Drake – Room For Improvement (Mixtape)* [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake November 27, 2009

Here’s a double solo shot of Drizzy to start off the day (not really ‘start off’ as I’ve been up for a good 5 hours already getting my Black Friday on, but it’s the first post of the day). Up top is a clip from DJ Khaled’s upcoming video for Fed Up that features Drake’s verse alone. Then after the jump you can download 12 tracks from Wheelchair Jimmy’s first mixtape, sans DJ Smallz.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

*Ah, the infamous autographed Room For Improvement copy. If you own one of these, then you’ve been supporting Drake since day 1. No need to explain this late release but it’s simply 12 untagged (NoDJ) Room For Improvement songs that you can all enjoy. A couple of these songs have some old Drake verses that have never been heard before so let’s see if you guy can tell the difference. Check out the track listing below.. it’s just a few songs missing. Maybe they’ll show up on one of Drake’s Lost Tapes. – ATF

01. Special f. Voyce
02. Do What You Do
03. Money (rmx) f. Nickelus F
04. AMPM f. Nickelus F
05. City Is Mine (Extended)
06. Thrill Is Gone f. Voyce
07. Video Girl f. Voyce
08. Come Winter
09. A Scorpio’s Mind f. Nickelus F
10. S.T.R.E.S.S. f. Nickelus F
11. Try Harder
12. Do What You Do (rmx) f. Malice (Clipse) & Nickelus F [Bonus]

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Room For Improvement (Mixtape)

  • pee


  • “Come Winter” was my shit. Where’s “Bad Meaning Good”?

  • AD


  • good looks

  • byahbyah

    Well, I have seen all of the the video that I even remotely care to see.

  • marlostanfield85

    yo drake fuck u and your hairy ass arms. jump back in your wheelchair and go back to canada

  • AD

    Oh yeah, that “Fed Up” song is terrible.

  • marlymarrr


  • J to tha S

    @ Sir Nigel

    “…Check out the track listing below.. it’s just a few songs missing.”

    theres your answer.

  • WheelChairJimmy


    Fuck you hater. Mad because you haven’t hit puberty and have no hair anywhere on your body.

  • marlostanfield85


  • Wow. This is dope. I was just listening to the “Room For Improvement” mixtape this morning on a random whim…and then they drop this!

    This is arguably one of my favorite mixtapes, cuz it was like a rare Drake that I have yet to see return. Of course, “Comeback Season” was dope and “So Far Gone” served it purpose and was dope too…but this tape is classic in my opinion.

    Good looks.

    And once again, if you are a dude commenting on the hair on another dude’s body, you should reanalyze your sexual orientation because that is mad suspect and pause-worthy.

  • marlostanfield85

    @ mike dreams

    get off my dick hairy ass nucca

  • WheelChairJimmy

    @ Mike Dreams
    Go away. Forreal.

  • Calm yourselves down children. “Shut Up and Let Me Go Just Like the Ting Tings”…lol.

  • The Fucking Truth

    I always forget how good Drake was before he became Birdman III

  • lookinassnigga

    too hairy on his arms lookin ass nigga

  • TC The Prince

    I got the rest of these song except Video Girl who has a link to that song

  • no dj???!!!!!
    been waitin on this.

  • LOL…Birdman III.

    Let’s hope the debut is some more of this ish.

    I think Drake has to be smarter than that. He won’t let Young Money ruin a classic debut. Keep them on them YM Compilation and the mixtape circuit.

  • marlostanfield85


  • @TC

    You should download this whole thing yo. It has a higher quality than the ones on the original mixtape and it’s the full versions, without any DJ tags.

  • TC The Prince

    word aight I guess Ima re download

  • Jaywall

    Comeback Seaason > Anything else Drake has done.
    Thank Me Later better be like Comeback Season.

  • WheelChairJimmy

    Comeback Season was dope top to bottom.

  • 718suns

    yo…can you re-up this….it’s down right now..

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Enemy of the State > Comeback Season > Room for Improvement

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Where’s that Curren$y tape at! Curren$y > Drake

  • Mike

    I would be thrilled if Thank Me Later was a lot like Comeback Season, minus some of the more boring R&B songs (like Teach U A Lesson). Just a dope rap album, and not too long—maybe 65 minutes.

  • you guys are fools if you honestly think “thank me later” will be like ‘comeback season’. if anything it will be a mix of that with ‘so far gone’ with ‘sfg drake’ being more present.

  • i liked sfg but sadly CMYM will negatively influence his LP.
    even if drake has full creative control.
    drake has more fans of his mainstream than his underground work and sadly he might just go more for pleasing the mainstream.

  • AD

    Drake said himself on “4 My Town”

    ‘I’m easily influenced by the niggas that surround me”

  • Pssssst

    drake be eyeing niggas buttholes oooowwwww

  • @Mike – Then R&B cuts were pretty dope to me. He has to appeal to the females too.

    I pretty much like every song Drake puts out, aside from most of these recent YM collabs, that are still not super garbage.

    I don’t think dude will ever put out just simply a “rap” album. He’s never done that. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT had some R&B influenced records all through it, even though HE wasn’t the one doing the singing yet.

    I still have confidence in the new album and I think he will get his “hip hop” steez on a couple of them tracks.

  • TC The Prince

    tell em Shake u not gettin Comeback Season Drake, GRODT 50, RD Jay, or Carter 1 & 2 Wayne its just not happenin

  • marlostanfield85

    drake be eyeing niggas buttholes oooowwwww


  • @TC The Prince

    You never know man. I hate to admit it, but I think Wayne went back and listened to his old stuff b4 he went in on “No Ceilings”. I think it’s possible to take it back to your old style, especially if you start hearing that people liked you the most back then.

    Even 50 sort of semi-returned to a GRODT style on this last album, though it was certainly not the same at all.

  • justin

    old shit

  • nickd

    the download is super slow but good post, thanks

  • bottom line, drake sold the fuck out. i really hope YM doesn’t ruin his LP when it drops, but sadly i think it will. plenty of good points on all the other posts im convinced!

  • Jaywall

    @Mike Dreams, Naw Wayne probraly didnt do that, I think him getting all that codeine out of his system since he quit syrup helped alot. Plus he made sure it wasnt any autotune so he couldnt sing really. I think while he is away he has more mixtapes coming out sooo we can fully judge how he is by then, and of course the big mixtape he HAS to do when he is released.

    @Shake, I wish CS Drake would be on TML, but unfortunately we all know SFG Drake will be there with moments of CSness. Im expecting at least 2 Wayne collabs. One Jayz, One Kanye, Im expecting alot of collabs on TML.

    Sometimes I wish Wayne woulda have Tyga more spotlight and let him get the huge buzz, Tyga has steadily proved to me he is better than the current Drake. The Potential > So Far Gone.
    Tyga got next though.

  • Imma just steal the artwork. I got all this already. and why he cant rap how he did when he came out is beyond me…EXTRA money changes rich niggas huh? still bump it tho

  • MewLover34

    Is it worth it to have these songs w/o the DJ? Or should people just download the whole thing somewhere else? Seems to be a lot of songs missing…

  • TC The Prince

    @ Mike thats wut I mean u may get a feel but u will never get the full thing back

  • marlostanfield85

    someone shave this negros arms

  • I think this is dope. for Barack’s Illegitimate son!, lol I’m kidding has more of “Drake and Remi” here if you like what you hear on the download.

  • Big E

    if “Thank Me Later” starts where “Fear” left off (like its supposed to) i have no doubt in my mind its gonna be ill… and aint nothin wrong with club and r&b cuts as long as its good MUSIC.. i feel like its gonna be wat Wayne wanted C3 to be…a complete album

  • marlostanfield85

    shave ur arms and get out your young money contract

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Ay yo I wake up in the mornin shower gather my belongings!

  • rudy

    degrassi ass dude, go back to tv. you suck. You’re shit compared to Lupe.

  • marlostanfield85

    yo drake i know you lurk on the blogs, and hype yourself up, not this, youre fake accent is annoying as fuck, your use of autotune makes me nauseas, your punchlines are corny. when you say “i want this shit forever man” the way you pronoune man is so exaggerated and gay. take that gremlin nicki minaj, get in a car, drink, and drive as fast you can into a wall. take that sand nigger khaled with you. faggot

  • marlostanfield85

    another thing faggot,”understand nothing was done for me” youre a fucking rich kid, before you were on degrassi you were rich. 50 said it best, youre nowhere near as good as you think you are, but i guess its easy to lie to yourself when youre making tracks with birdman.shave your arms, and cut your throat. youre worthless, and you will fade away within the year. faggot

  • lol

    tell em why u mad marlonstanfield

  • marlostanfield85

    im mad cause hes a ho, jump back in that wheelchair and roll your weak ass home punk

  • rashizzy

    someone needs to chill the fuck out^….damn no need for all that hahah

  • marlostanfield85

    ” i want this shit forever MANE”

    wtf with that pronunciation drake, you mark ass bitch, ima kill you and gucci mane too

  • marlostanfield85

    you and rick ross should collab, “the police meets the spoiled canadian bitchboy” i hope chris brown fucks you up

  • marlostanfield85

    drake falling on stage was the best thing this spoiled jojo ass nigga has done. shave your muthafuckin arms. i cant believe this punk chills with khaled

  • mithritades

    lmao,Marlo…ignorant ass

  • rashizzy

    for real he needs to go find something better to do with his time…nobody cares who he doesn’t like how many comments is he gonna make about dudes arms is it really that big of a deal…smh

  • does anybody else think drake/wheelchair jimmy kinda looks like dallas cowboys WR miles austin? its kind of funny, because they share some similarities as far as their careers.

  • marlostanfield85

    @ rashizzy- nothing to dow ith his arms, has to do with him saying “nobody gave nothing to me” when he is a rich spoiled kid, has to dow ith him talking with a fake accent that he thinks makes him sound “hood’ or street. has to do with him thinking hes better than he is, when he has said nothing worth while. has to do with chris brown gonna fuck his rich punk ass up

  • WheelChairJimmy

    Lol why is Chris Brown gunna fuck him up? Breezy can’t bang.

  • rashizzy

    whatever makes you happy at the end of the day bro haha
    i could careless it really makes no difference to me some songs are better than others im not disagreeing or agreeing with you but he’s not the only artist out there fakin like he has some “hood” cred so theres nuttin more to be said from me but im itnerested to know where the chris brown thing came from cause that would never happen haha

  • marlostanfield85

    he fakes more than most though. the worst part is that its blatantly in the open that he is a rich spoiled brat. what even trumps how pathetic that is, is the fake accents like hes hood or from the south. dude is from a rich suburb of toronto and spitting lines like “i want this shit forever “MANEEE”. and “understand nothing was done for me”. everything that could be done to manufacture a career was done for drake. he is a faggot

  • Brandon B.

    Now I ain’t saying nothing was done for him but you could attribute the accent to the fact his pops is from Memphis and he did spent portions of his childhood there. If you find it a problem for him to use that accent then none of the second generation people from anywhere can’t use the accent they live with and hear all they’re lives. But aside from all that yeah he rich he be acting, and he is an actor, but unfortunately he nice and he make good music sooo… What can you do?? Other than not support him??

  • js

    nothing was done for him meaning he earned it. it wasn’t just given to him.

  • I mean it wasn’t handed to him but the circumstances are what led to his success. He was raised in a prominent (aka white/Jewish) area and the fact is that the hood wouldn’t have been able to spawn him. There are loads of other eligible Canadian guys but this guy just has the marketing appeal, he always did it just wasn’t time for him to jump in yet.

  • shake, wed be fools to really believe it but at the same time it doesnt hurt to dream lol

    ps. the tape in its entirety can still be found at

  • All of this is stupid.

    Plus, Drake didn’t become “rich” and “famous” until his high school years when he began playing on Degrassi.

  • cudd3r

    nice…old depressed drake >

  • miles austin

  • beeeennn10000

    RE UP?!?!

  • Oliv

    Reup please thanks