• scoggs

    met the three of them (keelay, zaire, khizman) in nyc: great dudes. I hope everyone enjoys this track as much as I did. can't wait til the 1st

  • http://www.myxmusiclabel.com Karim

    do not sleep on this shit. Khizman is a beats and Kee and Zee bring that consistent slap.

  • Lank

    Khizman can rap man. Nice to see Keelay and Zaire working with this dude.

  • Wont let Me Post

    Basically clicked to check out Keelay & Zaire's beat, was nice smooth. Don't think I've heard this Kat before... Oh! wait Yes I've heard him before on guest feature with Mic Legacy cut "My Time" and both of 'em are good lyrically (i.e. I ain't buying your ish legally though I will check out ur stuff occasionally) AND i even downloaded Mic Legacy's LP "Feed Yo Kids" illegally. Just sayin.

  • floppy gaynerd the turd

    chris tucker lookin ass nigga

  • outKasted

    i'll be downloading this later, the EP that is....

  • Ramo

    Dope stuff, hiphop needs this.

  • shiybyrd

    I'm really feelin' this song !
    & 4 the record , the whole EP is DOPE .
    he displays a wide range of styles ... in flows & production.
    U best believe i am checking 4 KHIZMAN from this point on !!!!