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Friday the 13th: A Night w/ The Cool Kids & Mos Def (Video)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2009

This DD172 complex is somewhere I must visit soon.

  • pumbaclut

    What is this project? a mixtape, a song? Im confused but exciitee at the same time

  • shippkelly

    what is goin on here!!! currensy, cool kids, mos def, jay electronica? where is this place lol

  • empty

    thomas pridgen is filthy

  • Ryuk

    DD172 Complex= Good for Hip Hop.

  • DopeSir

    DAME DASH = HIP HOP SAVIOR as of late.

  • RappishWayz

    DD172 Complex = Good for Hip Hop
    ^^^INCREDIBLE for Hip-Hop.LoL.Somethin that Im glad is going on now,congrats to Dame Dash!!Bring it on Back!!If only Drake would’ve stayed independent….it woulda ment so much toward the shift of power between these shifty-wack labels and stuff like DD172 and BlakRoc

  • marlymarrr


  • ddd

    this looks dope. thomas pridgen is the shit

  • Wop Wop

    I Officially Respect Dame Again. . . He Is Finally Doing Something Instead Of Sitting Back Being Salty At Je(HOV)Ah

  • lakeshow

    is any of this music gonna be released or whattttttttttt??? lets get some mp3s of these

  • DopeSir


    YO i JUST PAYED ATTENTION TO THE TIMES ON THIS VIDEO. Nigas was up 9pm until 6am, the nigas rocked a show went back to DD172 to kick it with legends and then started RECORDING IN THE LAB?

    Damn serious ethic right there, props to dame, this movement goes hard as fuck.(II)

  • 88

    tpridge doing hip-hop > tpridge doing mars volta albums

  • Jo$H

    Tight shit. But since when does Mos smoke cigs? Didn’t know that.

  • Arthur

    Any chance of we gettin’ ‘taxi’ sooner? i’m in love with that snippet of the song.

  • Drewski

    the beat chuck was makin sounds ill as shit

  • Drewski

    the beat chuck was makin sounds ill as shit!!

  • Yoalextvraps!

    I gotta know what that track with Curren$y at the beginning is.