Tahiry On Revenge, 50 Cent, Playboy, etc (Audio)

blame it on Shake November 29, 2009

Joey’s ex-broad chops it up with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade45 to talk about the photo with Curtis, blog mayhem, her “modeling” career and more.

What was it like working with 50 Cent? Was there any revenge factor in her taking the role as 50’s love interest in his video? Does she still think about Joe Budden? How does she feel about bloggers commenting on her life? Would she ever date Lil Wayne? Are the Playboy shoot rumors true?

*yawn… yodel at me when she does another photo spread. I’m gonna go back to listening to Joey’s Russian Roulette.

  • dunwrry

    shes ugly 50 looked mad good in his movie musclular ass and all

  • ^^^i hope ur female.

  • RavRav


  • word

    look at her face.. she aint even close to bein fine. she all ass and that just wont pass.

  • rdouble

    Let shorty live. She suppose to stay in the house cause her & Budden broke up? I’ll cop Budden’s music & look at Tahiry’s pics and keep it moving. As long as the keep it respectful it’s good.
    I agree she’s alright in the face though.

  • Damn, Whoo Kid. You’re on her dick mad hard. Its not that serious. He’s all like “Wow. Whoa. For real?” to everything she’s saying. Relax son, she ain’t gonna let you smash.

  • starbettv

    Whoo Kid is so fuckin funny hahaha
    every interview that nigga got me rollin…

  • marlymarrr

    They “grow apart” after she hits it big. Suuuuurrrrreeee.

  • LeNoirPhotog

    ^^^ truth