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Rob Jay – Art Life EP

blame it on Shake November 27, 2009

When it comes to posting new artists at the dopehouse, I’ve got the same attitude as KevinNottingham. It’s all about timing. You have to understand we get dozens upon dozens of submissions daily; so it’s literally impossible to give everyone a listen. There are those few times when I’ll have a spare minute though. And I’ll use it to check some shit out. Case in point… Houston’s Rob Jay. I decided to look past his email that did nothing but question my integrity (smh) and let the music speak for itself. Dude’s lucky I did as I was 2 seconds away from marking him down as spam. The EP included actually came out in June, but like I said… it’s impossible to listen to everything. I’ve also included a stream of the single entitled Director’s Chair for ya’ll to peep before you download.


1. Addicted
2. Art Life
3. Back to the Basics
4. Director’s Chair
5. Each One
6. Gangsta
7. I’m Nice
8. Intro
9. Uncreatively Creative

DOWNLOAD: Rob Jay – Art Life EP

If you like what you hear.. you can look for his upcoming Video Rob is Dead mixtape, which drops December 21st.

  • shouts to Rob Jay reppin the H!

  • Hey Shake! If I sent you an email of some material that made it obvious it was actually from me, would you maybe at least listen to it?

  • Wont let Me Post

    Okay this “Director’s Chair” is smooth riding, with good thought-out lyrics. Might check out the EP in awhile I guess.

    And yeah! there are too many of YOU! too many ….

  • DopeSir

    haha yeah I ALWAYS WONDERED, how blogs picked out new artists… guess its just by luck of the draw… Lol the systems SOOO shitty… Not to mention shady.

  • Rob Jay is next up. I really appreciate this post. Keep doing your thing Rob.

  • Bill Smith

    i feel you on that luck of the draw, but this is dope!

  • CoolMane

    DopeSir try screening 100’s of random mixtapes and songs plus some legit ones and tell me you’d put up with that shit everyday so unless u plan on fixing the system stfu

  • Doping

    Art Life (the song) is beautiful.

  • B

    this kid is dope, favorite tracks “Addicted” & “intro”

  • kolbs

    dope dope dope

  • Rob Jay is a dope cat, reps the *new* H well. “Each one Teach one” equals quality real rap IMO. Be on the lookout for rob jay xjettimasstyr collabs.

    http://usershare.net/6gpnj0o3b38u soundsfromthebackseat

  • word life.. shake, you got a tough job. I know what it is.. just keep postin’ shit you fuck with like you been doing..

  • Kid Hum

    Dope! Big ups to Rob Jay he works hard for his , real talk .

  • Bobby Ray

    yea Rob Jay has been hustling HARD the last couple of years.. big ups to the homie.. he most def will bring a MUCH needed new sound to the Houston hip hop scene.. I’ve also heard a sampler of his new mixtape and it’s 2DOPE!

  • told yall it was just a matter of time before we shine in the H

    Hollywood FLOSS

  • Thurogoood Wordsmith

    Rob Jay is always dope live and his album is dope.


  • ryakin rip

    This Ryakin Rip one of Rob Jay’s Producers the only reason I gave him Free Beats
    And studio time is because he’s a hard worker and a hustler he use to be out slanging his music
    Like the bombest kush and another reason I gave him tracks is because he has skill lyrically and he’s a trend setter not a follower. Big up to illadelph and my peeps black thought okplaya and of course Rob Jay

  • DopeSir

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nigas acting like the DON’T wanna hear GOOD music. I understand that a shitload of music comes in everyday, but there is always a way to accomplish anything.

    You can’t tell me there is no way in the universe for the owners of this site to make a system to make sure we don’t miss out on music that will enrich the lives of its visitors. Bullshit.

    Im sure there are many ways. For one have a bunch of homeboyz/interns/whatever sift through some of the mess, and throw out the obvious trash and they give a list or something to shake or meka of decent artists or whatever. I’ve been coming to this site for as long as I can remember but im jus sayin ya know. It benefits everbody…

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  • yoo we comin out with dope shit from the h. this is spectrum I’m comin with the variety prealbum soon and yo shout out to hollywood floss, thurogood, hash all the h stand up!!!!. proud of my nigga rob… we bout to rip the blogs up. htownnnnnnnn..lol

  • It’s about time 2dopeboys featured Rob Jay. He’s been blowing up the blogosphere for past year and has yet received a negative review. He is the real deal.

    Don’t sleep on The Niyat. They’re from Houston too. You still haven’t posted their second mixtape “Raxus Prime”.

  • thanks for the love Spectrum, and i cant wait to hear your album

  • cindy

    You’re on your way. Your passion, talent and persistence will help get you where you want to go. Keep striving to be the best!

  • Serge

    Rob jay. We Can’t wait for your show in Paris .. the cat is Dope ..
    Real Music !

  • Edmond Lee

    I’m headed to Paris this new year’s to meet with some guys on Rob’s behalf …let’s see how this pans out! Rob and I see each other every day and this guy is the most humble hot rapper I’ve ever seen. He has so much talent …you guys have no idea ..some of his freestyles are killing others whole albums! How does the world feel about the Art life movement? Is there any other people out there that deserve to just live off of their art? I ask because …we want feedback …we are thinking about making that possible if enough people want it. Would you like to be on the RobJay newsletter? new trackes sent right to your email? updates and where he’s gonna be ….let us know

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