Charlie Clips & Fred the Godson – Kobe & LeBron (Video)


Again, 24 >> 23 6. That is all…

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  • shit

    who are these 2 fatass fools
    rappin about the same old shit
    ive heard all this before
    get this garbage outta here

  • smfh

    kobe >> lebron

    fuck what this video is
    not even gonna press play on this wack shit

  • dalek

    I've never really understood the Kobe > LeBron stuff. But, whatever...

  • kindbuddy

    I’ve never really understood the Kobe > LeBron stuff. But, whatever…

    dalek said this on November 28th, 2009 at 6:29 pm
    It's sheep that follow bs hype. It really doesn't matter. Kobe is older any idiot would know Kobe > Lebron RIGHT NOW. Lebron is 5 years younger than Kobe. Maybe you can compare them when Lebron turns 30. As of now Lebron at the age of 24 skills wise is far better than Kobe at 24.

  • kindbuddy

    31 my bad. but still probably after their careers are both over.

  • marlymarrr

    Kobe, best since Jordan.

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  • moonmaster

    just take the chance.

  • Wop Wop

    kindbuddy Is The Only One In Here With Some Sense.

  • Emilio

    damn, i guess NY muthafuckas ain't got good enough players on the Knicks to spit about, haha.

  • Cage

    These two fat niggas were spittin, fuck what them hoes are sayin... That Belly reference was ill...

  • DynamicShots

    Ya'll should give this shit a chance cause both of em went in. Niggas callin it wack before they even watch the video and shit.

  • HardBars

    Southern people can't understand/relate to any NY's way to hard for soft ass cats in the south who'd rather prance around in tight ass skniny jeans looking like faggots in the club.


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