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Bishop Lamont – I’m Ill x My Mama

blame it on Shake November 30, 2009

Two “new” joints from Bishop Lamont, freshly liberated by AftermathMusic. And with that said I’ve gotta shout out my man DJ Rhettmatic for helping push a joint that’s gonna blow ya’ll away. But today is not the time to explain haha.

DOWNLOAD: Bishop Lamont – I’m Ill | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Bishop Lamont – My Mama | Mediafire

  • Bishop is the truth….fuck anybody who doesn’t recognize his talent…..i’ll buy 10 copies of his album when it comes out…if it comes out….

  • TC The Prince

    finally some new Bishop but these r nice

  • dunwrry


    128 kind of way too low

    something higher woudl pump hard

  • Rio$

    ima listen later boutta eat some dinner

  • 5FingerDiscount

    is he still on aftermath?

  • Alright Rio$ you go get dinner. We’ll be here waitin for your thoughts on the tracks…lol

  • y0

    im ill is dope

  • It blows

  • james

    What blows?

    Bishop? These tracks?

    Freshest MC from the west next to Crooked I in my opinion.

  • banks30

    yo shake don’t do us like that. Just spill the beans. What track are you talkin about that is going to blow us away?

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  • The Fucking Truth


    This track better be like a ‘roided up Exhibit C on PCP or it’ll probably be a disappointment.

  • “It blows”

    do your really wanna be me that bad? come on now… dont waste your time trying to post as me chump.

  • No your trying to be me. Your the chump

  • Its going to off the street album. Bishop Lamont & Indef “Team America: Special Forces.”
    Now I blew you away.

  • ***********

    stop yapping shake

  • @ ***********

    I Can Yap all I want its my site.

  • The Fucking Truth

    When’s that tape dropping anyway?

  • Daveg

    I’m tellin y’all bishop Lamont is the best new west cat out right now. That my momma track is another great track dedicated to our mommas holdin it down. I’ll buy anything comin from Bishop.


    Its not on team america they were leaked records bishop seemed upset about it on his twitter.com/bishoplamont1 im LOVIN these fuckin records!! WOW!

  • ay someone twitter Just Blaze about the Nas and Just Blaze snippet and fucking Jay Electronica records. I want them NOW!!

  • ^^quit fucking using my name you retard. do it again and your banned.

  • and i found another one. enjoy not being able to leave comments buddy.

  • Daveg

    Shake, do you know when we can expect Team America…thanks bro cause I’m thinkin these tracks aren’t leaked from that project but they’re still dope. Any info on the date? Peace

  • tilly!

    shake is a gangster and you know how gangsters feel about people using their names (ex. @therealrickross) lol anyway the songs are dope. good to see bishop doin his thing

  • fatigue313


  • offthechart43

    yo, whats that sample on ‘my mama’? its so familiar but i cant figure it out

  • 5FingerDiscount

    so…. aftermath or not guys? we got sidetracked on who the real slim shake is…..

  • put it down like…..

    bishop aint that good. dude is all hype

  • james

    dude is not all hype.

    dude is pure skill. from flow to lyrics. he’s on point.

  • Jimmy

    bishop is the truth, shout outs from australia man we need that reformation album!

  • Ah it’s so nice to hear someone dope on that “Pretty Brown Eyes” M-Phazes record. That beat KNOCKS!

  • Daveg

    5fingerdiscount…Bishop is still on Aftermath. It really doesn’t matter because out of 100 songs by Bishop, we’ve probably have heard 2 produced by Dre. Bishop is dope on any beat. True talent, real hiphop, respects the art of rap…real deal.

  • gangster

    these are fire… dude is real… this is hip hop not that weezy kanye gucci drake shit… waiting for album

  • gangster

    i’m still waiting on that You Ain’t Fresh track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmmBPh_ie68&feature=related
    best track ever !

  • Jovell

    This site’s been going on for two years and this is the first time someone’s used your name? That’s the dumbest/most genius thing I’ve ever seen….

  • meka

    bishop lamont

  • Jovell

    It’s just dumb without the genius the second time around. And sorry if I’m naggy but I’m in Alaska knee deep in sky jizz. All we have is music. Where’s The Cleavland Show?

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  • banks30

    ahhh good lookin out shake. One more thing is the track produce by dr. dre or dj khalil?

  • banks30

    ahhh good lookin out shake. one more thing is the track produce by dr. dre or dj khalil

  • BobbyBrown-PrettyBrownEyes



  • oh-yeah—–Amerie-LloydBanks&TreySongz-Went-in-over-this-same-beat-already

  • Rio$

    Alright Rio$ you go get dinner. We’ll be here waitin for your thoughts on the tracks…lol

    DynamicShots said this on November 30th, 2009 at 5:34 pm