

  • T-Dot


  • Rt

    this mixtape might actually get me back on my deen

  • arcticavenger


  • jc

    omg 666 comments have to change that now !!!

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  • 804 2up 2down

    good look but split link is invalid now

  • WheelChairJimmy

    D-Pryde’s mixtape>Lupe

    If you don’t know who D-Pryde is, youtube him.

  • dj beast
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  • Lupethejedi

    straight fiyah great mixtape. lupe is a deep dude

  • lasean

    @robertTHEallen thats because niggas be making up stupid ass reasons as to why the dont like the mixtape therefore they are gonna get the heads ripped off for doing so the reasons why they dont like it is stupid and the dont understand that this is just a mixtape not a mini album like so far gone and others and since its a mixtape you just go in on beats thats all nonthing more nonthing less like i said lil wayne and lupe make mixtapes all these other rappers that these niggas mentioning make free albums basically

  • tell me what yall think of this joint its real hiphop

    Aaron Da Jedi Feat. Illa Jay – Showtime (Prod. by J. Dilla)


    off that Mixtape (Not For Radio Airplay) Available 4th/12/09

  • Kwesi

    Dam SHAKE! Your artwork is on Kanye’s website!

  • “Dam SHAKE! Your artwork is on Kanye’s website!”

    someone pointed that out yesterday, how dope is that?

  • @trouble maker…

    “imitation if the best form of flattery” that is all.

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  • The Fucking Truth

    Yeah Shake, everyone on the net that’s posted the mixtape has been using your artwork, oh and Kanye is always jacking your guys’ links for songs

  • @ shake
    are u saying i imitated ur cover or are u saying u attempted to imitated the movie cover? Because urs and mine are not alike…

    check my resume

  • Rayne

    How yo gon make Hip-Hop without all the ingredients?

    Who can HONESTLY say they know the elements of Hip-Hop? I bet Lu can.

  • Okieant

    @Rayne DJing, MCing, Graffitti, BBoying…I answered that for the idiots who don’t know trying to figure it out.

    Nice to see so much love for Lu. The mixtape is f*cking ridiculous…I’m still catchin lines. When u can’t pick ur fav line or fav track, u know ur listening to quality shit.

    I feel bad cuz i just listened to Luda rhyme over Turnt Up and it wasn’t as good as Lupe’s and I had to stop listening…And i Like Luda a lot =X

  • wtfff it says file no longer available

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  • yung jizzed

    this shit had me jizzed twice in a day

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  • nukid

    damn after hearing the mixtape a couple more times…reading lyrics and hearing about references…

    lupe officially loaded up this 22 min mixtape more than any album/mixtape that has basically been put out all year…or at least 90% of anything put out this year

    not saying he’s the best or worst…but people NEED to give credit to this dude for sure…anyone who doesn’t…well…its your loss and a huge one at that imo…you ain’t gunna find another like him in a LONG WHILE

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  • OMAR

    If you have the same people posting about 30 to 40 comments each of course you will get over 600 comments…LMAO!!!! I don’t understand why Lupe is so salty about not making MTV’s Hottest Mc’s list…he is really trying to prove himself to who? A real lyricist or artist would careless! Nas or Em could careless!!!!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    What other post on this blog gets or has gotten 30 to 40 comments from each person that comments? Exactly

    Apparently Lupe is gettin popular..only other post this popular was Drake’s Forever and that was full of people debating who had the best verses

  • T-Dot

    if u dont wanna stay

    you can goooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Julien H.

    This whole mixtape goes hard. Lupe really showin what he can do. Props to you Lupe.

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  • AnT

    split version link expires/broken.

  • Pingback: Lupe Fiasco x Jay Electronica x OkayPlayer | Get Known Radio()

  • lasean

    @OMAR get your dumbass out of here aint body postin 40 comments niggas just hate to see other niggas shine so they gotta try to bring a nigga down anyway they can

  • iCon

    Here is the split version I just put back up on usershare. It’s a .rar file.



  • nukid

    @Omar…personally im happy a person like lu is showing this hunger to get his name out there…imagine a rapper of his caliber getting into the masses…then you’ll get guys like blu and jay elec and elzhi with their stuff coming out into the mainstream without having to dumb down their music…
    again im a lu fan and won’t say he’s the overall best right now but as far as im seeing he’s the next attempt start the movement of rap to a renewed era comprising of actually skilled rappers who will be accepted by the public…
    you could say others are doing that but as far as i can see no one is making any real attempt…(drake COULD have till he signed with young money…then that door just closed shut QUICK!!)

  • nukid

    and also only person posting a huge load of comments in jonnie hayward…exclude about half and you still got enuff comments in here (half of his actually make some sense…kind of…but their tainted by his annoyance)

  • this is really really gritty and seems like a new direction for Lupe. I’m glad because I think (despite how talented he is) he could’ve worn out his welcome with all the “backpack rat pack” talk. But this is pure fire and he’s even using crazy little Weezy styled couplets, which often have to be listened to twice (listened to Turnt Up for more proof). I cannot wait to hear his album.

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  • lasean

    @hussein kill yourself for saying “he’s even using crazy little Weezy styled couplets, which often have to be listened to twice”

    1.lil wanye did NOT create that so saying he’s using lil type of rapping is FUCKING STUPID
    2.lupe been doing that its called metaphors and similies do you even listen to lupe thats his style and why most of his fans like him because his lyrics have double meanings his make sense lil waynes are just simple,elementry and lame and some oflil waynes are just stupid
    3. aint shit about this gritty

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  • lasean

    Straight from Lu’s MySpace:

    Enemy Of The State was NOT, NOT, NOT meant to be an album…so stop (to the ungrateful among you) TREATING it like one…





    Its more noise out there and stupid rumor but I really don’t have the stamina…

    FNF UP…

    what i got to say
    haha read and weep bitches one day fuck that no ceilings shit

  • Emphy

    A C+ project.

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  • Jarred

    Going over people’s heads SHOULD be the “only thing”. If you are doing something, would you learn how to do it from someone less of you? For example, does it make sense for Michael Jordan to take basketball lessons from Robert Pack (old heads you know who that is)….NO! Not at all, so why would you listen to a rapper that CANNOT make more complex rhymes than you….and to take it further, why wouldn’t you want to or crave to fully understand the rapper who is smarter than you’ll ever be. Don’t be afraid to let the muscle in your skull work, kiddies and kiddits – JCole age 24

  • no ceiling > enemy of the state

  • on a scale of 1-10 and my gurl b a 20 my gurls so bad make a nigga think he sinnin

    … stop playin with me

  • haters gotta go on itunes to go get me…
    to all the lil wayne haters fuck you

  • fred

    i split all of the songs and put them on youtube and put download links for each song! youtube my youtube account wtfizzjus and youll see the videos all songs are 320 kbps ENJOY!

  • fred

    once again the account name is “wtfizzjus”

  • RussianDream

    you american shit!
    Lupe Fiasco in Russia felling a good man and hip-hop artist!!

  • RussianDream

    вы ослы тупые! )))
    Лупе один из лучших, хватит гнать тут! )))

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  • Link is dead, can you reup it. Thx

  • lasean

    @get at me jones you are a lil wanye dickrider making3 comments riding his dick and saying fuck you to people that dont like lil wayne and you quoting them wack ass elementry lines from lil wanye like the they are dope are you clinically retarded kill yourself idiot

  • lasean

    etos was mostly done in a day>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shits on no ceilings

  • lasean

    ^its supposed to say shit on no ceilings

  • Clint Chudyk

    Word shake I didn’t realize you did this artwork! I looks official, great job man

  • youngn

    whoever this shake is can put a cock in his mouth

  • Shake, just saw this, apparently the San Diego Reader jacked your artwork: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2010/jan/10/enemy-state-love-story/

  • youngn

    shake keep up the good work, you always put the realness up here, sorry for the hate comment i can’t delete it lol don’t know what i was thinking bahaha

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  • coatjack
  • coatjack
  • Grade A

    what the fuck!!!!

  • Charles DICKENS

    BUMP SHAKE!!!!!!!

  • WhoDat

    Is everyone searching the comment record now ?
    New kanye track is hot

  • 1st & 15


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  • Nuff

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