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On the Level w/ Dame Dash & Creative Control (Video)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2009

From the incredible dope BlakRoc project to having a hand in the creation of Mos Def, Jay Electronica and Curren$y’s new group, Center Edge Territory. Dame Dash has been the man as of late. Here goes a recent feature with StreetLevel where Dame speaks on how he plans to revolutionize the net with directors Coodie & Chike (and creativecontrol.tv). Check as he talks about where he’s been and where he’s going with Creative Control, the DD172 space and “Karate School.”

  • Hmmmmm, VERRRYYYYY interesting. I see a lot of Wack World when I look at Jay Z.

  • BlackEnigma

    great interview
    LOL @ the pauses

  • Ryuk

    This was a Dope Video. Its crazy. RIght now this collective of people are putting out the dopest material.

  • @BlackEnigma

    I already think the pause shit is dumb, but this nigga took it to another level. lol Sayin it when what he said could in no way shape or form be interpreted as gay.

    Nice interview nonetheless though…

  • dame is moving in a good direction right now.. Good $hit!

  • hmmmm

    Dope interview.

  • truetalk

    why should a grown man have to cover up statements that may be seen as homosexual if he knows that he isnt gay and his peers are familiar with him honestly to even think in a homosexual mind frame is somewhat disturbing to me if your not gay

  • tilly!

    i think this was a very insightful interview to a dope movement on the come up but why do people always make a big deal out of a person saying pause or no homo? that shit is funny to me when dame does it.

  • DopeSir

    Dame is killing it kinda revolutionizing the game right now. Its wierd that nigas never really came together before unless they were clones of each other from the same background and shit.

    I love how dude is bringing dudes like jay electronica and wiz khalifa, and Mos def and the cool kids, its def some next level metaphysical shit thats goin on here. The site is actually pretty dope too even tho they don’t have alot of content the stuff they have is done properly and in a classy way.

    Its gonna be interesting to see what happens to these projects within the next 2-3 years….

  • BlackEnigma

    And he’s what… 38 years old he said? First time he said it I was like c’mon really, but after the 99th time, I just found it funny.

    This DD172 thing he got set up has got me excited though. I can’t wait to hear the songs that are produced from these videos I’m seeing.

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  • b.

    yo… i watched the whole clip. made me smile… never really knew too much about dame but yo, he’s got my respect and everyone else in the same camp and movement. keep it up folks!


    (2)Dope interview. It seems like Dame is trying to be the victor after all the Random Acts of Fuckery from Jay. That Blakroc project is dope and I like the vision that Dame seems to have as far as moving things forward.

  • thunda thighs

    Thats some smart & cool shit. I like how he speaks on artists from different places working together and chillin together. he’s bringing artists together and good things will prolly come out of it.

  • mithritades

    Good lookz on the Post Shake,I can reitterate it enough,Dame is going in a great direction,hope to see more good projects

  • alex

    What’s up with all that “Wack World” talk and there’s a “Blakroc Chevy Camaro” on the Blakroc website? isn’t that kinda wack?

  • dlondon

    good idea..but lets see what happens in the long run..untill then i hope they put out good music..but u know how the music industry is! its hard to have a business and make money and be “real” or “genuine” THAT IS HARD..and we in a reccession..but hopefully well just get sum hot ass music that brings about another cultural bomb of classic music that well still be playing to our kids n kids kids. lets c…time will tell.

  • dlondon

    N to ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE SO LIKE OFFENDED HE SAID PAUSE…LOL.. i think he meant it like…the beef dvds are wack..pause (i.e lets think about this for a second beef is so wack i have to pause).


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