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Lady Gaga & KiD CuDi – Poker Face Live (Video)

blame it on Shake November 28, 2009


During the first stop of the Monster Ball Tour in Montreal, CuDi joins Lady Gaga on stage to perform Poker Face.

  • snf

    you sorta messed up on the embedding or whatever

  • mike from queens

    wow that looked crazy. you know, gaga aint so bad after all.

  • its fixed now. sorry about that.

  • snf

    yea nice performance

  • Jabari Manwarring

    yeah the performance was nice

  • akaconcept

    doope ass venue

  • smfh

    y she bent over like that in the beginning
    her ass all in niggas n bitches face n shit
    and ass aint even that fat so lady guy guy need to sit the fuck down

  • Gaga sucks

    Music has no genre? ok.

  • this was dope .. I like stuff like this, shows unity

  • ConfusedLondon

    1.Genre, just means a style..and yes there are different styles/genres of music…
    2.music is free?…hmmm does that mean we got the go ahead to download ur musi?(not that i want gagas ish lol) but i get what u mean.
    2.1 what were those pics in the back?
    3. What is it with the hip hop community and gaga..how come she seems to get a pass???? cn ppl in the c-section really let me know why cos i dont get it. Yes she is talented…but i dont like her music. Ppl enlighten me on whats so great about her??

  • TC

    “it’s fucking free”, If it were fucking free you wouldn’t be a millionaire gaga so shut the fuck up

  • all i have to say is good music is what i listen to and this shit is good music.

  • dro

    lol why are you guys so critical.
    what she probably meant when she said free, is that anyone can make it, you can sing whenever you like, you can create it anytime at your own will. only if you want a specific type of music to personally own and to use it at your convenience is when you buy it.

    and what she meant about genres is that music is music, you can label and organize it into genres IF YOU WANT, but when it comes down to it. all music is music

    music is to be appreciated, if u dont make any music, why hate on those that do, why hate on those who spend time to make music for the world to listen to

  • moc5

    ^^@RBTradition wow those pics were ridiculous. immaculate…

  • kcl

    Damn she does!!!

  • Doping

    @dro, great post.

  • marlostanfield85

    god this makes me nauseas. this gaga shemale. and this tight pant rocking queer cudi. “dont mind the fact that my rhymes are simplistic garbage, my tight pants make me emo and artsy” cudi, u a boy kisser, id beat u up. badly

  • marlostanfield85

    isnt this bitch a hermaphrodite?

  • Beaux

    She’s not a hermaphrodite, she invented that rumor herself for publicity. Thanks to idiot niggaz like you, it worked. Even if she was a hermaphrodite, honestly, it would be too late to change her success, and you all would have been fooled. Not so homophobic now, are we.

  • dunwrry

    why is she sitting like a frog and showing pancake ass like that

    and why she yelling and shit

  • dj khaled is gay

    bitch was doped up

  • kklol

    you nigs are pretty much fags

  • bootems

    wtf was that bitch doing at the start of the video lol

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  • Question


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