• Chip Whitley

    Is this the guy whos girlfriend is in VH1/s Tough Love reality show!? LOL

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Joe Blow

    Is this the guy whos girlfriend is in VH1/s Tough Love reality show!? LOL
    you beat me to the comment...LMAO

  • http://myspace.com/MaynardBoys Robbie Maynard The III

    Oh Baby! How dope is lady Gaga. She is the dopest womens voice in the game. I mean, she is pretty hot too. I would do her. I am definitely feeling this banger. She has such an enticing voice.
    And not for nothing, but is willy Northpole dope or what? I mean, his lyrics flow sickly!
    I would definitely reccomend this track for anyone who likes hip hop. Because this track brings it back to the essence.

    I strongly admit that you should give this a whirl in your mp3 player. You will not be disappointed.

  • http://www.thacartercartel.com longh0rn


    fuck. off.

  • TC The Prince

    wow this the first Willy Northpole Post Ive seen in awhile but yea he tends to leave the orginal artist verses on his "freestyles"

  • Mr. 2010

    Robbie's comment about wanting to do Lady Gaga has me waiting for his gay alter ego to show up. lmao

  • http://insideravensmind.blogspot.com yomitsuki ongaku

    so wanting to do a chick is gay now, mr. 2010? weird...

  • Tone

    ^^ someone's new around here

  • http://deathtrapmusic.co.cc 12th Letter

    This is pretty cool, nah this ain't a freestyle tho...
    It's a WILLYMIX haha
    I've heard a lot of these I'm from AZ...
    not a very creative name for his remixes but Willy is cool so...

  • muhammadsurya

    @vagstar, see this lAdY gAgA mp3 ringtone for you